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June 26, 2005
Round The Reader - Saturday Night Fever Edition!

The "guest," who just wont leave... Don't you hate that?

The drapes come off... And it's shocking, shocking I tell you!

WTF, "Batman wannabees," steal a baby monkey?

Gotta get that RPG Fodder one way or the other.

Ah, the logic of Bush's Social Security Plan!

Eh, to answer your question Rob... HELL YEAH!

Now we all know there are no Liberal Troops, no Liberal Patriots... Right Chris?

The Commissar points to an interesting map of cassualties in Iraq. It's pretty ugly.

Are U.S. Military officials conducting secret talks with the Iraqi insurgency?

Dean points out a lame attempt at lampooning Senator Durbin.

I like Lawyers... Especially cute ones like Sadie. (Wink)

Hehe... Never had this problem. I was a popular dude!

Shabooty continues his slide into perversion. hehe...

Family values strikes again!

Aryan Brotherhood busted up a couple of miles from Diggers Realm!

The Iraq/Vietnam meme gets another look on Incite.

One Night in Bancock and the World's your Oyster! I wanna hang out with Mike!

I just had a coffee through the nose moment and it is all Olivers fault!

I wish I lived at Angel's house. Fish Fry... Yum!

Hey Bert, dont hold your Breath Bro. I don't think many appologies will be coming your way. I am still waiting for Jay Tea to respond to this and this.

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June 19, 2005
Round the Reader - Fathers Day Edition


Happy Fathers Day to All the Dads Out there!

Brent, been too long since I read ya! And Hell yeah, you are still brilliant. All you war appologist out there, read this, may do ya some good.

Tas continues his tradition of exposing STUPIDITY and Hypocrisy, wherever he finds it.

Meanwhile, Norbizness disses Bush Idiot II.

Cobb has a few words about Mike Tyson.

Sieg Hiel... Ooops did I say that? Hehe...

Okay, this is funny... And Boyd would know (wink).

One of the people I respect the most in the Blogsphere has not been blogging very much lately. I miss you Ray!

As the Conservasphere continues to ignore the Downing Street Memo and other evidence of pre-war shenadigans, evidence continues to build that the War was a foregone conclussion well before we announced our intentions or gained congressional approval.

I have been using Skype since it's introduction last year. And it rocks. I recently installed it on my Handheld, and I have to tell you Gillmor is right. He is also lucky he does not live in Costa Rica, where Mobile Telephony sucks at a whole new level! I regularly have conference calls with associates in the U.S. using Skype, and it soundly beats the sound quality of my land and cellular lines.

Looking for the Paris Hilton Burger commercial that is sending conservative types into a masturabatory frenzy? Go here...

Crystal in a bikini?.... Gottcha!

I dont visit the General as much since he got rid of trackbacks, but he is still funny.

Hehe... I got a caption for this picture, but I am keeping it to myself!

Yeah, I saw this yesterday. Looks like ole JEB is trying to line up his base for a future presidential run, on the back of a dead woman. "Sir, have you No shame?"

Another DUMB idea bought to you by the party of "Drunken Sailors."

Oprah for President? Eh, I dont think so...

Hehe, Beth Blogs Dan Riehl's appearance on Fox news.

Preston celebarates US Congressional action to cut funding to U.N.

Chad continues his coverage of terrorist attacks in Iraq.

Dean suggest "appropriate" ways to criticize our troops.

Sadie points out that a blogger is more on top of the story of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, than the news networks. Hehe.. and takes a shot at Wizbang while at it!

Angel is pissed off at someone, not sure who, but I have known her long enough to know that whoever it is may be getting unloaded on soon!

Drumwaster has me missing Los Angeles!

Digger reports on the theft of 40 Million Mastercard numbers... Hehe, someone is right now, "Mastering the Possibilities!"

Google to take on Paypal? Right ON!

Shabooty continues his quest to become a hip version of The National Enquirer online. Yeewwww!

Jack gets personal, and DAMN, I am envious!

Beck's pet idiot writes a long rant about my coverage of DSM... Didnt have the courtesy to trackback to any of what I wrote, then goes on to imply that I support Nazi's or such nonsense. Whatever. I am surprised Beck let him do it, but BFD, if it gets more coverage on DSM, I am happy.

Damn! Where's my racist emails?

It's a sad commentary on the Blogsphere that THESE IDIOTS, are even still arround. Go Get 'em Colonel.

I need to move back to Los Angeles and become an unemployed Blogger. It's just so damned interesting.

Stephen's RINO Blog Alliance seems to be going well.

Rob has a point! Fathers of the World UNITE!

