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January 28, 2006
You think Politics are bad in the U.S.

Well this man... An ex president of Costa Rica and Nobel Laureat, had the law changed in Costa Rica so he could run again. (Costa Rican Presidents were limited to one five year term. The elections are scheduled for Feb. 5th, but Mr. Arias has already declared victory based on polling numbers, and is acting as if he is the President elect.

The person who I feel is most qualified to lead Costa Rica is a Libertarian, Otto Guevara.

The man is young, dynamic, well educated (Harvard), and pro business, while still being focussed on helping the poor of Costa Rica.

He was recently called by Fred Blaser, owner of La Republica and the CA+ Blog, "the Most Presidential man to possibly never be President of Costa Rica." I have been told by a number of people in a position to know, that the results of this election, as most of the past ones, was decided in a smoke filled room over a year ago.

For a country proud of it's democracy, that would be sad and unfortunate. Oscar Arias is a hero in the region. His work in ending the Civil wars in Central America in the late 80's won him a Nobel Prize and wide ranging respect in the world and recognition for Costa Rica. I once sat accross from him in Business Class on a flight from Costa Rica to Miami, and his nephew is one of my oldest friends in Costa Rica. Nevertheless, I dont think Costa Rica needs another Arias administration.

I believe that Guevara represents the kind of new blood Costa Rica needs. He is young, talks straight, and supports education and business growth in Costa Rica. Unlike Arias, he believes in tax cuts, not more taxes on some of the most taxed people in the region. He supports CAFTA, which will bring jobs and opportunity to the people of Costa Rica, and he is willing to roll up his sleeves and get dirty with the people. Some of his most popular campaign commercials are videos of him helping to paint a school and picking up garbage in a suburb that has been plagued with a long sanitation workers strike.

Guevara's biggest challenge, other than possible election fraud is the fact that he speaks the truth, not what people want to hear. The La Republica owner told me that Oscars problem was, "he will not compromise. He knows what he believes in and unlike most politicians is not willing to compromise those beliefs for votes." Another friend called him arrogant. I asked why, and his response was, "I wont vote for him because he thinks he knows everything, and I am a Liberationista," (Arias' Party). Well guess what? Maybe he does know a thing or two. My worry is that under Arias it will just be more of the same, politics as usual, and the very people who could have benefited most from a Guevara victory, are the ones who are ensuring through apathy and ignorance, that it does not happen...

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January 18, 2006
What is it....

About some people...

I have a neighbor who for some reason can not resist coming outside with the skimpiest outfits she can find. The woman is a grandmother, but a young one with quite the figure... Yesterday I am sitting out on my front porch and she decides she is going to bend over and attend to her grandchild in the stroller.... Nothing wrong with that you say.... Eh, she was wearing a mini and a dental floss thong, and it did not take a gust of wind, or imagination to see all God gifted her with... Jeeez!

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January 09, 2006
Going to the Birds


I tell you what, life is just going to the birds.... I now have a mini zoo in the house.

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January 06, 2006
Picture of the Week from Tia Zelmira


Cost Rica has the sexiest women on earth, but shhhhhhh... Keep it to yourself.

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January 03, 2006
Vacation Time

My kids are on Christmas break for the next couple of weeks.


Elsie, Antoinella (My Wife's little Sister), and Apollonia watch a little TV.

Dad of course is stuck working!


While Jean Carlos passes the afternoon listening to his CD Player on the front porch.

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December 29, 2005
Yesterdays Earthquake

The Earthquake yesterday apparently did not kill anyone of do much damage, but I tell you, it felt like it was a big one here. Anyway, no damage to the Anderson homestead, and the family made it home okay yesterday.

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December 28, 2005
Holy S$#% we just had a MAJOR earthquake!

Or at least it felt like a Major one. Developing....

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December 23, 2005
Ah the benefits of being a monopoly...

As I have mentioned before, ICE (The Costa Rican Electric and Telephone Company), has been fighting tooth and nail to prevent CAFTA and the competition that will come from opening the market. Tonight was a perfect example of WHY. Power failed three times tonight, and has failed two nights in the last two weeks, for an average outtage of about three hours. Now with competition people would likely tell them to go to hell and buy their electrical power from someone else....

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Things I don't like about Costa Rica

I am always bragging about the things I love about Costa Rica,

078.jpgbut I rarely mention the things I really DON'T Like. I mean what is not to like about a country that can produce women as beautiful and sexy as the ladies in the Casa Zeller Lingerie Show.

Well, let me tell you a litte secret...

