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January 23, 2006
Why he is possibly the most important....

Negro in the Country, outside of Condi of course... Of course he should have some insight into what the other Negro said!

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January 22, 2006
Malkin the voice of the braindead...

Michelle needs to just shut up. It didn't work the first time, it won't work this time...

Radio talk show host Michael Graham, now at Boston's WTKK, is also staying on top of the Haleigh Poutre case. Be sure to check out his website for the latest Haleigh developments.

Michael e-mailed me that many talk show hosts don't want to discuss the story:

I fear it's the post-Schiavo syndrome.

I think Michael is right, and that the post-Schiavo syndrome is affecting more than just talk radio. Few on either the left or right in politics, in the blogosphere, in the MSM punditocracy, want to grapple with the moral, legal, and medical implications of this wrenching case. And as I noted before, the bleeding hearts in Hollywood, so quick to leap to the defense of every last Death Row convict are AWOL. There's already a jaded and shockingly callous exasperation about Haleigh's case epitomized by the title and comments at John Cole's blog: "Dear God, not again."

Michelle, a bit of advice, why don't you use your bully pulpit to raise awareness about child abuse. I mean this child was "killed," by those who were suppossed to be protecting her. Don't you see that as a more compelling issue here?

Hat Tip Crooks and Liars

Read John Cole's piece....

And let me add... DAMN, DAMN, DAMN! Damn all the hypocrits to hell!

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January 15, 2006
Martin Luther King - Progressive!

I appreciate the sentiments behind this post by Rob. I really do. He is probably one of the few conservatives who will even acknowledge the King Holliday....

Today has been set aside to remember a great man. A man who fought for equality, not because it was the politically correct thing to do but because it was the morally right thing to do. A man who embraced all races equally and envisioned a time and place where people could live and work together despite differences in color or culture.

Today is Martin Luther King day.

While the likes of Jesse Jackson bandy this great man's name about like so many political poker chips, take time to look up what Dr. King actually had to say. Don’t let someone like Al Sharpton speak for him, read it yourself:

But you are wrong Rob, dead wrong. First off, as much as I despise Jesse Jackson for what he has become. He was there in TN when King was killed, at his side. He was with King in the struggle, while Conservatives were the ones holding the firehouses and attack dog leashes. He would not claim conservatism as a philosophy and he never did. While many of us who consider ourselves progressive, embrace some conservative principles, as did King, specifically family values (altough in his own weakness, he was something of a hypocrit in this area), that by no means makes us a Conservative. And while I am sure King would appreciate your celebration of his fight for equality, I am just as sure he would be outraged at an attempt to make him a Conservative Icon.

Would he have stood for affirmative action? I think in your heart you know the answer to that. King would almost certainly have in the face of a lack of alternatives. What King dreamed of was a color blind Utopia where all are valued for the "content of their character." Today, nearly 40 years after his death, that is far from reality. So I don't think King would be standing shoulder to shoulder with you on ending Affirmative Action. Instead I think he would be fighting to end the enduring racism that makes it necessary.

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January 11, 2006
Yeah Me too....
I'm so glad there's no more racism in this country.

October 27, 2005
Definition of Stupid

These people have to be some of the most stupid in Hollywood.

Actress Gabrielle Union's talent agent warned colleagues from doing business with the Mood Hollywood night club in an email sent out to publicists.

Mood was set to host the "Night Stalker" star's birthday on October 29 but pulled out when it realized that Union was black.

Okay, all of you know that I am in love with Gabrielle Union. Have been every since I saw her in Bring it on.

gab_nu2.jpg Anyone stupid enough to deny this woman her party, should be out of business, and I would chance to guess, based on who I KNOW are Gabby's friends, people like Martin Lawrence, Will Smith and my nephew Anthony Anderson, that they will be soon... Especially if they depend on the Hollywood set to make their club popular.

Gabrielle is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and by all accounts one of the classiest. So if this club thought they were hosting a party for a Rap Moll, they are sadly mistaken. Gabby is no Missy Elliot.

It will be interesting to see the fall out from this one...

At any rate Gabrielle, you can come to Costa Rica and Celebrate your birthday any time you like. I will buy you a cake and all! (wink)

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October 25, 2005
The Race Baiting that did not happen...

