PayPal weitet Bitcoin Service auf Großbritannien aus

Weniger als ein Jahr nach den ersten Krypto-Schritten in den USA hat PayPal es berechtigten Kunden aus dem Vereinigten Königreich ermöglicht, ebenfalls mit digitalen Assets zu interagieren.

Der in San Jose ansässige Online-Zahlungsriese PayPal führt seine Kryptowährungsdienste im Vereinigten Königreich ein, weniger als ein Jahr nachdem das Unternehmen die Funktion in den Vereinigten Staaten eingeführt hat.

  • Berechtigte Kunden in Großbritannien können ab dieser Woche Bitcoin und andere Kryptowährungen über die PayPal-Plattform kaufen, verkaufen und halten. Bei Crypto Trader sind Investitionen mittlerweile möglich.
  • Nach Angaben des Online-Zahlungsdienstleisters können Einwohner Großbritanniens Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) oder Bitcoin Cash (BCH) bereits ab 1 £ kaufen.
  • Die Ankündigung markiert die erste internationale Ausweitung des Krypto-Kauf- und Verkaufsservices von PayPal. Das Unternehmen stellte die Funktion erstmals im November 2020 für US-Kunden zur Verfügung.
  • Darüber hinaus wird der Zahlungsabwickler weiterhin das regulierte Kryptounternehmen Paxos für seine Dienste in Großbritannien nutzen. In der Zwischenzeit könnte die aktuelle Expansion eine größere Verbreitung und Annahme von Krypto-Assets bedeuten.
  • In der Tat hat PayPal bereits früher erklärt, dass es Pläne für eine weltweite Ausweitung seiner Dienstleistungen für den Kauf und Verkauf digitaler Vermögenswerte schmiedet.
  • Seit der ersten Ankündigung seines Vorstoßes in die Kryptowirtschaft im Oktober 2020 hat das Unternehmen ein massives Krypto-Engagement auf seiner Plattform erlebt und beeindruckende Ergebnisse verzeichnet.
  • Im Juli erhöhte das Unternehmen das Kauflimit für US-Einwohner auf 100.000 US-Dollar pro Woche und schaffte gleichzeitig monatliche und jährliche Limits ab. Zuvor hatte Pay Pal den Crypto Checkout Service eingeführt, mit dem Kunden bei Millionen von Händlern weltweit mit virtuellen Vermögenswerten bezahlen können.
  • Die Expansion des Unternehmens nach Großbritannien erfolgt zu einem Zeitpunkt, an dem die britische Finanzaufsichtsbehörde (Financial Conduct Authority, FCA) ihren Regulierungshammer gegen nicht registrierte Börsen einsetzt.
  • Laut Jose Fernandez da Ponte, Leiter der Krypto- und Blockchain-Abteilung von PayPal, hat der Zahlungsabwickler jedoch „starke regulatorische Beziehungen“ aufgebaut.
  • PayPal arbeitet auch daran, seine Krypto-Dienste für Kunden zu verbessern, mit der geplanten Einführung einer „Supper App Wallet“ in den USA. Berichten zufolge arbeitet das Unternehmen auch am Aufbau eines Kryptowährungsteams in Irland.
  • Die Kunden können jedoch immer noch nicht ihre digitalen Vermögenswerte von PayPal abheben, obwohl das Unternehmen versprochen hat, dass es daran arbeitet, eine solche Funktion zu ermöglichen.

Bitcoin on the road to recovery? BTC dominance catching up

The crypto market is starting the new week with its head down after the crash. The biggest landslide seems to have been digested, but aftershocks have slowed down the recovery so far.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Prime

Bitcoin Prime and co. were not spared the turbulence over the Whitsun weekend either. The total market capitalisation has fallen by 300 billion US dollars since Friday and is only just above 1.5 trillion US dollars. During the same period, the Bitcoin price was able to catch up to 40,000 US dollars. However, profit-taking pushed the price back down to 34,000 US dollars on Saturday. The cryptocurrency thus fell back 21 per cent in a weekly comparison, but started its next attempt to catch up and gained 2.2 per cent in a daily comparison. At the time of going to press, the BTC price is quoted at 36,538 US dollars.