I hate BUGS. I mean REALLY hate them. Costa Rica is a tropical country, and there is a reason that the fictional Jurassic Park was set in Costa Rica. There are Cockroaches here the size of small rodents, and they crawl up the drain pipes from the sewer at night. EWWWWWWW....

And then there are the mosquitos that suck you dry as soon as it gets dark. And spiders that look like the Face Huggers from the Movie Alien. There are some naughty, naughty Bugs down here. And that's just in the city.

Why do you think I refuse to go to the farm for vacation? The bugs out in the boonies make the ones here in the city look lightweight.

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December 15, 2005
Rigoberto Alpizar, Victim of Excessive Force?

From Talk Left:

It is reported on today that DOJ has hired defense counsel for the two air marshals who shot and killed Rigoberto Alpizar last week on a jetway in the Miami Airport.

It should be recalled that the head of the air marshal program and even the White House were defending the use of deadly force against Alpizar as absolutely justified on CNN immediately after the shooting, without so much as an investigation.

The FBI is investigating, and passengers reported to CNN that they heard no bomb threat. He just said "I've got to get off, I've got to get off."

There has been quite a lot of press on this story in Costa Rica for the last week. Mr. Alpizar was a Costa Rican National... The consensus seems to be that Mr. Alpizar was murdered by the Air Marshalls, and that his wife tried repeatedly to explain that he was simply sick and had not taken his medication. My wife, a Tica herself, is pretty much beside herself with anger over the situation. My own feelings? Let the investigation conclude, the witnesses speak and if proven guilty of misconduct, punish the Marshalls.

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December 11, 2005
Hot Fun in the Summer Time

It's summer time in Costa Rica, and I spent the entire afternoon today in the mall with the wife and kids. While I did not see anyone as gorgeous as this....

025.jpg I must admit, I saw some ladies that would have given her and the other Zelmira models a run for their money.

It is incredible living in a country that experiences summer at Christmas time. And it is even more incredible the sheer quantity of beautiful women one encounters on a daily basis here.

I mean it is so bad that my wife can't even get mad at me for looking. She told me today that if I didn't look, she would begin to wonder if I was turning Gay.

The biggest problem with going out here in Costa Rica is that you can end up with whiplash from turning your head so often and so fast. Hehe...

Read on for more pictures of Jennifer... Just Because...


The girl is MAD Hot!


Now you know why I love living in Costa Rica so much...

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November 19, 2005
And Yes....


My lovely wife was very happy to see me!

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November 06, 2005
This week in TV Guide...

The Costa Rican TV Guide that is! Hehe...


This one is for you Boyd!

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October 31, 2005
Why Costa Rica needs the TLC (CAFTA)

While in Guatemala on business a couple weeks ago, I got off the plane, purchased a GSM chip for my cell phone, then picked up a prepaid card Bam! I had a cellular line in Guatemala! While visiting Guatemala I had access to CDMA wireless internet all over the city. By December, Guatemala will have several wireless internet options available all over the main metropolitan areas.

In Costa Rica, it is NORMAL to wait months, even over a year for a phone line. GSM service is spotty and unreliable, (There are MANY places in the Capital City where service is unavailable). And GPRS internet, in "pilot" for nearly two years, rarely works at all.

I was one of the first customers for ICE DSL two years ago. This year, my DSL line has been inoperable or partially functional for over four months out of 11. I have had the line completely down for as long as three weeks at a time, and once the bandwidth was cut from 1MB to 128K for three weeks with no explanation. When I finally got someone to talk about it at ICE, (An incredibly impossible task at times), they told me that they could not find my contract and that was what they "thought," I was paying for. When I sent them the contract, my bandwidth was returned, but I received no discount on the $100 a month I pay for the higher speed. Nor have I received a discount or refund for the countless outages. My line at the moment is running at less than dialup speed, and no one seems the least bit interested in fixing the problem. My monthly bill comes every couple of weeks in an ever shortening cycle, and there is NO negotiating with ICE when it comes to paying it.

Despite the fact that the majority of Ticos have issues with ICE and their lack of service, many Ticos believe the ICE propaganda against the TLC (CAFTA Trade Agreement), which will bring competition to Costa Rica. It would seem that many buy ICE's claims that the Trade Agreement will mean an end to NUESTRA COMPANIA (Our company), ironic since "our company," would suggest that ICE has the Costa Rican people's interest at heart. If this were the case, I would not have passed the last 11 months paying $100 a month for a service that rarely works more than a week without a major problem, nor would I have to spend days calling number after number to try and get someone to address my case. In Guatemala and other countries in the region where there is competition, customers can vote with their feet, and simply change companies when they are not satisfied with service. This is the heart of ICE's opposition to the TLC, they can already hear the people running to the competition, once it becomes available.

