Bitcoin ATMs: Robocoin in the global fast lane, Altcoins follow suit

After today’s fall in prices, you may no longer be able to buy Bitcoins with your Chinese bank account, and the local Bitcoin dealer will probably have taken the plunge. But maybe some of you will be lucky enough to be able to use the nearest Bitcoin vending machine.

Every week the number of new Bitcoin machines grows. The weekly Bitcoin ATM overview includes some new exotic locations, unexpected events and last but not least 3 new old coins.

Bitcoiniacs and

The Canadian companies and Bitcoiniacs, who already inaugurated the world’s first Robocin Bitcoin vending machine in Vancoouver, announced a global campaign and reported on partnerships with various Bitcoin groups worldwide. Below are the new locations of the vending machines.

London, England
One of the partnerships was with the English company QuickCoin, who launched their first Robocoin vending machine near Liverpoll Station in a coffee shop called The Vape Lab. The machine is already the third Bitcoin machine alongside another Robocoin and Lamassu machine. Co-founder of Cointrader said:

„It becomes easier every day to buy Bitcoin in England“

We now offer our customers four different ways to trade Bitcoin.

Bucharest, Romania
Another Robocoin machine was installed in cooperation with Bitcoin Romania on April 18th in Bucharest. It is the first machine in continental Europe.

The group says the machine is currently undergoing some testing and they hope to be able to put the Bitcoin machine into operation soon.

Texas, USA
Businessman Sheldon Weisfeld of Coinvault also took the Robocoin vending machine with him and is now promoting it in Texas. Coinvault has already installed two Robocoin machines in Texas, one at Texas Gun Works in Austin and one at Brave News Books, a bookstore near Austin.

Bitcoin ATMHong Kong
Hong Kong has already installed two Lamassu machines, but wants to take the next step. Coinnect commissioned a Genesis1 two-way vending machine at 100 Cyberport Road in Hong Kong on April 25.

Whistler, Canada
Logicoins has also installed a Genesis1 machine in a therapy centre at a tourist resort in Whistler. The vending machine, which also trades Litecoins and Dogecoins, is part of the Logicoin „Resort Project“ which aims to install Bitcoin vending machines at locations where people quickly get tempted to use digital currencies: Especially in holiday regions.

Moscow, Russia
It may not be installed yet, but for a country teeming with regulations, it’s just the beginning. At the Bitcoin conference on 23 April in Russia, the local company CoinSpot demonstrated a Lamassu Bitcoin vending machine to its visitors.

Bitcoin vending machine

Enough of Bitcoin machine stories?
Then we have a little bonus. Not only London has three working Bitcoin vending machines, it also looks like the Altcoins want to share the fun with the Feathercoin.