The aftershock of panic selling has so far shattered the initial attempts at bottoming in the crypto market. Even for the second largest cryptocurrency. Since Ethereum narrowly missed a connection to the 3,000 level on Thursday, the No. 2 has been sliding lower and lower. However, the Ether price has recovered somewhat from yesterday’s weekly low at 1,850 US dollars. At the moment, Ethereum is trading at 2,291 US dollars – a weekly minus of 36 percent.

For the rest of the ten largest cryptocurrencies

For the rest of the ten largest cryptocurrencies, the situation does not look much rosier in the weekly view. Cardano (ADA) is down 35 per cent to US$1.49. Binance Coin (BNB) slips back nearly 47 points, while Dogecoin (DOGE) and XRP each drop 34 and 41 percentage points in the last seven days.

Polkadot (DOT) and Internet Computer (ICP), newly included in the ranking of the ten largest crypto assets, have been hit with 53 and 30 percent price drops, respectively. The ongoing carnage is reflected in Coin360’s overall market visualisation, which has been bathed in red for days.

At least in the weekly view. A little more hope arises when looking at the daily performance. At the moment, re-buying is pushing the crypto market back into positive territory. However, it is questionable whether this will initiate a trend reversal. Similar patterns can be seen again and again after such a crash. As soon as the return is large enough to compensate for the losses incurred in the flash crash, sell-offs are likely to push the overall market down again. This highly volatile move could keep the market on the road to recovery for a few more days.

Bitcoin dominance catches up

Bitcoin’s share of the total market capitalisation has been steadily spiralling downwards in recent weeks. Just a week ago, on 18 May, Bitcoin dominance stood at just under 40 per cent, its lowest level in three years. The slide in BTC dominance has mainly signalled the rally on altcoins, which have been impetuously rushing from one record high to the next. The low value already indicated that some small bubbles have formed in the market. A high Bitcoin-centricity and thus dependence on the cryptocurrency does indeed also create a pitfall. But the distribution of market shares in favour of a few hype coins was the hallmark of an unhealthy and, in retrospect, dearly bought rally.

Loyal fan base lobbies for XRP rehabilitation

Ripple: Loyal fan community campaigns for XRP rehabilitation

An XRP Army social media campaign aims to motivate crypto exchanges to resume trading XRP. Many had cancelled their Ripple offerings in light of the SEC complaint. A first resumption has already taken place.

In the course of the legal dispute between Ripple and the SEC, many crypto exchanges have suspended trading with XRP. Nevertheless, the price was able to increase significantly recently, while the prices of other Crypto Genius scam cryptocurrencies tended to turn downwards. One reason for this could be a campaign that loyal Ripple fans have started under the hashtag #RelistXRP. The aim is to make trading with XRP possible again. The fan community is also called the „XRP Army“ by the scene. They feel it is unfair that the exchanges have taken Ripple (XRP) out of their ranges due to the legal wrangling with the SEC.

In her view, the ongoing legal proceedings should not affect trading in the digital asset. Even though it is not a crypto exchange, the loss of business partner MoneyGram has certainly hurt Ripple among the most. However, there is still hope for a resumption of business relations should the dispute with the SEC turn out to be a good one.

Ripple had recently been advertising on its own behalf, touting its network as the ideal solution for the cross-border use of CBDCs. It is argued that Ripple’s network plays a crucial role in changing the dynamics of cross-border payments.

SBI Holdings remains loyal to Ripple

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse always expresses calmness in the face of the legal dispute. For example, he recently went on record to say that the legal proceedings would have no impact on business with its business partners in Asia. Ripple partners in Asia such as SBI Holdings have maintained their support despite the difficult legal battle.

In Japan, XRP continues to be traded on crypto exchanges, and is explicitly registered there as „cryptocurrency assets“ rather than „securities“. This is precisely the point of contention in the dispute with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The latter had recently intensified its complaint and claimed that Garlinghouse and co-founder Larsen had generated USD 159 million and USD 450 million respectively in proceeds from their XRP sales after the complaint had already been filed.

On Twitter, the RelistXRP initiative has already reported its first success. As a screenshot shows, the Swiss crypto exchange lyyke is the first to resume trading XRP. Registered users received an email announcing this step. Now the community is waiting for other trading venues to emulate lykke.