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October 27, 2005
The Best Food I have EVER Eaten


I surprised the wife today by inviting her to lunch at Inka Grill. It is a chain of Peruvian Resturants that I believe has locales in the US. All I can say is that this PLACE ROCKS!

I had an awesome seafood salad, followed by a surf and turf, my God, it was orgasmic.

I have a conference call coming so can't say more, but it was awesome.

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October 25, 2005
Life in Costa Rica

005.jpgLiving in Costa Rica is a gas! On the one hand you have beautiful women, like the one's featured on Tia Zelmira. On the other hand you have stifling and idiotic rules that require you to have local bank references to open a bank account, and yet you cant have a bank account without local references... make sense? Not unless you are high, or a Costa Rican Banker!

I have been watching with interest the battle over CAFTA here. The big monopolies like ICE (The Phone Monopoly) and INS (The Insurance Monopoly, have been fighting tooth and nail to keep the agreement, called ironically the TLC, from even being voted on by the national legislature. And it has become a major issue in the upcoming Costa Rican elections. The Unions for the big monopolies don't want it, because it would mean competition.

They are using all manner of scare tactics to convince Costa Ricans that it is a BAD thing for them, and will mean higher prices.

Despite their propaganda and numerous strikes, it seems the Costa Rican people are fed up with the monopolies and the poor service that they provide. A recent poll showed that nearly 70% of the population is for the TLC, and major business publications like CA+ are promoting the benefits to the region.

009.jpgLiving in Costa Rica for five years, one becomes rather jaded. The "Pura Vida Lifestyle," starts to get to you and you just get complacent with the horrible service (My DSL line has been out of commission for a combined total of almost two months this year. My phone regularly goes out and sometimes requires days to fix.

The ICE support people rarely rise above a yawn when service request are made. People have been waiting for cellular lines here for over a year, and I have an open request for a home line for over a year.

In stark contrast when I got off the plane recently in Guatemala, I was able to get a GSM chip for my phone and activate it with a prepaid card in five minutes. There are also tons of choices, including at least three major telephony providers with high bandwidth internet options including WiMax coming in December. with my prepaid card, I was able to secure a phone number in Guatemala, and make calls back to Costa Rica for less than $.50 cents a minute.

So Costa Ricans would finaly get choice with the TLC, and ironically those who are fighting the hardest to keep it out, (The Unions for the Monopolies) would probably see their members benefit the most, as competition would also mean new job opportunities and likely better pay for their members.

But then again, I didn't see anyone in Guatemala who looked like Alexandra. (sigh)...

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October 23, 2005
If you don't speak Spanish....

Here is a damned good reason to learn!


This week's TV Guide, announcing a new TV show called....

Happy Saturday!

Yeah, I am pretty damned happy!

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September 18, 2005
Some Pictures from Costa Rican Independence Day


Apollonia in her traditional Costa Rican Dress.


Elsie does Typical Costa Rican Dance.

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September 16, 2005
Hehe... I did not realize I was that important!

I published an article almost two years ago in La Republica, the number one Business Newspaper in Costa Rica. It was a critique of ICE, the Government owned phone monopoly in Costa Rica. While searching for some information on Cellular Services today on ICE's site, I came across this article. Seems ICE took my editorial so seriously, that they published a rebuttal on their own website. Quite an honor actually, to have one of the largest companies in Latin America, answer your editorial on their own site. It's still BS what they are saying though. hehe...

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August 18, 2005
Why Costa Rica needs the CAFTA (TLC in Spanish)

I have worked in Customer Service most of my adult life. I was responsible for founding the first Call Center in Costa Rica. To me, Customer Service is a religion!

In the debate over the TLC, the most Vocal opponents are Costa Rica's Trade Unions. The Trade Unions have used a Combination on Nationalistic Jingoism and fear tactics, to convince the Majority of Ticos that the TLC would be bad for them.

The truth is that these Unions are terrified of the idea that they will have to compete! They are not so concerned about price. The fact that ICE has existing telecommunications infrastructure, While any newcomer would have to invest in new infrastructure Or lease it from ICE, gives ICE a long term advantage in operational cost, which can in turn be used to provide them with a competitive price advantage! So they are not concerned about being able to compete on price. What they and their fellow Union members in INS ARE concerned about, is Service.

Last year I contacted an INS agent to buy some insurance. I spent over an hour answering a questionnaire and after the meeting waited a week for a quote. Despite repeated phone calls, and a desire on my part to spend money, NO one ever got back to me!

