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February 05, 2006
I am in Love....

With Jessica Alba...


Can't Help it....

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February 01, 2006
Isn't this...

The Blue Chick from the X-Men?



Hat Tip Shab'

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January 31, 2006
Todd is at it again...

My buddy Todd has created a new website. And while it is not open yet, I have no doubt based on this picture, that it will be a success!


Todd, when you coming back to Costa Rica?

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January 26, 2006
Not Exactly a Meme.... But

I have the answer to this question...


Her.... Eva Longoria! Yeah Baby! THE Desperate Housewife, right next door!

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January 23, 2006
Haven't Posted a Picture of Amanda lately...

So here you go, one of the sexiest women I know... Amanda Jilesse!


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Eh, you are right Dean. And they sound real sexy too.

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January 22, 2006
Oh my stars and Garters!!!

Hey Boyd, can you send me this issue? Hehe....


Hat tip Shabooty

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January 19, 2006
Now maybe you will believe me!

Global Beauty has crowned a Costa Rican - The sexiest woman alive. And while I have seen a few in clubs here in Costa Rica who would give her a run for her money, she is beautiful!


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January 15, 2006
More Proof

That the sexiest women prefer ISOU! (NSFW)

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January 14, 2006
When I die.....

And if I go to heaven...


Can the Pussycat Dolls be my tour guides?

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January 13, 2006
I have MAD Love for Ticas...

I love Fridays.... Why? Because that is the Day Tia Zelmira, updates their site with their new "figure of the week." And all I can say about this week's model is OMG!


Tia Zelmira most do more for Costa Rican Tourism than all the eco tours put together. Veronica has got to be one of the sexiest women on earth.


And there is something about her that reminds me of my Porn Star ex. I cant exactly place it at the moment, but I think it is the hair. Or maybe it is the cheekbones. Whatever it is, she has me doing a trip down memory lane about now, when I should be in bed. Well for Boyd and all the other Tia Zelmira Fans, there are a couple more shots under the fold. Enjoy!


Something about that tan line just does it for me...


And then there is that naughty smile...

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January 07, 2006
I always thought of "Bollywood," as being sort of boring....

That is until now!


Oh my goodness.... Via Dr. Menlo, page not worksafe...

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January 06, 2006
Remember what I said about Sexiest women on Earth?

Eh, Scratch that!


Who is this young lady, and WHY did someone bother to torture me by sending me her picture?

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December 26, 2005
Something about the Hat...


Just does it for me... What about you?

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December 19, 2005
Who is the hottest Tia Zelmira Model?

Long time fans of ISOU know I have been running pictures from local super site, Tia Zelmira forever. They are having a contest for most beautiful Tia Zelmira Model. The pics are here.

My personal favorite has always been Nicole.


Who gets your vote?

Then again... Though she did not make the finalist...


Diana has got it goin on!

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December 01, 2005
Okay... This girl is sexy as hell!


Check out the video....

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November 28, 2005
I love women!

001.jpgOkay, I will be the first to admit it. I love women! And as you know by now, I am a big fan of Tia Zelmira.

Sometimes whwn I take a look at Tia Zelmira, I just feel old. I mean how can you look at a beautiful woman like Leydi and not feel old. But let's face it, it's good to live in Costa Rica.

I am off to Guatemala again this weekend, but will only be gone for a week this trip. I have been extremely busy and have not had time to Blog too much, but will be catching up some this week.

Lots to write about!

In the interim, enjoy the lovely pictures of Leydi!

While I am in Guatemala, I will be looking for guest bloggers to again step up. Anyone out there interested, if so drop me a line.




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November 04, 2005

Okay, you know I am a big fan of Costa Rican women, but it is often said by men here that Colombians are the most beautiful women in the region. This recent Tia Zelmira photo shoot does nothing to dispel the notion.

035.jpgThe lovely Lina is a near perfect example of the kind of smoking sensuality that has created the "Colombian Mystique," in Costa Rica.

The Besame lingerie line has also added to Colombian sex appeal.

I have known a couple during my time in Costa Rica, and I can attest to their beauty and sexiness, but the thing I like the most about "Chicas Colombiana," is their general fun nature.

I dated a girl from Colombia once a few years ago, who's name also happened to be Lina. She used to call me while I was in the middle of complex business meetings and tease me on the phone.

I imagine that quite a few times colleagues and business associates caught me blushing during those conversations. Hehe... Anyway, enjoy the lovely Lina....