The fake bitcoin touted by Steven Seagal atomized by the US financial policeman: $ 11 million in fine

A scam shut down – The pale copies trying to ride the incredible momentum that Bitcoin Billionaire is generating are sadly endless. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has, once again, condemned one of these scams: „Bitcoiin2Gen“.

Bitcoiin (with 2 „i“): a textbook case of crypto scam

With all the scams and scams taking advantage of the cryptosphere, the SEC has its work cut out for it. In parallel with the big fish that Ripple’s XRP represents , we have also learned that it had pinned the fake Bitcoiin2Gen (B2G) project.

In a press release issued on February 1, the US financial policeman announced that it had launched legal proceedings against three people accused of extorting more than $ 11 million to hundreds of small individual investors.

From December 2017 to May 2018, Kristijan Krstic , founder of Start Options and Bitcoiin2Gen, and John DeMarr , main promoter of these companies, have already been accused of carrying out fraudulent and unregistered offers to sell digital assets, considered as securities (securities) .

Fake crypto-exchange and illegal ICO

The Start Options platform was presented by the 2 accomplices as „the largest Bitcoin exchange in terms of volume and liquidity in euros“ . An assertion as fraudulent as it is misleading, intended to attract ill-informed investors.

The accomplices, assisted by a third individual, named Robin Enos , promoted, from January 2018, the ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ) of the B2G token, again giving various false information as to the nature and especially to the usefulness of this „crypto“ . In truth, the money has been embezzled for their own personal gain.

We will recall that in February 2020, the film actor Steven Seagal had already had legal disputes with the SEC because of Bitcoiin2Gen. The star was indeed promised $ 750,000 in B2G tokens and $ 250,000 in cash to promote this ICO. Even if he had claimed to have been cheated himself, receiving in the end only 157,000 dollars , he still agreed to pay double this amount in compensation to the regulatory body.

Los datos de la cadena muestran que los millonarios están acudiendo a Bitcoin… y no hay suficiente para todos.

La demanda de Bitcoin se multiplicó en 2020. Y los datos de la cadena muestran que la limitada oferta del activo puede estar causando una prisa.

El tren FOMO de Bitcoin

Bitcoin, la mayor criptodivisa del mundo, experimentó un empuje en la demanda el año pasado en medio de un panorama económico sombrío, preocupaciones de inflación del dólar, debilitamiento de las monedas fiduciarias, incesante impresión de dinero y bajos rendimientos en los activos tradicionales.

El repunte incluso vio a los actores institucionales sentarse y tomar nota del activo, ya que superó su anterior máximo histórico de 19.800 dólares hasta llegar a los 41.750 dólares en diciembre de 2020. Algunos de ellos incluían fondos multimillonarios como Guggenheim Partners, que presentó su interés en la BTC ante la SEC de EE.UU. el año pasado.

#Bitcoin está emergiendo en 2021 como el nuevo y convincente activo de refugio seguro de grado institucional. El exceso de efectivo es un lastre para el valor de los accionistas en el actual entorno monetario, por lo que podemos esperar que más firmas adopten Bitcoin Revolution como un activo de reserva del tesoro.

– Michael Saylor (@michael_saylor) Enero 15, 2021

Otros se lanzaron. Paul Tudor Jones, inversor multimillonario y director de Tudor Investments, puso casi el 2% de su capital en la clase de activos, declarando que era una „gran especulación“ pero el „caballo más rápido“ entre todos los demás activos del mercado abierto.

Las empresas de tecnología también se incorporaron. Fintech service Square, propiedad del defensor de Bitcoin y fundador de Twitter Jack Dorsey, invirtió 50 millones de dólares de sus fondos de tesorería en BTC, declarando que era un instrumento de „empoderamiento económico y proporciona una forma para que el mundo participe en un sistema monetario global“.

Pero eso no eclipsó la compra de la firma de inteligencia de negocios MicroStrategy, como Bitcoin. A partir de agosto de 2020, la firma construyó una posición de 1.000 millones de dólares en el activo. Su mayor compra se produjo en diciembre cuando recaudó 650 millones de dólares en un billete convertible y utilizó los beneficios para comprar más Bitcoin.

Lo que dicen los datos de la cadena

A pesar de los volúmenes, el interés institucional en Bitcoin apenas está empezando. El analista de cadena Willy Woo dijo en un tweet de hoy que la temporada de „desove de ballenas“ ya estaba aquí, como mostró un número récord de grandes transacciones de Bitcoin.