I was One of the first people in Heredia to get ADSL. For the first year I had a few problems, but for the most part, they were quickly resolved, probably more than anything because there were few customers to service. This year I have been without service on my DSL line for a cumulative total of more than TWO MONTHS. I also mysteriously had my ADSL velocity cut to 128k for two weeks, despite paying for a Megabyte. I actually had to argue with ICE that I was paying for one Megabyte, despite the fact that I had had such service for well over a year.

For the last two weeks I have been dealing with an intermittent problem that result in me losing my connection constantly during the day, while the connection is fine in the evenings. Dealing with ICE Customer Service is a nightmare of busy signals, unanswered phones, and being bounced from one person to another, with NO ONE taking responsibility for your problem. I have repeatedly been told that a Technician will come to my home office to check the problem, and they don’t show until we have made repeated phone calls. Saturday morning I got a call from a technician asking about my most recent problem. I told him that it was intermittent and at that moment I was not experiencing problems. I explained that the problem came and went, and that I could not maintain a reliable connection. He assure me that he would look into the problem and get back to me. Fifteen minutes later, the connection went down again and remained down for most of the day. On Sunday, I had a more or less reliable connection all day, but my troubles returned promptly on Monday morning. After more phone calls, more busy signals, more passing the buck, I was informed that my DSL modem is likely bad and will be replaced on Friday (The END of the Week).

Despite having my connection down or impaired for 25% of this year so far, I have never received a credit from ICE for downtime, and currently receive a bill for over $100 a month for the service, about every three weeks. In the US, where there is competition, I would pay about $75 for the same velocity connection, and if dissatisfied, I would simply change my service provider. In Costa Rica, changing providers is not an option, but with competition
, it will be, which means that either those lethargic service people at ICE will have to work for the money, or someone else will take their customers. Like many business people, I am more than willing to pay a premium for good, reliable service.

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August 08, 2005
Special Request - Sticky Post

Grupo Utopia is in a competitive bid situation for a MAJOR project in Guatemala. The project is the kind I am well known for implementing, and will not only be a major client for us, but a major feather in our cap. I believe strongly in the power of prayer, especially when it comes from many people with no direct interest in the results. On Thursday and Friday of last week, the potential client started reference checking on us. I know because several references called to inform me that the call had went well.
If you are so inclined, please pray for our success in this matter. If you are not a believer, just wish us luck and send some good Karma this way. I would appreciate it.

In other news, I have convinced the owner of the second largest newspaper in Costa Rica to start a blog on Business in Central America, a very appropriate time with the passage of CAFTA. Grupo Utopia and I will be consulting for him to help launch the blog, it will be online in a week or so. I hope you will add the blog to your blog roll and help him get some momentum!

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If you had ANY doubt...

About how beautiful Costa Rican women are... You MUST check out this Maestro's work!


Some of the Tia Zelmira models are now being photographed by this photographer, and the pictures are incredibly sexy.

The girls of Tia Zelmira are one of the most popular features of ISOU, and for good reason. One look at the lovely Jocelyn and you know why Costa Rica is a popular spot for single men, or even not so single men... Hehe...

Myself, I have three of my own Ticas, ages 20 months, through 29 years, so unfortunately I am off the market, but as my buddy Boyd used to say, does not keep me from looking.

IMG_1642.jpgOf course a look is about all I get, without running the risk of getting slapped. And my my, there is so much to look at. I have the misfortune/fortune of living in a "College Town," practically within walking distance of two of Costa Rica's major Universities.

Talk about being a glutton for punishment. I cant even go to the local McDonalds or Burger King without getting a major case of, "College Days Nostalgia."

One of my best buddies recently moved to Costa Rica. He is single and relatively well off. He has been here six months and has been in love about once a month since he got here, lucky bastard.

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August 03, 2005

Bush signed CAFTA into law today, and it will be interesting to see it's effects.
I have mixed emotions.

There is no doubt that CAFTA will have major benefits to Grupo Utopia, the company I founded here in Costa Rica. Despite HEAVY opposition from trade unions here, who see the opening of the market as a threat to their job security, the agreement will likely eventually pass. What it means is that that ICE, the local telephone monopoly, and other government owned monopolies in Insurance, etc. will be forced to compete, something that will challenge their records of slow and often BAD customer service. It will also mean investment by high technology companies like cellular providers, that will directly challenge ICE. This is good news for Utopia, as the high technology and wireless market is our base.

