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June 17, 2005
Hehe... Good idea

One of my favorite Bloggers post her "living will."

Since I'm a true nerd I'll go ahead and state some of my living will here..

IF I am ever blind, have a brain that is pretty much mush and can't do anything but drool Gary has the right to pull my feeding tube without anyone stepping in to bitch about it.
Anyone who starts webpages and rampages to keep this from happening I will haunt you and your children and their children forever (Think Poltergeist not Casper).

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June 16, 2005
There IS sanity on the Right!

And I am more convinced of it when I read people like The Commissar, and John Cole's response to the Shiavo autopsy.

From Cole:

That is what is going to drive me certifiably insane (or, if you will, drive me into a Sullivanesque hysteria)- the fact that this is so clearly and objectively resolved. The pathological findings, when coupled with the clinical disagnosis, settle this matter beyond any reasonable doubt, and, as far as I am concerned and as Andrew noted, to a level of certainty that is very rare. But the wingnuts will still trudge on, smearing everyone who dares challenge their nonsense.

In a just world, Frist and those who helped to orchestrate this freak-show circus would suffer politically. I don't know if they will, but they lost me. Check my archives- I was far more willing to toe the company line until Schiavo. I was fiercely partisan (although I always tried to speak up when I thought Democrats were being smeared unfairly, hell, I defended Kerry and Kos and got raked over the coals for it), and still, for whatever reason, maintain a residual level of partisanship. But I have most certainly soured on the taste of the kool-aid, and I sure look at everything the Republicans do with a much more skeptical eye than I did in the past.

I hope I am not alone.

Contrast that with La Shawn or Michelle, and you see why some on the Right are begining to disassociate themselves from their more rhetorical brethren.

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Grasping at Straws...

Why do some people on the Right have such a hard time just admiting they were WRONG. It is not about Gloating to say that Michael Schiavo has been vindicated. In my opinion he did not need vindication for making a decision he was entitled to make. The vindication was about the lies that were told about him...

Give it a rest people. Terri is with her Father in Heaven now, not a blind brain dead lump of human flesh being kept alive like some sort of bizzare living shrine in her parents home. The woman was gone. What remained was a shell, with just enough of a spark to keep a deteriorating body alive. My opinion... All of you should be ashamed for making a personal family tragedy into a political issue.

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June 15, 2005
For All those on Both Sides

Who demonized Michael Schiavo.... Including the sleazebag conservative politicians who used Terri as a poster child for fundraising....

Don't fall all over yourselves apologizing.

"The brain weighed 615 grams, roughly half of the expected weight of a human brain. ... This damage was irreversible, and no amount of therapy or treatment would have regenerated the massive loss of neurons."

The just released autopsy shows that the situation was just as Michael stated, his wife was in PVS.
The Schiavo case made me sick, and it makes me sicker now to see how the man's name was dragged through the mud and he was all but called a murderer, of a woman who was already dead in every meaningful way.

I know few of you will have the morality or courage to apologize or for that matter, even admit you were wrong, but maybe now, that poor woman can rest in peace! Her own body providing the evidence to clear the name of the man who loved her.

Angel weighs in. She does not comment, just points out the obvious.

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