La temporada de desove de las ballenas está aquí. (1000 BTC o más).

Están llegando individuos de gran valor neto, en grandes cantidades.

Este ciclo no se parece a ninguno que hayamos visto antes.

– Willy Woo (@woonomic) Enero 14, 2021

Woo más mencionado:

„El mundo tiene 47 millones de millonarios, el 71% de ellos viven en los EE.UU. o la UE, sólo hay 14,9 millones de BTC en circulación, y sólo 4,1 millones de BTC son líquidos y por lo tanto pueden ser comprados.“

Tal restricción de liquidez en la venta probablemente causó el récord de compras de Bitcoin en el último mes, lo que, a su vez, empujó el precio del activo a más de 23.000 dólares y más allá, declaró Woo.

Mientras tanto, Woo añadió que los datos mostraban que el suministro de los 4,1 millones de monedas „líquidas“ (o las que estaban disponibles para vender) estaba cayendo de forma constante en medio de las rondas de impresión de dinero y de estímulo. Una observación que sugería que el mercado es actualmente bajo en cuanto a vendedores.

Obturador das Autoridades Alemãs $170M Bitcoin, Monero Dark Web Marketplace

O mercado ilegal havia visto mais de 320.000 transações, com clientes usando 4.650 Bitcoin e 12.800 Monero para compras.

As autoridades alemãs apreenderam o DarkMarket, o maior mercado ilegal de teia escura do mundo.

Os promotores alemães nas cidades de Coblença e Oldenburg disseram ter prendido o homem responsável pela operação do DarkMarket, um australiano de 34 anos de idade.

Bitcoin, Monero usado no Dark Web Market

Mais de meio milhão de pessoas usaram o mercado para comprar drogas, dados pessoais roubados, malware e outros produtos ilícitos. A plataforma ilegal utilizou moedas criptográficas para suas operações.

Duas importantes moedas criptográficas, a Bitcoin Pro e a moeda de privacidade Monero, foram aceitas. Durante o período de sua existência, a plataforma viu o valor comercial em fiat exceder $170 milhões.

„Um total de pelo menos 320.000 transações foram realizadas via mercado, com mais de 4.650 Bitcoin e 12.800 Monero – duas das mais comuns moedas criptográficas – mudando de mãos“, disseram as autoridades.

De acordo com Dark.Fail, DarkMarket usou um script PHP do Cryptomarket facilmente disponível chamado Eckmar Marketplace e tinha sido o maior mercado da web escura por três meses antes que as autoridades o fechassem.

A sonda envolveu cooperação entre as autoridades policiais de vários países e incluiu Alemanha, Dinamarca, Estados Unidos, Reino Unido, Austrália, Suíça, Ucrânia e Moldávia, todos eles trabalhando junto com a Europol.

As autoridades americanas, incluindo o Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) e Internal Revenue Service (IRS), desempenharam um papel crucial na investigação.

Em 2013, as agências acima mencionadas também fecharam com sucesso a Rota da Seda, o mais popular mercado escuro da web naquela época.

Bitcoin-prisforutsigelse: BTC / USD faller under $ 33,600; Mulighet til å kjøpe lav eller forbli rolig

Bitcoin-prisen synker i dag fra det høyeste på $ 33600 til det laveste på $ 27,678 innen få timer.

BTC / USD Langsiktig trend: Bullish (daglig diagram)


Motstandsnivåer: $ 36 000, $ 36 200, $ 36 400

Støtte nivåer: $ 25 500, $ 25 300, $ 25 100

BTCUSD – Daglig diagram

BTC / USD er midt i et retracement-trekk siden begynnelsen av dagens handel. I mellomtiden har det nedadgående momentum blitt ganske ustoppelig mens nøkkelstøtten på $ 28 000 har blitt herjet, og tvunget oksene til å konsentrere seg om å forsvare neste støtte som er rettet mot $ 27 000. Hvis dette er ødelagt, kan du få ekstra støtte på $ 25 500, $ 25 300 og $ 25 100.