On the flip side, I do believe that CAFTA will continue to erode employment opportunities for people in the States, especially in the low end manufacturing sector, as more investment is made in Near Shore manufacturing in Central America, where cost are considerably lower and productivity often higher.

We will no doubt expoit the opportunities offered by CAFTA, and are evaluating how we can best take advantage of the opportunities now. Nevertheless, I can not help but to feel for some Americans who will suffer as a result of its passing.

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July 13, 2005
18 Die in Hospital Fire
Via the Tico Times:
Eighteen people were confirmed dead at press time after a fire consumed much of the fourth and fifth floors of Hospital Calderon Guardia, in downtown San Jose, early yesterday morning. That number could grow, because parts of the hospital remained inaccessible to investigators for much of the day.

Officials have yet to confirm the identities of all the victims, but said it appeared that three were hospital staff members and 15 were patients. The patients who lost their lives most likely were physically incapacitated and unable to move themselves from their beds and escape the flames, said Orlando Esquivel, manager of the Red Cross in Costa Rica.

The fire destroyed 19% of the hospital's bed capacity, leaving 422 beds available for patients. Not all patients were transferred to other hospitals following the blaze: most of Calderon Guardia's services are intact, according to Alberto Saenz, president of the Social Security System (Caja), the government institution that manages public hospitals.

"The magnitude of the tragedy could have been much greater if not for the organization of hospital personnel, firefighters, police, volunteers and others," Saenz added.

According to a hospital representative, firefighters arrived at the hospital seven minutes after the alarm was sounded at 2:30 a.m. Within 35 minutes, 522 patients had been evacuated. The Red Cross was on the scene as well.

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July 12, 2005
Why I love Costa Rica, Reason Number 1,001

011.jpgWell other than the fact that Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful women in the world, I just love living here.

While the rest of the world worries about terrorism, Costa Ricans fret over who will win the Soccer game tonight between Costa Rica and the U.S. My best bud Gregg invited me to go out tonight (I think he feels sorry for me because I have been alone for the last 7 days - hehe..), anyway, not sure if I am going. He has not called to confirm yet, and going out with Gregg can be dangerous for a married man.

You see Gregg insist on going to places where women like the one on the left hang out at. Friendly... very friendly, versions of her. And after seven days alone, and last week's bachelor party... Eh... Let's just say, "Lead me not into temptation."

What I am in the mood for is a good steak, or perhaps some good seafood. One of my favorite seafood places in Costa Rica has a great plate called the "Mariscada," or sea food fountain.

Instead, knowing Gregg, we will probably end up at someplace like this. (NSFW) Hehe.... Not that I am complaining... Much...

You know, the more I watch CNN and the coverage of the Rove thing, the more I realize just how lucky I am to live here. I mean it is ridiculous watching Right Wingers spin the issue. Now some idiot Right Wing Talk show host has decided that this issue is just not important to the American People...

Interesting, considering that at the moment, there are over 43,000 post being tracked on Technorati on the Rove issue, and over 8,000 on Valerie Plame... Seems to me there is a lot of interest pal.

024.jpg I miss my family. It's always nice when they go up to the family farm for a few days. It gives me a breather from my kids, allows me to work late without getting harassed by the wife, and of course, gives me the opportunity to hang with my buddy Gregg until ungodly hours of the morning. But after about five days I start missing them, and the house seems oh so lonely.

The funny thing is, my health goes to shit while they are gone. I eat poorly, smoke too much, and don't get enough sleep. Besides that, I need a vacation myself.

My wife is always ragging on me to go to the farm with them. I don't think I could handle it if I did. I mean ME... without an Internet Connection? It was bad enough when I was working on the project at Pension Santa Elena, at least until we put in the wireless network there. But the bottom line... INSECTS... Yeah that's right, Insects, you ever seen Costa Rican Bugs? Let's just say Spielberg chose Costa Rica as a setting for Jurassic Park for a reason! And the location of our Farm is famous for two things, heat and bugs!

So for the time being, I think I will stick to the city, have myself a nice tall glass of Iced Tea, and watch CNN in my bug free (for the most part), house!

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July 10, 2005
Once upon a time...