While looking for Blogger coverage of Rosa Parks death I found the following quote on Conservative Blog, Pardon My English.

"While today is a day to celebrate her life and her contributions to the Civil Rights movement, I fear that certain "de facto" leaders of the black community will use Rosa Parks' memory in vain, and launch unfounded race-baiting attacks that have regretfully become all too familiar. Certainly, such "leaders" like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan couldn't hold a candle to Rosa Parks and should never be held in the same grandeur as she, which makes her passing even more regrettable."

Pardon my English

"Rosa Parks has shown the awesome power of right over might in history's long journey for peace and freedom."
The Reverend Jesse Jackson

"I think Rosa Parks was truly a historic figure who singularly on December 1, 1955, tore down the walls of American segregation and apartheid."
The Reverend Al Sharpton

Hmmmm... Things that make me want to scratch my nappy head and wonder....

(Quotes of Jackson and Sharpton taken from the comments to the above post) This was one of the few Conservative Blogs that I read which had to spoil a great moment of bipartisan praise for an American hero.

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October 24, 2005
God Bless you Rosa!


Rosa Parks, you were the spark that helped light a fire. I will never forget what you did, or how it changed my life and so many others. It was your quiet courage that inspired a nation and exposed a system so shameful, that it had to fall.

I will live the obituary to others Rosa. I just want to say thank you. Without you, a lot of us might still be riding on the back of the bus...

And to all those bloggers out there, like:

Dru Blood
D.C. Thornton
Wizbang (Brings some new perspective to the legacy)
Cutting to the Chase
The Moderate Voice
The Huffington Post
LaShawn Barber
Crooks and Liars
Michelle Malkin
Outside the Beltway (Awesome Piece)
Prometheus 6

I offer a respectful nod and heartfelt "Right on!"

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September 30, 2005
Bill Bennett and Genocide

I actually heard about this yesterday from Bennett's alleged former Dominatrix, who has become a pen pal of mine. She is currently running for Governor of Nevada.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Congressional Democrats blasted former Education Secretary William Bennett on Thursday for saying that aborting "every black baby in this country" would reduce the crime rate, and demanded their Republican counterparts do the same.

"This is precisely the kind of insensitive, hurtful and ignorant rhetoric that Americans have grown tired of," said Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Illinois.

Bennett, who held prominent posts in the administrations of former presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, told a caller to his syndicated radio talk show Wednesday: "If you wanted to reduce crime, you could -- if that were your sole purpose -- you could abort every black baby in this country and your crime rate would go down.

"That would be an impossibly ridiculous and morally reprehensible thing to do, but your crime rate would go down," he said.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-California, called on President Bush to condemn the comments by Bennett, who was anti-drug chief in Bush's father's administration.

Now I dont know if Bennett likes to be led arround on a Dog Collar or not, but I do know the man has some serious issues, and I guess we can add racism to them.

This comment is so over the top and odius that I cant really even come up with a response. I will be surprised if there is much condemnation from the Right, at least not until and unless there is much traction on the story from the Left. But Jesus, it is this kind of attitude that makes me scratch my head wondering why any black person could support the conservative movement.

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September 02, 2005
Criticism about Criticism
WASHINGTON - President Bush, facing blistering criticism for his administration's response to Hurricane Katrina, said Friday "the results are not acceptable" and pledged to bolster relief efforts with a personal trip to the Gulf Coast.

"We'll get on top of this situation," Bush said, "And we're going to help the people that need help."

He spoke on the White House grounds just before boarding his presidential helicopter, Marine One, with Homeland Security Department secretary Michael Chertoff to tour the region. The department, which oversees the Federal Emergency Management Agency, has been accused of responding sluggishly to the deadly hurricane.

So Bush is now in the affected region, and has admitted that the response has been ineffective. This six days and who knows how many unnecessary deaths since the disaster first struck. There are many on the Right who don't want to talk about who's fault it is that this happened. Some want to imply that Left Bloggers are being petty. There is NOTHING petty about the death and destruction in Luisianna, Mississippi and Alabama. And there is NOTHING that would convince me that these same people would not have been all over Clinton, had this happened on his watch. Without even getting into the LA National Guard being in Iraq, or the fact that the Government cut moneys needed to keep New Orlean levy system functioning, there are still plenty of accountability issues in this case. And Bush's statement today is proof of them.