Hva du kan forvente av Bitcoin (BTC)

Dannelsen av et bullish flaggmønster antyder at oppadgående handling bare kan fortsette hvis mønsterets støtte ikke blir brutt. Imidlertid kan et sammenbrudd under flaggstøtten føre til alvorlige effekter av at Bitcoin-prisen går mot $ 26.000. Den tekniske indikatoren har også støttet den bearish bevegelsen, og tromme videre ideen om at dette kan være slutten på oksens rally.

Imidlertid er RSI (14) sett bevege seg under 80-nivået i den overkjøpte sonen, da den skarpe nedoverbakken er en klar indikasjon på innflytelsen som gjør at bjørnene kan legge mer press på markedet. I mellomtiden er en reversering mulig, men bare hvis motstanden på $ 32.500 blir gjenvunnet. Utholdenhetshandelen over dette nivået kan teknisk skyve mynten til motstandsnivået på $ 36 000, $ 36 200 og $ 36 400.

BTC / USD Medium – Term Trend: Bullish (4H-diagram)

Ser vi på 4-timers diagrammet, har Bitcoin (BTC) ennå ikke gått under $ 25.000, og er fortsatt i løkken for å gjøre en sprette tilbake. Bitcoin-prisen svever under 9-dagers og 21-dagers glidende gjennomsnitt og kan trolig ta tid å handle over $ 34.000. For øyeblikket beveger Bitcoin-prisen seg for tiden rundt $ 31,484-nivå.

Bitcoin-prisanalyse: BTC glir kraftig fra $ 28K, korrigeringstid?

Bitcoin begynner å korrigere fra den voldsomme økningen over $ 28K denne uken, med den nåværende prisen ned $ 1.900 fra den nylige toppen på $ 28.420.

Med Bitcoin-markedskapitalen for øyeblikket over $ 520 milliarder dollar og den totale dominansen nå over 71%, har en korreksjon vært på kortene i flere dager nå.

BitMEX-kortposisjoner på 55 millioner dollar har allerede blitt avviklet i løpet av de siste minuttene, siden frykten for en reversering begynner å spre seg.

$ 27 000-nivået ser ut til å gi litt midlertidig intradag-støtte akkurat nå som handelsmenn prøver å finne ut om dette er starten på den siste store bitcoin-korreksjonen vi ser i 2020.

Prisnivåer å se på kort sikt

På det 4-timers BTC / USD-diagrammet kan vi se at bitcoin-nedtrenden ble forvarslet av en langbenet Doji-dannelse på diagrammet, som vanligvis er et tegn på ubesluttsomhet å komme inn i markedet. Hver gang lange vekter vises over og under en tynn stearinlys, signaliserer det at det er en jevn mengde høyt volum på begge sider av ordreboken da både okser og bjørner kjemper for kontroll over eiendelen.

På 1-timers MACD har vi nå en bearish konvergens mellom 12 og 24 glidende gjennomsnitt og det første røde lyset på histogrammet for første gang på 3 dager.

Kartlagt volum har allerede begynt å snu bearish, noe som er en betydelig økning i salgspresset de siste 4 timene – i løpet av den tidlige amerikanske handelssesjonen.

Ser vi på potensielle bitcoin-støttealternativer under $ 27 500-nivået, har vi følgende områder som skal bidra til å øke prisene under nedgangen:

(1) $ 26,850
(2) $ 26.500
(3) $ 25,800 – 50 EMA (blå)
(4) $ 24,785

Avhengig av alvorlighetsgraden av reaksjonen på denne nye bitcoin-bearish trenden, kan vi se at bunnen av denne nedgangen når så lavt som den største støttelinjen (grønn) på $ 22 600 før betydelig bullish volum returnerer.

  • Total markedskapital: 711 milliarder dollar.
  • Bitcoin markedsverdi 499 milliarder dollar.
  • Bitcoin dominans: 70,3%



Grayscale continúa con su acumulación de Bitcoin

Bitcoin sigue siendo un activo digital con una gran demanda en el mercado y el comercio minorista y las instituciones están en una carrera por tener en sus manos la mayor cantidad posible de BTC. Desde el punto de vista institucional, Grayscale ha estado llenando su bolsa de Bitcoin con más y más BTC como muchos otros. Según una actualización reciente, Grayscale ha agregado 12,319 BTC a su Confianza de Bitcoin en escala de grises [GBTC] en el transcurso de un solo día. Según los informes, esta suma fue más que la compra acumulada durante la última semana.