Castro, Vanessa.jpgThere was a beautiful princess named Vanessa who gave me her love. She treated me like no woman has before or since.
She was beautiful, sexy, smart, loving and loyal, and she was mine. It was a tough time in my life, filled with insecurities and fear, and she calmed that fear, as only a woman could.
She was simply there for me when I needed her to be. She didn't care if I was rich or poor. She didn't care if I was afraid, even afraid of my own success. She simply made it alright.
She held me in those moments when like a baby I was unsure of my footing. She helped me when I most needed it, and she did so without asking for anything in return.
I haven't seen her in a long time, but I miss her almost daily. We often meet people in life's journey, that make an eternal impact on us. Vane is one of those people. After a long separation, I made a choice to give my family another chance, and our relationship came to an end, but she is still a person who I can call on for anything.
The other day she called me with a problem, and I knew I had to help her. She has never let me down, even once... Even loaning me money (Yeah thats right, even a Baller like me needs a loan now and then - wink -), when I needed it.
But more important than any of that. I know that no matter who her boyfriend is, or that I am happily married (finally), that our relationship survives. Our friendship, the love we have for each other as people and friends.

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July 08, 2005
Bachelor Party

I went to a Bachelor party at a friends last night, and all I can say is Costa Rican Bachelor Parties... Oh My Lawd!

No pictures available. Hehe, I aint Shabooty after all!

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July 05, 2005
Tribute to a Friend

I just want to take a moment to say a very PUBLIC thanks.

Dave, Omar and Gregg.jpg

Ever had a friend that no matter how many fights you got into with him, he still had your back. Well the dude on the right in this picture is my buddy Gregg. He used to work for me years ago at Packard Bell. I did not see him for 10 years, and suddenly ran into him here in Costa Rica, a couple years ago.

Gregg and I fight like cats and dogs. We get so angry with each other, we sometimes can not see straight, but he is one of those people who ALWAYS has my back. He has fed me when I was broke. Got me drunk when I was sad, and been there for me on more occessions than I can count.

So today, after hooking up for some much appreciated Sushi, he helped me out of another jam. So let me just say, I love ya man. And I will never forget the times you have been there for me when no one else was.

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July 02, 2005
New Yahoo Group for People Interested in Business in Costa Rica

I have started a new Yahoo Group for those interested in business in Costa Rica. Feel free to join or to register for our newsletter.

Subscribe to CostaRicaBusiness
Powered by
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July 01, 2005
Doing Business In Costa Rica

Grupo Utopia International, the High Technology Consulting firm I founded five years ago, is expanding operations. We will now be working with one of the most dynamic law firms and other professionals in Costa Rica to offer a wide variety of services to those interested in relocating to, or doing business in Costa Rica.

Services include:

1. Business Consulting, including establishing a business in Costa Rica, or developing outsourcing relationships.
2. A full range of legal services, including citizenship, residency or creating a business in Costa Rica.
3. Assistance with Bookkeeping, Banking, Customs and taxes.
4. Tourism Recommendations and Assistance.
5. Translation Services.
6. Private and Secure Transportation.

We are leveraging over 40 years of experience in the local market to help you with any and all needs related to traveling to or doing business in Costa Rica.

Download Grupo Utopia Brochure

For Costs and Additional Information, Click Here!

For Additional Information, email us.

You can reach David Anderson directly at 011-506-829-3507.

Read More about Grupo Utopia on our Main Site.

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June 26, 2005
Things I miss from Los Angeles

I have been watching HBO's Entourage for the last couple of weeks, and man has it got me Jonesin' for Los Angeles.

Things I miss from LA:

Johnny's Pastrami... I would kill for one!

Citywalk... One of the best places to spend a Saturday or Sunday in Los Angeles, fun for the whole family!

Being able to go to a grocery store at 2:00am when I just have to have something or another.

Watching a movie without subtitles, in a big seat with REAL popcorn and a hot dog.

Watching the Lakers live!

Watching the U.S.C. Trojans live.

Choice in Cell Phone Provider, Internet Provider, Phone Service...

A Credit Card where I can buy shit on the Internet

Having a Real Pizza, Steak, fill in the blanks... Instead of the Tico cloned version of one.

Choice in Hamburger joints.

A greasy REAL Burrito!

The Beach being 20 minutes away.

San Francisco being 5 hours away.

Me and Rogue chillin in Hollywood.

Soul Food

"You buy we fry," fishmarkets.

People who are not affraid to tell you to fuck off.

Seeing a movie the day it premiers.

Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles.

The Original Pantry... Where I was initiated into being a "man in the family," by my older brothers. Before they invited me to The Pantry, I was never part of the Big Brothers.

... where I had my first real date.

Crispy Creme Donuts

Eh.... notice how many of them are food joints... hehe...

Pinks Hot Dogs... Which I saw on Entourage the other night, man does that bring back memories.

Driving up to the Madonna Inn, (The Most Romantic Hotel in California), for Romantic weekends.

