Trezor Wallets Company made an announcement regarding the fork of Bitcoin Cash.

SatoshiLabs has announced that its Trezor hardware wallets will not support the new asset that may emerge from the upcoming Bitcoin Cash crypt currency fork.

SatoshiLabs says they will continue to support the existing implementation of Bitcoin Cash called Bitcoin ABC and after the forecourt they will follow the general consensus to determine the dominant chain.

According to recent data, Bitcoin ABC is not supported by the community and exchanges, provided the existing distribution is maintained, are likely to assign the BCH ticker to another chain whose software is called BCHN and currently uses 75% nodes. According to Coin Dance, the percentage of nodes that have signaled support for ABC over the last seven days has dropped below 1%.

„Depending on the consensus of the users after the fork, we will either not change anything, or we will switch the support to a chain that will separate as a result of the fork, i.e. Bitcoin Cash Node,“ write SatoshiLabs.

They highlight it with a separate paragraph and a larger font:

„There will be no tools to support the separation!“

Users who want to receive coins from the new chain are asked to withdraw their assets from Bitcoin Cash to a third-party wallet.

A number of community members expressed their disappointment with the company’s decision. There was particular criticism of SatoshiLabs‘ intention to maintain support for Bitcoin ABC during the fork, which could cause confusion among users in the event of a sudden depreciation of their assets.

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