Call me petty all you like, but I do not consider it petty to hold our government accountable in times of crisis, and perhaps those criticizing the critics have not thought of this, but it has been six days since the Hurricane first hit. Look at the first line of the above article... Do you think that WITHOUT the criticism from the Left Spere, that Bush would be there today?

I have distant relatives that live in New Orleans, as well as countless personal friends and Fraternity Brothers. At this point I don't know where any of them are. I am angry and it appears that a LOT of Americans are angry. I am also dissapointed, that the President elected for Strong Leadership has so far shown VERY LITTLE strength or Leadership. Perhaps those of you who voted for him can stomach that, even EXCUSE it, I can't and won't. So dont DARE lecture me or others for "politicizing the disaster," when YOUR SIDE has politicized everything from 9/11 forward. This situation stinks with the smell of water bloated dead bodies. You are right about one thing, this event is being politicized, but not by the people calling for accountability. It is being politicized by the same people who time after time have excused the failures of this administration. There are two disasters taking place today, one is obvious, the other has been going on for five years!

And while you are pointing fingers at the Left, perhaps you should read this article about how one Conservative Magazine wants to blame the victims!

UPDATE: Jeff G weighs in on this post. As usual it's a distortion of what I wrote:

update: Here is "reasonable" lefty David Anderson, doing what he does best: congratulating himself and his ideological brethren
for saving the poor and displaced by heaping scorn and blame on the
President and his administration for a devestation (sic) he pretends to understand.

Because, you see, without the lefties screaming and yelling about how
Bush hates brown people and wants to see them dead or about how he
underfunded a levee that, were it to have prevented this disaster,
would have needed to be 50% taller to stop the Category 4 storm surge
(a plan that was never in the pipeline) they FORCED him to provide the relief he otherwise wasn't going to give.

They got him off vacation and into ACTION, however reluctantly. THEIR CRITICISM IS SAVING LIVES!

This, my friends, is why having a debate with wannabe pundits on the left is a losing proposition: their ignorance of the facts is surpassed only by their preening and utterly unfounded self-righteousness.

Like Gulliver, I fear I'm beginning to despise large swathes of humanity.

Welcome to the club Jeff, better late than never. I despised hypocrites a long time ago. And just to make it clear, I never accused Bush of Racism, I accused him of incompetence. Neither did I say anyone forced him to take action. What I said was that the criticism from across a broad segment of NON-Kool Aide drinking Americans forced him to move more quickly. Five days is a bit much don't ya think? But gee thanks for reading the blog and for the link. Us "wanna be pundits," take all the help we can get, even from an arrogant child who's own press and preening fan base has went to his head. Oh, and just so you know, I do understand disasters, having lived through a few of them myself. What I dont understand is people who just cant acknowledge that they are wrong. That never fails to amaze and annoy me.

Update HERE.

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September 01, 2005
Truth, Anger and Righteous Indignation!

This is one of the most devastatingly brilliant pieces of blogging I have EVER READ! Thanks to the Brad Blog, for the heads up. It is a long piece, and brilliant every word, but I could not excerpt it in it's entirety. Go read the whole thing!

What happens when Chertoff (whose name actually means "of the Devil" in Russian) decides to forgo civil liberties in general and abuses his office, err, industrial department of Homeland Security? What happens when these Homelanders declare Martial Law in order to keep people from looting, but will not supply them with water, food, and other life sustaining supplies?

Apparently not a damn thing.

After all, no blond "good Christian" wealthy Republican children are drowning. Fox News anchors sit laughing at this tragedy but cry and piss on themselves because a blond girl on an island went missing (no offense to the family of the missing girl).

Do you realize that one person - one single person who is white, blond haired, and blue eyed - is more important to the networks than the thousands of black children spiraling to their deaths in a swirl of sewage in a once historic city?

Looting is what the networks are covering, as though such activity is "typical" of what "black people" do. The majority of residents left behind were the poor, who - due to the inexcusable mismanagement of emergency resources, coupled with high oil prices - were unable to leave on their own. The poor in this country happen to be minorities, so the people left behind were minorities.

