Cardano Creates Stake Pool to Support UNHCR, Donate ADA for Social Good

Cardano’s UNCHR Stake Pool Empowers Refugee Aid Efforts

  • Cardano is launching a charity staking effort to support the UNHCR.
  • The move shows how crypto and digital assets can be used for social good.
  • Donors will be able to commit their ADA tokens, with no limit on the amount that can donated.

Cardano’s Charity Staking Effort

The Cardano Foundation has partnered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to launch a charity stake pool for donors to be able to commit their ADA tokens. This move will help in supporting the work of the agency by creating a pathway for the steady receipt of funds that can power its humanitarian efforts. The Cardano Foundation said the UNHCR’s charity stake pool will be operated as a non-custodial program that will be mutually beneficial for all parties involved. A total of 3.5 million ADA coins have been delegated to this stake pool and it will be operated by Taurus, a Swiss-based digital asset infrastructure provider.

Crypto For Social Good

Many digital currency projects are notably pushing for related social goods but Cardano remains a forerunner in this regard. When the war between Ukraine and Russia broke out last year, hundreds of millions of crypto donations were sent to Ukraine including Cardano. Other companies that made impressive showings include Binance exchange which sent $10 million in funding as well as additional funds through Binance USD (BUSD). Just like with donating crypto, now users can donate using ADA tokens through Cardano’s new charity stake pool initiative with UNHCR.

Benefits Of Donating Crypto

By donating crypto, donors are helping UNHCR receive a continuous stream of funds to support its various initiatives while also receiving the benefits of staking their ADA tokens. It’s an advantageous situation where you’re able to contribute to a good cause while also benefiting from your donation at the same time. Furthermore, there is no limit on how much any one user is allowed to donate so everyone who wants to help has an equal opportunity do so regardless of their financial means or resources available at their disposal.

Taurus Operated Stake Pool

The self-sustaining charity stake pool is being managed by Taurus which is providing digital asset infrastructure solutions in Switzerland since 2017 and are experienced in managing large-scale staking pools securely and efficiently . This non-custodial method provides donors with hassle free way for them too contribute towards various causes supported by UNHCR without having go through any cumbersome processes or procedures associated with traditional donations methods i.e bank transfers etc..


In conclusion ,Cardano’s partnership with UNHCR enables those who desire too contribute towards meaningful causes supported by them ,to do so easily and efficiently while also leveraging on benefits offered via staked tokens . This opens up new opportunities not only for users holding ADA but also other cryptocurrencies alike ,by encouraging them too seek out projects where they can make use off their holdings too aid worthy causes instead off just HODLing or trading them .