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June 17, 2005
THE Party of the Year

If you live in Costa Rica, THIS is where you should be tomorrow night!


This party is being hosted by one of my best friends, and if HISTORY is any indication, it will be off the HOOK!

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June 11, 2005
Costa Rican Word for Today.... GOMA!

Goma=Hangover, and boy do I have one. Went out with one of my best buds Gregg last night. We had an awesome Seafood Dinner at the Princessa Marina, one of San Jose's best Sea Food joints, and then we went and hung out at the notorious Hotel Del Rey, and just watched the action. It's been a long time since I had been there, and there are a lot of changes. The Cafe Style restauraunt is gone, replaced by another bar. There is a whole new crop of girls, and the ambiance is a little different, but its still the same old Ray. High priced hookers, arrogant Americans, and the smell of money mixed with cuban cigar smoke.

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June 04, 2005
Sexy Women of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a sexy place.
There is no getting around it. To the Casual Observer, the place must have some of the Sexiest Women in the world.
What is amazing, is that young or old, it does not seem to Matter. Costa Rican Women just pride themselves in their appearance.
Spending time in Monteverde, I got a chance to see some truly beautiful young women from the U.S. And Europe. But you could see where a lot of it was all about the Makeup!
The Costa Rican Women wear less makeup and have a natural beauty and sexiness about them.


For more of the Costa Rican beautiful people, visit Tia Zelmira.

More Pictures later! He he!

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June 03, 2005
More Pictures From The Bank Assault

A week ago I posted some exclussive pictures from the Bank Assault in Monteverde. I have a couple hundred Megabytes of shots, and since they moved so many of you, I thought I would Share some more.


Police officer just 100 Feet away from the besieged bank. (Click for High Res Image)


Same officer. (Click for High Res Image)


Hero Gaurd in Bullet Proff Pillbox (Note Bullet Hole in Glass), looks on at gravely wounded police officer, and dead suspect on steps of the bank. (Click for Hi Res Image)


Another Officer about 100 Meters down the block from the bank.

Funeral 1.jpg


More pictures from the very moving funeral for the Monteverde victims. In a small town like Monteverde, few were spared the grief of losing a family member or someone they knew in the assault.

Click for Supersized Hi Res Images.

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May 29, 2005
Going Home Today

Well I am heading home this morning about 11:30. Last night marked two weeks and four days in "the jungle," so I am ready to go home. Met some awesome people, had a cool time, and got my mission accomplished, so I deserve a day or two of down time. Wednesday I have a meeting with Credomatic, the biggest credit card issuing company in Costa Rica, and another with one of the biggest and most prestigious private schools here to talk about some projects. Last night I hung out with some exchange students who are visiting Monteverde and living in Heredia,(where I live). I suspect I will see them again. The following pictures will give you an idea of what kind of party animals they are...

Got to get that last drop of rum... hehe...

Read on for the lovely ladies....


These pictures give you an idea of why Pension Santa Elena is so popular with the boys... Hehe


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May 28, 2005
Bank Assault in Monteverde

Some of you may remember the series of post I made awhile back on the Bank Assault in Monteverde. I ran into Erick, an Expatriate Ex-Marine who lives here in Monteverde, yesterday. Erick took some spectacular photos of the Assault, including this one... One of the only existing photos of the Bank Robbers as they actually entered the bank. Erick was in a restaurant accross the street and above the bank.


Click for Larger image.

The final death toll was nine, with many more injured,including the dead robber on the stairs of the bank and the policeman (wounded? on the left), who was attempting to save some of the hostages in the bank.

The Dead.jpg

Despite criticism of the police for readiness and tactics, their performance in my eyes was heroic. Witness this Police officer attempting to go to the aid of a fallen comrade.


Read on for more pictures....

The Police were criticized for Macho tactics in assaulting the bank, but in watching the coverage, I did not see anything less than true courage.


They seemed cautious and concerned for the safety of the hostages.


What amazes me about the pictures is the look on the officers faces...



Following the assault, there were funerals for the victims attended by the entire town and many people from other regions of the country.

Funeral 2.jpg

What touched me was all the school children who attended... Some of whom lost family in the assault.


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May 26, 2005
Live from the Jungle

Okay, so I am chillin' in the Lobby, drinking beer out of a BAPC (Big Assed Plastic Cup), rappin with a dude who is eating two fried fish, whose eyes seem to be following me... Hehe.. (Whole fried fish rocks)! The lobby is filled with the most delicious females you can immagine, but I am being such a good boy you would not believe it.