Take away food, water, and other supplies and what should someone do? Swim over to an ATM and get some soggy money out? Or maybe dive in, holding their breath, and swim through their underwater living room looking for a lost wallet? Not to worry, the Pentagon is on its way, Martial law is declared, journalists are forced out, and those saved are happily dining on cat food.

Bush's cutting of his vacation short by a whole two hours - jetting off to DC, from where he can look Presidential -- is almost as timely as is him finally putting down My Pet Goat.

And where is that treasure of a mother, that national "I love my gay daughter when it works for the campaign" bastion of integrity? Lynn Cheney, the doyenne of Christian values, is probably rehearsing her "I am an indignant mother" routine, somewhere in the bowls of her underground mansion. Because she is not out, carrying buckets or collecting donations or for god's sake doing something to help the people of "her country."

Congress is still on vacation even though we are witnessing a national tragedy that could produce the worst death toll in recent US history.

Condi's father a prominent minister and educator is spinning in his grave as black women and children drown, while Condi stands and shills somewhere who the hell knows where on how we are spreading Democracy. As though such a thing as Democracy could be spread through rape, torture, and murder, like some venereal disease.

Where is the god damn leadership of this country? Dick, Condi, Rummy, anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

You know I finaly figured out why Jay Tea was so angry with my earlier post. Anyone from the Right who has watched what has happened in the Gulf Coast and is NOT having an "Oh Shit," moment, has got to be delusional. This disaster has absolutely stripped the myth away from George W. Bush and demonstrated not only the complete incompetence of his administration, but the callousness of it as well. It has also completely destroyed the MYTH of George W. Bush as a Leader in times of crises. This is a repeat of the Seven Minute Reading Session, as planes crashed into the towers, only this one has lasted five days. And honestly, if I was a Republican right now, I would be embarrassed beyond words.

Changing the subject will not change the facts. Shields are down Scotty, and there isn't enough Kool Aide in the world to bring 'em back up!

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August 20, 2005
Compassionate Conservatism at Work...
USA Today - With about six weeks remaining in the Border Patrol's fiscal year - and more Border Patrol agents patrolling than ever - 201 men, women and children have succumbed to the elements in Arizona.

In Pima County, which includes Tohono O'odham and Tucson, so many corpses are waiting to be identified, autopsied and returned to Mexico that the coroner is storing 60 of them in a refrigerator truck.

Rob Port's response, posting at Wizbang:

"My response to this so-called crisis? Who cares?
Feeling sorry for people who consciously place themselves in a perilous position while committing a crime don't deserve our sympathy any more than drunk drivers who crash their vehicles and die deserve our sympathy."

Now I am a against illegal immigration as most conservatives, but being callous about the deaths of a couple hundred people, including women and children... Takes a special kind of hatred to feel that way. It also takes a special kind of hypocrisy, since the policies of the administration which Mr. Port and other members of the Bang Bang Crew support without question, is responsible for many of the illegal immigration issues that contributed to these deaths....

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July 31, 2005
The Haters and Latoyia
"My point is that this is not national news by any measure. As I've said elsewhere, this woman's best friend says she could have been harmed by any one of the scores of guys by whom she's getting long stroked. This is a woman who leads a dangerous and unconventional lifestyle in a high crime area, and is now missing--big surprise. The Natalee Holloway case, by contrast, is national news because it involves a beautiful, articulate young girl who received a full scholarship to college who turns up missing at an island beach resort where there has been 1 murder in all of 2004. Big, big difference. The radical bedwetters picked the wrong case to make their point and used really poor judgment.

POSSIBLE SUSPECTS: Baby Fatha No. 1; Baby Fatha No. 2.; Guys she's messing wit (see best friend of LaToyia to try to narrow the field); Other woman pregnant by Baby Fatha No. 2 who kicked LaToyia in pregnant stomach.

Do you not want to throw-up from this garbage. These people live like savages and then you sit here being an apologist for them saying they deserve "MORE" news coverage. Are you kidding me?