I like Bill. One of these days I am going to get him, Stephen, Marty, Boyd and Jay Tea together and have a beer.

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June 12, 2005
Round the Reader - Goma Edition

Digger takes us on a trip down memory lane... Wonder Woman, now she was HOT!

Eagle Scouts aint quite what they used to be!

When you live in Costa Rica, you have to be prepare for THIS, all the time.

Dean Vents about Spam.... Drop me a line Dean, I will hook you up.

Jack writes about mistrust of government. BTW, what the hell is up with people starting to disable trackbacks and use Technorati. I dont like it.

The Downing Street Memo is gaining momentum. Nearly half a million citizens have signed a letter to the President demanding answers. In spite of the best efforts of "troopers," like Kevin of Wizbang, it is not going away.

"Why would John Kerry's grades at Yale even be a story? Who besides the frothing at the mouth wingbats who beat off to any bad news about any Democrat even gives a shit?"


And every time I read The Commissar these days, I am reminded of a quote from Dune.
"The Sleeper has awakened"

This is what The Commissar is refering to in his post, and I find Captain Ed's post to be disgusting and insulting to all the victims and families of victims of lynching. I have had a few possitive exchanges with Ed, and he is a call center guy like moi, but in recent weeks he has went overboard on a number of issues, cranking up the rhetoric even more than usual. And Beth who I like and respect, is feeling the same...

Oliver has more evidence of the Morally bankrupt Republican leadership!

I cant help but to feel sorry for Mike Tyson..

TCF points out the obvious about Wizbang's defense of Bush in the Downing street scandal.

I wonder how the Right is going to spin this? And when they are going to wake up and start demanding answers from the PEOPLE THEY ELECTED? I find it ridiculous that some of the biggest right wing blogs can go into a tizzy over John Kerry's University Grades, but want to remain blissfully ignorant of what REALLY led up to the war in Iraq?

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June 04, 2005
Round The Reader - Relaxation Edition

Well, I am home, well rested and looking for more business opportunities. The family just left for a weekend at the beach, so time to get caught up on my reading.

Beck quotes an ex Gulag Prisoner who says we should not compare Gitmo with the Soviet Gulag system.

Boyd is not posting much lately, but has an update about a Marine, (I think his son maybe), who is going to Iraq.

The Commissar has a bit of Historical Satire.

Say a Prayer for Angel...

Jay Tea has some thoughts on Deep Throat, no not the movie you pervert!

Crystal has a RT meet up with a fellow blogger.

Shakespear's Sister has an awesome piece on the Bush Administration's selective use of Amnesty International Data - A must read...

Tas has a piece on the cowardice of the Democratic Party in dealing with the issue of Iraq

I think OW and I were brothers separated at birth of something. Hehe...

Matt Drudge is an idiot, you read it here first... Well second anyway!

I have to go visit Bill every now and then for a sanity check on the Right. Here is one Conservative who is not putting words in Kerry's mouth.

Chad Evans and Rusty Shackleford continue to have some of the best war coverage from the right. I may dissagree with much of what both of them say when they editorialize, but they have dedicated a focus on the War and War on Terror that is admirable.

This IDIOT, ought to be in JAIL!

And what better place to End than Shabooty...


Who has a link to a sexy pictorial of Angelina!

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May 29, 2005
Round The Reader - Going Home Edition

Hehe...Boyd, you got to get arround the Blogsphere more these days... And your grandbabies are beautiful!

Beck, I always knew you were a superstar! Hehe....

TCF points to a new attempt to organize Lefty Bloggers. Looks interesting. Count me in!

"Did you know that in the small print of the Bush administration's No Child Left Behind Act, there is a clause that requires public high schools to provide the names, addresses, and phone numbers of their students to the military? Unless families know about and are able to opt out of this clause, their children's personal information will be provided to recruiters. For some this is probably old news, but I just read about this and I am disgusted."
Rogue Angel

My response to the above... Oh HELL No!

Okay, this is a blockbuster! I have been away from the news too damned much the last two weeks. But I am not surprised that the war in Iraq was planned well before it was "justified." My question? What excuses are the Right giving now.

More latter when I get home, fed, rested and kissed on by my babies!

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May 22, 2005
Good Morning Costa Rica!

Well, obviously I am still here in the Jungle, so it is not always easy to take time out for my responsibilities like doing my weekly round the reader post, but I want you guys to know I am still alive. The coolest thing about coming up here is the incredibly fascinating people you meet. Ah... If I was a single man, I indeed would be in big trouble. (Grin).