For more pictures, read on...




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October 30, 2005
Victoria's Secret better watch out!

Besame is here!

038.jpgI have always been one to believe that sexy lingerie is more appealing than the naked form. Besame, a Colombian lingerie manufacturer is very big in Costa Rica, and with reason.

One look at the models in these shots will show you why Besame shows are sell outs every time they come to Costa Rica.

It is no accident that Tia Zelmira is one of the hottest web sites in Costa Rica, even to those who don't speak spanish. Their "figure of the week," is probably one of the most viewed web site features in the country... Other than ISOU of course. hehe.

I don't know if the Besame brand is available in the U.S. or not? Maybe some of my readers can pull my coat tail on that one. If not, I think I would be asking my favorite retailer to hook up with them. Valentines day is just four months away, hehe...

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October 23, 2005
I haven't Posted a Picture of Amanda Lately


So just because....

She is one of the most beautiful women I know....

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September 30, 2005
For my Tia Zelmira Fans...

024.jpg I have not done a Tia Zelmira post for a while, mostly because my two biggest Tia fans, Boyd and Ray have not been around much.

Since my man Boyd has reappeared, time to offer you dear readers an update!

Melissa Mora is another example of the beautiful ladies of Costa Rica, bought to you by Tia Zelmira, Costa Rica's best gossip site.

Well, I am off to Guatemala later this afternoon, and will be there until the 13th. I am hoping some of my guest bloggers will step up. In the interim, if anyone wants to guest blog, drop me a line today and I will set you up. Send me a link to your current blog, and I will let you know today or Sunday (In Meetings all day tomorrow), if you can guest blog.

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August 28, 2005
Ah, the beauty of Costa Rican Women!

009.jpgYou know, I have never really been into blondes.

But take one look at this week's Tia Zelmira model and all I can say is OH MY GOD, I am so ready to be into blondes. Hehe.

Yesterday was an interesting day. I spent most of it on the road with my new client from Guatemala, and there were so many beautiful women out and about, that it was mind blowing.

While we have had a lot of rain the last few days, yesterday was one of those days where the sun graced us pretty much all day, and it was glorious seeing the hustle and bustle of San Jose and Heredia.

People went about a busy Saturday of shopping and just enjoying the beauty of the day, and there were quite a few ladies like Claudia, adding to that beauty.

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August 20, 2005
J-Lo... Just for the hell of it!

And because of the music I am listening to tonight.


Play Me!

I am in a J-Lo State of Mind! Hehe...

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August 08, 2005
If you had ANY doubt...

About how beautiful Costa Rican women are... You MUST check out this Maestro's work!


Some of the Tia Zelmira models are now being photographed by this photographer, and the pictures are incredibly sexy.

The girls of Tia Zelmira are one of the most popular features of ISOU, and for good reason. One look at the lovely Jocelyn and you know why Costa Rica is a popular spot for single men, or even not so single men... Hehe...

Myself, I have three of my own Ticas, ages 20 months, through 29 years, so unfortunately I am off the market, but as my buddy Boyd used to say, does not keep me from looking.

IMG_1642.jpgOf course a look is about all I get, without running the risk of getting slapped. And my my, there is so much to look at. I have the misfortune/fortune of living in a "College Town," practically within walking distance of two of Costa Rica's major Universities.

Talk about being a glutton for punishment. I cant even go to the local McDonalds or Burger King without getting a major case of, "College Days Nostalgia."

One of my best buddies recently moved to Costa Rica. He is single and relatively well off. He has been here six months and has been in love about once a month since he got here, lucky bastard.

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August 05, 2005
J-Lo and Christina....

Just because they are too damned sexy for words....


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August 02, 2005
Now this Lady... Is a different story!

l_421992.jpg Now that we have looked at a "Skeezer," time to rest our eyes with a "Pleaser."

People talk about Haley Berry as the sexiest black woman in Hollywood, and I agree, the woman is drop dead gorgeous, but for my money, Gabrielle Union is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and having my druthers, I would take her over any of the current group of starlets.

This woman is beyond beautiful. She is also classy and plays the kind of educated, classy and sophisticated roles, that put her at the top of my list of Black Female roll models.

I am sure that somewhere on her resume, there are a couple of stinkers where she played the typical hooker/drug addict, weak black woman role, but I have never seen it. I first took note of her in "Bring it On," where she played the sexy, confident captain of an inner city cheerleading squad. Even in that movie, which had its share of stereotypes, she stood out as classy, intelligent and self confident.