Kevin Rooke tuiteó :

“Malas noticias para los osos de Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Trust de Grayscale acaba de agregar 12,319 BTC a $ GBTC en un solo día.

Eso es más que los 11,512 BTC que agregaron durante toda la semana pasada, cuando Bitcoin rompió su ATH „.

Grayscale ha estado compitiendo activamente con otras instituciones y esto fue visible en sus tenencias de Bitcoin para 2020, que experimentó un aumento de más del 66% a la fecha. Los datos sugieren que la tenencia de Bitcoin de Gryascale ha alcanzado 588.97k BTC, que fue aproximadamente $ 12.78 mil millones en activos bajo administración.

Esta adición viene inmediatamente después de que Microstrategy comprara 30k BTC por $ 650 millones. Según los bonos del Tesoro de Bitcoin, la firma de inteligencia empresarial ahora tiene 70,470 BTC por valor de más de $ 1,596 mil millones en su reserva de tesorería. Según el CEO Micheal Saylor, MicroStrategy gastó $ 1.125 mil millones en bitcoin hasta la fecha, a un precio promedio de $ 15.964 por BTC.

Curiosamente, SkyBridge Capital anunció el lanzamiento de un fondo de Bitcoin para „democratizar“ la inversión en el espacio criptográfico. Ha puesto en marcha el fondo con $ 25 millones y con una suscripción mínima fijada en $ 50,000.

La compra institucional es una señal alcista, el aumento de las salidas de los intercambios también se ha sumado a este impulso alcista. Se espera que el aumento de las salidas terminen en cámaras frigoríficas y esto ha llevado a muchos analistas del mercado a predecir que aún no se ha visto la cima. El jefe de desarrollo comercial de Kraken, Dan Held, comparó los datos con la reducción a la mitad anterior de Bitcoin y predijo que la cima se verá en septiembre de 2021.

Held tuiteó:

El precio de Bitcoin se reduce a la mitad.

¡Bitcoin en camino de alcanzar su punto máximo alrededor de septiembre de 2021!

– Dan Held (@danheld) 22 de diciembre de 2020

A medida que aumenta la inversión y el interés en Bitcoin, la criptomoneda está lejos de perder fuerza. La compra institucional también ha llevado a los comerciantes minoristas a adquirir tantos BTC como sea posible.

Iota joins the new blockchain and IoT research laboratory at TU Wien

The German crypto project Iota joins the blockchain and IoT research laboratory at the Vienna University of Technology.

The Iota Foundation, the nonprofit organization behind the German crypto project Iota , the Iota Tangle and Miota, today announced that it will join the latest Christian Doppler Laboratory in Austria

The laboratory, which is located at the Technical University of Vienna, is called CDL Blockchain Technologies for the Internet of Things (CDL-BOT) and is the first such laboratory to focus on the combination of blockchain technology and the Internet of Things (IoT ) specialized.

The laboratory was opened on November 26th by Margarethe Schramböck, Austria’s Federal Minister for Digitization and Economy. The focus will be on the research and development of partnerships between private companies and public-sector companies that want to use Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in practical areas of application.

In addition to Iota, the company Pantos will also join the CDL-BOT, which calls itself „the first multi-blockchain token system“. Pantos is in turn a subsidiary of BitPanda, a Vienna-based trading platform for crypto currencies and digital assets.

Professor Stefan Schulte, who is responsible for the management of the new laboratory, explains in this context:

“With the increasing number of application areas for DLT-based payments and data exchange in the Internet of Things, new DLTs have to be integrated again and again, which is why interoperability between the DLTs is becoming increasingly important. I am pleased to be able to research together with the IOTA Foundation and Pantos in order to find new solutions for this immensely important subject area. “
The German crypto project Iota, which was originally founded in 2014 under the name Jinn, has set itself the goal of becoming the standard for connecting DLT and IoT. An area that is growing steadily and still has great growth potential. By using the Iota standard, IoT devices can automatically transfer data and payments to other devices that are also located in the Iota network.

On November 24th, Iota carried out an update for its own standard, which is supposed to improve the interoperability between devices and systems that use Iota-based software. In October, the Iota Foundation announced that it would be working with the Japanese government on a project to transform the country’s industrial infrastructure using Iota.