Sounds like there is a new Sherrif in town in Iraq, and they are badasses, good for them!

I feel ya Jack. I feel exactly the same way. I am sitting on the edge of one of the world's most beautiful jungles, typing away on a piece of hardware so sophisticated I would not have dreamed of it 20 years ago. And I am linked to you and the rest of my friends arround the world by a digital connection that would have been dreamed of even a few years ago here, and to boot over a wireless connection that allows me to post this from the front porch in a dusty tourist town that most of my readers have never even heard of... And yes, I too dig Star Trek much more than Star Wars.

I am sorry to hear about your anniversary issues Angel. And I sincerely hope it works out. It is too special an event for both of you not to be happy.

I remember Ms-13 when they were just a raggedy assed Los Angeles Street Gang with roots in El Salvador, how things have changed in 20 years.

I have two daughters, I fully understand this dad's reaction. AND... I am a reformed frat boy. So in summary, I would have killed 'em all! Hehe...

Okay, I have not been Babe blogging lately, and all I can say is I DIG MS. SlOVENIA!

Okay, It's official....I envy Frank. Me.... stuck in the humid jungles of Costa Rica, Frank... Partying in New Orleans.

I wonder what conservatives are saying about Santorum's Nazi reference?

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May 07, 2005
Round The Reader - Gimme some Love Edition

P6 is definitely giving me some love.

And so is Stephen!

And Kimberly is alway thinking of me.

A few thoughts on Blogger Superiority Complex.... Hat Tip, the Moderate Voice

And I am going to make Jane an Honorary Mason. (Wink)

Doug Ireland discusses Tony Blair's credibility problems following revelations about the war. I have been reading a lot about this and as Doug points out, Blair won the recent election based more on the negatives of his opponent, rather than British confidence in him.

Zarqawi has got to be the luckiest son of a bitch in the world. This guy has given or allegedly given our troops the slip more than any other major terrorist leader. Seems like his intelligence network may be performing better than ours.

Nazism is "nowhere nearly as deadly as Communism has been in the past 100+ years," eh... Somebody needs a history lesson...

Does the DNC have a fundraising problem because of Dean? Or is it that it is a non election year, after a loss, and unlike the Republican base there are no hot button issues that drive fundraising efforts.

This is a good cause...

Everyone has their niche, at least the successful Blogs do... Digger's seems to be tackling the problem of illegal immigration.

Happy Birthday Ezra, you are a Taurus! I knew there was a reason I liked you.

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Back from the Dead Edition - Round the Reader

Boyd has an excellent and hillarious Military Quote.

Goe from Incite is on a rant about something, will get back to you when I figure it out.

The Commissar is still explaining evolution. (Grin)

The Yeminis think Jane from Armies of Liberation, is a Mason. LMAO, Jane, I am a Mason, My father was a Mason... You dear woman, are NO MASON. LMAO. Sorry, couldn't help it! But I am stoked that a Government is so upset with a blogger that the raise all this fuss. I wonder how the Nigerians feel about me?

Juliette has a list of great links.

Marty announces the return of ISOU!

Jack has some thoughts on Privacy and our evolving police state.

TCF touches on Political Pressure on the Television Networks.

Carla has her slaughterhouse 5 link list. Read it, its pretty good.

Frank has....One more example of our idiot President.

Lauren has a long and thoughtfull post on linking and blogrolls. Lauren, do whatever you want with your Blog, You Rock... Nuff said.

Did I mention that Last Day of My Life is a MUST READ for me... Look no further than this to understand why.

Somebody SEND ROGUE a monitor, she is too damned valuable to be away from us for any time.

Doesn't this just make you feel safe as all get outs?

Digger post about Kerry Campaigning in Louisiana.

Someone tell me that this is a new Urban Legend?

Creationist use a Moonie to prove creationism!

Okay, this has got to be the sexiest picture of Paris Hilton, I have ever seen.

Project Bowl has another meme. Oh noooooooooo....

Blogger helps put a terrorist behind bars, and of course it was Rusty!

Sharecropper gate? Hehe... Not quite, but I have to agree with Oliver, who gives a rats ass if the woman was raised by "sharecroppers."

Is it just me, or is Bill getting more "Reynolds like?" What's with the one line posts dude? Update - I think Bill just clowned me in comments. And he is right! Cause I meant to link to the second post about Col. David Hackworth, who is a hero of mine as well. It's what I get for Crack Smoker Speed Reading/Posting.

And Wizbang is having it's carnival of the Trackbacks. Has anyone told those dudes that I am back? Hey Jay, where you at buddy?

Who the hell is Gwen Stefani?

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