Yeah, if you have not guessed by now... I dig the woman!

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August 01, 2005
All I can say is "Dayum"


Bikers and Babes just started their Foxy Lady Contest, so stop by and give them a look. If the sexy Nicole above is any idea of what we have to look forward to during the contest, I am going to be a daily visitor!

red tape[1].jpg3.jpgI have always had a thing for "bad girls," and who could be badder than a biker girl? Hehe..

One look at these two, and you know that they are "bad to the bone." Hmmmm tape, now there is a "sticky proposition." But there is something about Nicole, perhaps it is that "hint" of a tummy, that gets me going. Hmmmmm....

I remember as a kid, my mothers best friend belonged to a Motorcycle Club. We attended some events with her. I remember, even as an eight year old, I thought some of those ladies were very sexy.

I guess you could say, I have a lot of bad boy in me too. (Wink), always have. Some of the ladies on this site just make me want to slap on my leathers, mount a Harley and let loose accross the Costa Rican Countryside.

I have been thinking about buying a Harley. If the project I recently bid on in Guatemala comes through as I expect it will, I may just do so. Although I dont really think of "Mrs. Anderson," as Biker Babe material. Babe? Oh hell yeah! Biker Babe? Ummmm, not quite, although I think if I pulled up on a "hog," she would hop on in a heartbeat!

Anyway, make sure to drop by Bikers and Babes and check out the contest!

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July 11, 2005
Okay, I am becoming a Racing Fan

And Danica Patrick is WHY....


Just caught the Danica Patrick interview on CNN. And the woman is awesome.

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June 30, 2005

I admit it... I don't know what I am admitting to, but don't shoot me Amanda!

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Newest Amanda Pictures

Been a while heh? Well this one is just for Boyd. The return of one of ISOU's most popular features. Amanda Jilesse!

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June 24, 2005
I used to think...

That my buddy Tony Pierce had the sexiest women in the world featured on his blog... And then I realized that just isn't true... Because the sexiest women live here in Costa Rica.


See my point. I mean damn! This is what I have to face every day! LOL! I just got a call from one of my buddies who wants to go out tonight. Now it is raining cats and dogs outside, but that wont keep them from coming out.


The clubs will be full of beautiful young ladies like Andrea. They will be beautiful, friendly and warm. We will sit and have a few beers and talk about the good old days, and argue over who is sexiest.

Then... sadly... We will go home... Of course, I will go home to one of the most beautiful ladies in Costa Rica. Hehe.. And last time I checked he aint doing so bad either...

Just two old dawgs reliving the best of what used to be I guess. Anyway, Tony my man. Bring your camera, and come down to Costa Rica. Hang out a bit, take some snaps... The Bus Blog may never be the same!

Of course we live here...

But it gives me an idea, perhaps tomorrow I will break out the only digital camera and do a little photo blogging for once.

Yeah, tales from "The Rey," or something like that. Hehe...

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June 20, 2005

There are some fine sistahs in Costa Rica....

Just thought you should know...

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More on the Paris Hilton Burger Commercial

Okay, I admit, the woman can be sexy...


Or at least look the part, but I just cant get into airheads...

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June 08, 2005
And Speaking of Shabooty....

Did you see the Pictures of Jessica Alba at the MTV Movie Awards... Well Shabooty has the links... The following is one of the ahem... TAME ones.


I am begining to believe that these so called slip ups by starlets are nothing more than publicity stunts.... Duh!

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Ever sit back and just think...

Of a special ex from your life?


Well this Tia Zelmira Model,reminds me so much of an ex girlfriend of mine, that I can smell her perfume.

Her name was Bertilla, and she was this incredibly sexy Salvadoran who I dated for a while back in my Packard Bell days. She was smart, sexy, sensual and crazy as hell, but I loved her more than I can say.

Funny how every now and then we come upon people that remind us of people from past lives.

Bertila, if you are out there, and should happen to come accross this... Thanks for all you gave me...

And Speaking of ex's....


Lina... Hehe... You got a twin too, are you out there?

Happens every damned time I read Tony Pierce or Shabooty. Cant get focussed on the real issues like Social Security and the War in Iraq! Drats!

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June 07, 2005
Okay, I have to Admit

I do have a Goth Fetish, which is well known (wink). Someone sent me a link to this site (Not Safe for Work)a while back. And I finaly got arround to browsing it.


