Earn Crypto Rewards by Working and Sharing Jobs with Golden Inu!

• Shiba Inu ($SHIB) has spawned a rival project, “Golden Inu”, which is an evolving crypto-ecosystem.
• The platform will reward members with funds from a community treasury for working and sharing jobs.
• Golden Inu has four alliances: Khans, Frontier Force, Code Warriors, and Narrators.

Introducing Golden Inu

The crypto-community has been waiting for Shiba Inu to materialize Shibarium layer-2 technology — resulting in the launch of a new metaverse company & digital currency called „Golden Inu“. This real-time, evolving community platform offers users the opportunity to earn funds from a community treasury by working and sharing jobs through their „Quest“ tasks platform.

What is DAO Technology?

Golden Inu utilizes Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) technology and structure to ensure that token holders control the direction of the project. Each alliance within the „Golden Horde“ have their own set of tasks to help build the brand. By contributing time and effort, users can earn money from this community funded treasury.

The Four Alliances

The four alliances within Golden Inu’s Horde are Khans, Frontier Force, Code Warriors, and Narrators. The Khans are leaders within their respective trades who select those empowered to complete tasks in their horde. The Frontier Force handles grassroots and commercial marketing while Code Warriors develop web3 applications for the ecosystem. Lastly, Narrators provide content needed by the Horde in whatever endeavor they pursue.

A ‚Safe‘ Crypto Ecosystem

Through its transparent use of funds raised as well as its DAO structure that allows token holders control of the project’s direction — Golden Inu promises users a ’safe meme coin for everyone‘. As it moves forward with its phase 1 vision of being an upwork of sorts for crypto-users — only time will tell if Golden Inu can truly be Shiba Inus killer or just another forgotten digital asset on exchanges across the globe.


With its ambitious vision and unique approach to incentivizing users — there is no doubt that Golden Inu could revolutionize how people interact with cryptocurrencies moving forward. It will be exciting to watch how this new crypto ecosystem evolves over time!