"Neither of them (LaToyia or Baby Fatha No. 2) had the money to pay the $35 insurance co-pay (to check the baby's health), so they left the hospital and drove back to southwest Philadelphia, police said.

Before heading back to his place, the pair stopped off for some fried food at a seafood-takeout restaurant."

"So, they didn't have enough money collectively to pay for a $35 co-pay, so they decided to get down on some greasy fish sticks and fries. This makes my point. Nothing that happens with these irresponsible people, in this war zone of a neighborhood, should surprise anyone. Hence, it's not national news."

Commenter Michael in comments to this post.

Congratulations Mike! At least you managed to avoid pointing out the Natalee is white. Other than that, you basically said that because Latoyia allegedly lived a lifestyle that you don't approve of, that her value as a human being, and that of her unborn child, who has no "record," alleged or otherwise, is somehow less important than Natalee's.

That is a crock.

EVERY Life has value, and this is not just about Latoyia and Natalee. It is about a sad record by the Major Media of covering infinitum, cases involving attractive white girls and women, while ignoring missing minorities.

Frankly some of your comments are extremely racist in nature:

"So, they didn't have enough money collectively to pay for a $35 co-pay, so they decided to get down on some greasy fish sticks and fries. This makes my point. Nothing that happens with these irresponsible people, in this war zone of a neighborhood, should surprise anyone. Hence, it's not national news."

There is a big difference between $35 for poor people, and $10 worth of fast food. But that is not the point... "These irresponsible people?" Please... What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Finally, why does it upset you so much that Bloggers are trying to help this person and her family?

You make comments about how press interviews with Latoyia's father were embarrassing to minorities.

You spoke about how illiterate he was.... Did you see the interview with the Dad of the little girl from Florida, who was raped and murdered by a child molester a while back? I did not see the interview with Latoyia's father, but I would guess that he was no more illiterate than that little girl's father. Did you see that interview and think, "Jesus, this guy is making all us White Folk look bad?" What I saw was a father in great pain, and I hurt for him, just as I hurt for the Parents of Natalee and Latoyia.

There is room in the National Press for both of these Young Women. Get off your high horse and either help or shut up and let those who want to, to do so.

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July 30, 2005
Eh... I don't get this?

I get a trackback from a blogger today who seems to be a bit upset that Bloggers are concerned about finding Latoyia Figueroa.

This in particular stood out in the post:

The whiner-groaner-bloggers continue to try to make Laytoyia as prominent in the media's eye as Natalee Holloway:

He goes on to analyze the motives of bloggers blogging on behalf of Latoyia, making the claim it seems that some bloggers are "racializing the issue." He goes on to reference a very good post which mentions how some bloggers are comparing the Natalee Halloway story to Latoyia and ridiculing the efforts of those concerned about Natalee. Fair enough. I have been guilty of this myself.

But for anyone, as he does, to imagine that there is NOT a huge disparity on how cases involving "pretty white girls," as opposed to missing minority women, is simply ridiculous. Like the vast majority of people, I pray that Natalee will come home safely, or that her abductors will be brought to justice. But it is entirely appropriate to call the media on the carpet for how they handle these cases.

I remember the Story of Pvt. Jessica Lynch, the cute little Southern White Girl who was captured in Iraq, and how she was all but made a National Hero, while a less attractive Black woman, was being held and abused at the same time, and received a fraction of the attention by the media. Likewise the Elizabeth Smart story dominated the news for over a year, at the same time minority children were going missing or being murdered or abused all across America.

The post goes on to say:

NPR has taken note the Bloggers are Blogging about Latoyia, but they've also chosen to display the more culturally-charming "white" photo of Latoyia... you can See the Photo, Hear the NPR Report HERE

Listen to the NPR report, and then check out this NPR piece.

I don't think any decent person would deny the Halloway family the support they have gotten for their missing daughter. But to stick our heads in the sand and pretend that racism does not exist, or worse, to turn around and attack those who are trying to get an equal level of public awareness for Latoyia is not only disengenious, but it is hateful.

Oh and Dave... I don't think there is a Bloggers conspiracy to post white looking, or black looking, pictures. That assessment on your part probably speaks more to your own racial attitudes than any "Reality Check." When I wrote my first post, I simply placed the first picture I found of her.

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