While she probably has a few too many piercings for my liking, the woman is beautiful, and quite a model.

If you have issues with graphic sexual content, I would suggest you skip browsing her site, or at least limit yourself to the "tamer," photo sets like the black and white one called "Teachers pet." But there is some incredibly artistic photography in this galery. Check it out.

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June 04, 2005
Eh.... Forget What I said about Costa Rican Women...



Lord, this woman is in a class all her own!


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May 22, 2005
Some to Do's

1.) Move to San Ramon!


2.) Remember to "Read," Tia Zelmira even when I am in the jungle...


How could I NOT???


3.) Remember to tip my hat to Boyd, who is NO DOUBT now reading ISOU, to... eh... see what his buddy Dave is up to. Hehe...

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May 11, 2005
I need to get back to Argentina

And soon...
First I discover Dana Flyser


while watching this late night comedy series from Argentina called, "RompePortones," and now....

Via Tia Zelmira, this beautiful lady!


The beautiful Ana Carolina Ardohain Dos Santos. My goodness....

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May 09, 2005
And Yeah Sadie...

I agree, Christina has The Bubble Gum Chewin' Idiot

Britney Retarded

beat by a long mile....

Christina Aguilera =)

But Shakira.... Now she slays them both!


UPDATE: Okay, I'm gonna give it up for Rogue and Shannon. See below the fold...

On her BEST Day, with full on airbrush and makeup....

Britney Spears

Shakira still lays waste to her...


Next case ladies??? (Wink)

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If I seem to be on a sexual kick tonight, forgive me...

LOL, it must be watching Rompe Portones that did it....


Yes, the woman is THE BOMB....

Anyway, I caught this little tid bit at Sadie's blog:

The following question arrived in the Diva mailbox towards the latter part of last week:

"I've asked it of a number of women over the years and never
got a straight or satisfactory answer. As if it were unanswerable, and maybe it is. Sadie can pass if she likes. And perhaps I ought to remain anonymous."

"What are the do's and dont's, tools and techniques, that women prefer when a gentleman gives them, uh, oral pleasure?"

Pass on this question? Nahhhhh - just needed some opportunity to research the topic. After a sprinkling of conversations with women regarding how they prefer their reception of oral sex and although I cannot speak for all ladies, methinks that I can draw some conclusions as to most. it's difficult when your partner doesn't let you in on what you're doing right or wrong, and this sometimes feels as you don't have a clue as to what your partner might be feeling. Hence the Diva advice to interested men.

Now I must confess, I have always thought Sadie exceedingly sexy. Like many of the women who read my blog. She is an intelligent, assertive and sexy woman, with a wicked wit. (And this post will demonstrate, pretty damned blunt too!) This is at the top of the list of turn on's for Big D... Now that I have gotten the confession out of the way, go read her post. Every guy who wants to improve his sex life should.

And of course I am most interested in feedback from the other ladies who read ISOU. (Wink)...

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May 08, 2005
Must See TV

Whether you speak Spanish or Not! Hehe... The girls of Big Brother Mexico. (NSFW)

Big Brother Mexico Page (Spanish)

I have to admit though, I have not watched the show since last year when I was rooting for the spectacular Karla Alvarez.


Since Karla got the boot, I have not really followed the show or had any real interest in it.

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Rosario Davis

Okay, I have been a big fan of Rosario Dawson for a long time. She is often just about the best thing in the movies she has been in. I have not seen Sin City yet, but I am sure she rocks.

Rosario Dawson
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May 07, 2005
Just What Dr. Shabooty Ordered

Shabooty sent me a comment today reminding me that my massive hit numbers would no doubt suffer becuase of all the Jillian Grace fans who used to hit ISOU in search of Naked Jillian Grace Pictures. Now Shabooty was nice enough to send me a link to said pictures, but I reminded him that ISOU does not do Naked women (or men, sorry TCF), on our Blog. Shabooty then reminded me that he had some wholesome pictures of Ms. Grace on his Blog. So for all you fans of the beautifu Ms. Grace. Here she is:


Read on for more...

Now the GoDaddy Girl.... Well, lets just say, I would Ride with her any day! (And for those of you who don't get that comment, see's latest commercial.



Make sure to see the UNCENSORED Web only, version of the Censorship Commitee Hearing Ad from the Superbowl. hehe...

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