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Grupo Utopia Internet Access (GUIA)

GUIA is a Mobilus solution offered by PDA Utopia and Utopia Professional Services that provides a wireless networking solution to Hotels and Internet Café's. Based on Mobilus Technology, and featuring either 802.11b (WiFi) or Bluetooth networking technology, GUIA allows hotel and internet café guests the ultimate flexibility in unwired internet access. The package includes initial consulting and needs assessment, planning, installation and tuning of hardware and software environment. A complete solution can be had for a cost comparable with a wired solution.  

Wireless Hotel and Restaurant Application  

The Wireless Hotel and Restaurant Application is an application that automates the service process in any environment that utilizes a point-of-sale system. 

In the hotel guest scenario, any guest ordering food or drinks in the restaurant or bar would have their information transmitted wirelessly to the bartender or kitchen, where it would be displayed on a CRM or output to a printer. The details of the purchase would create a database record in the point-of-sale system, which would calculate cost and taxes and keep a running total in the guest hotel registration database as well. This information would then be available in an itemized bill when the guest checks out.

Custom Wireless Environments and Development

PDA Utopia will also develop and implement wireless networking solutions for Point of Sale, Sales Force Management, and wireless networks for the small to medium office. PDA Utopia also assist companies with understanding and implementing wireless solutions based on a wide variety of wireless standards, including 802.11, Bluetooth and Next Generation (GSM) cellular services. 

Utopia Professional Services

Utopia Professional Services is one of the premier Contact Center and Business Management consulting companies in Costa Rica. Utopia P.S. offers a wide range of services to its clients, from designing a custom contact center solution, to providing business improvement solutions. 

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