I need to buy another Access Point Tomorrow, and then I am going to try to get home this weekend. If I do, I plan to kiss my wife and babies and then crawl into bed until I smell something good coming from the kitchen.

I am chillin' down here in the Jungle, and watching my Blog lose it's audience, (Where the HELL are all you guest bloggers?)Hehe...
Anyway, I really don't care. ISOU rocks, all of you who do read this ROCK, and I am having a hell of an adventure.

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Disappearing Cigarettes

Okay, this sucks....

I have bought up every pack of Marlboro Cigarettes in Monteverde, and am relegated to smoking some Donkey Shit mix called Derby Menthols...

Life sucks....

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May 23, 2005

I am a bit depressed today, not sure what it is. Maybe it is the steady downpour of rain over the jungle, or being away from my little ones for almost two weeks, whatever... But if you are so inclined, drop a Brother some love...

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More from the "Jungle"

Okay, so Sunday was a blast. Although I am tired and want to go home, I have to admit that this place rocks in ways hard to imagine.
Last night I was sitting out on the front porch of the hotel listening as two artisans played folk, Jazz and Reggae music.

Sunday in Pension Santa Elena 028.jpg

The Internet cafe has turned into a big hit, especially that it is wireless, with a 50MB high speed connection to all wireless devices. These guys from Belgium were some of the first customers to use the new gear.

Sunday in Pension Santa Elena 004.jpg

Notice that one of the dudes kind of looks like Leonardo DiCaprio. Well at least to me.

Read on for more...

These two girls are resident artisans who sell handmade jewelry at the hotel. They are from Argentina and I love their sexy accents. The picture does not do them justice, they are both cuties.

Sunday in Pension Santa Elena 029.jpg

I had dinner with Erica and Morgan. Erica is from Central California and Morgan is this cute little Canadian who can drink most men under a table.

Sunday in Pension Santa Elena 032.jpg
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May 22, 2005
Did I mention that Monteverde Rocks

It does, and it does because of the diverse group of cool people you meet here. This is Amanda who was one of the people I met this week. She is a rightously cool person, who has helped to brigten up the Pension Santa Elena for the last few days.


Part of the team went offroading today on Four Wheel Motorcycles. I passed... I am glad I did...


I'm affraid I did not come prepared for sloshing through miles of mud. And from the looks of these guys shoes... Hehe... They did not either...


Not to mention butts. Hehe...


Me myself, I chose instead to admire the local sites... Admiring the natural beauty...


of the place... (wink)

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May 21, 2005
Looks like I am going to be here for a few more days....

I am still in Monteverde. Looks like the earliest I will be back is Thursday. Thanks to all my guest bloggers for filling in for me.


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May 14, 2005
Pension Santa Elena Rocks!

Okay, if you wonder why I love Pension Santa Elena, look no further than these pictures.


This picture was taken this morning as a group of students from Ohio finished a week long visit at the Pension. They had a blast and partied into the night with the staff and other guest every night they were here.

The following pictures were taken the other night as a bunch of guest, locals and members of the hotel staff celebrated the birthday of one of the local artisans on the patio of the hotel.

Party 2.jpg

The party included about 25 guest just hanging out, drinking beer and sharing each others company.


I am now using the wireless internet cafe we installed this week to post this blog entry and to stay in touch with you guys. I want to again thank my guest bloggers, and Rogue, for running the show while I am away. The new look rocks.

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May 12, 2005
Bloggin from the Jungle

First thanks to Rogue, Jack, Tas, Dave and everyone else who has been looking after the "house," for me. I am still in the Jungle and will be here until next week. But what rocks is I am blogging from the first wireless internet cafe in the region, which I just configured tonight. I have a busy couple of days ahead of me, so I doubt if I will be dropping in much, but just wanted to offer some love to all of my friends and to let you all know I am okay.

One Love,


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May 11, 2005
Later Y'all!

I am outta here! Off to the Jungle. Will be back next week. Like I said, I will try to post periodically, but wont have 100% access. I hope my guest bloggers will pick up the slack for me.



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Okay, I am outta here....

Leaving for Monteverde tomorrow. Will try to sneak in an occassional post, but I hope our guest bloggers will pick up the slack.

One Love and Peace everyone...

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May 10, 2005
Back to the Jungle

I am off to Monteverde tomorrow for a week of Project Work. Any of you guest bloggers that want to pick up the slack, feel free to do so. I will likely post some from up there, but not much. Start posting whenever you like. If there is anyone who would like to contribute as a guest blogger, contact Rogue via the comments to this post and she will evaluate if your writing style fits into the blog. If so, she will provide you with a log on.


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