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December 15, 2005
The voting is in!


And ISOU came in a respectable 9th in the voting. Considering the fact that I have been too busy to blog much for the last couple of months, I am satisfied with a respectable showing. Thanks to all who voted for ISOU. Despite what is an obvious Right Leaning slant to the Awards, I am happy to be a finalist, and for all the new people the nomination bought to ISOU.

Congrats to The Devil's Excrement, an excellent blog and very deserving of the award. I am proud to be in such good company again.

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September 29, 2005
Welcome CNN/Netscape News Readers

Welcome to Readers of CNN/Netscape News. Please feel free to comment and weigh in on other posts on the blog.

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August 25, 2005
Welcome Cnet Readers
I would have never expected that my little personal reminiscing from last night would have made, but hey who am I to question success. I hope that you will stick around and read other articles from ISOU. Welcome, and please feel free to comment.
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August 24, 2005
Welcome to About.Com Readers

Kathy Gill of, has a great roundup of some of the coverage in the blogsphere on the Pat Robertson issue. ISOU is included in the roundup.

Blogosphere on Robertson
It seems Robertson has struck a cord across the blogosphere, especially in the religious realm. Blogging for Liberty reflects my opinion: "Any minister who condones the murder of a person is not reading the same bible I am." He then calls for a boycott of the 700 club.

serotoninrain writes: "You're giving those of us who actually love Jesus a bad headache." And Alex says: "The world needs Pat Robertson's Christianity as much as it needs Osama bin Laden's Islam."

The Purple Pew also looks at Robertson's comments from a religious perspective:

... Pat's latest statement testifies even further that he is no Christian. It's not because he has sinned. We all sin. But when confronted with his sin instead of repent, he lied, committing another sin against God.

There are some great nuggets in this post, from a wide diversity of Bloggers, check it out.

Great Question at the end of the post:

"Question? Define "becoming a dictator" when you've been elected, 71 percent of the population supports you (far more than Bush) and new elections are scheduled for December."

The truth is, that Chavez has strong support in Latin America. The same Latin America that has been victimized by American Politics for decades. Too often, "Dictator," is defined as any leader not catering to U.S. interest. "Pinochet," one of the most murderous Dictators in Latin American History, was all but installed by the Nixon Administration, and the region has a history of exploitation by American interest.

I don't know enough about Chavez one way or the other to judge what kind of President he is, but living in Latin America, I can assure you of one thing, he is a helluva lot more popular than George W. Bush!

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August 21, 2005
Welcome Salon dot Com Readers - Updated

Welcome to Daou Report readers. Please feel free to comment on the post that the Daou Report linked to, as well as anything else you find interesting on ISOU.

And if you want to read two more interesting viewpoints on the effects of the war in Iraq on Bush's legacy. Professor Bainbridge and Kevin Drum have two excellent pieces on the subject. It is heartening to see Conservatives like Bainbridge waking up to the reality of this folly.

I found these two comments, particularly compelling:

The trouble with Bush's justification for the war is that it uses American troops as fly paper. Send US troops over to Iraq, where they'll attract all the terrorists, who otherwise would have come here, and whom we'll then kill. This theory has proven fallacious. The first problem is that the American people are unwilling to let their soldiers be used as fly paper. If Iraq has proven anything, it has confirmed for me the validity of the Powell Doctrine.


The second problem is that the fly paper strategy
seems to be radicalizing our foes even more. For every fly that gets
caught, it seems as though 10 more spring up. This should hardly come
as a surprise to anybody who has watched Israel pursue military
solutions to its terrorist problems, after all. Does anybody really
think Israel's military actions have left Hezbollah or Hamas with fewer
foot soldiers? To the contrary, the London bombing suggests to me that
it is only a matter of time before the jihadists strike in the US
again, even though our troops remain hung out as fly paper in the
Augean Stables of Iraq. {Update: The news
that Scotland Yard foiled a gas attack on the House of Commons, for
which the Yard deserves mega-kudos, doesn't change my mind. As the
climax of Tom Clancy's novel Debt of Honor suggests (and I still wonder of that inspired 9/11), the terrorists only need to win once. Conversely, the latest news
about that rocket attack on a US Navy ship in Jordan seems to confirm
my concerns: "The Abdullah Azzam Brigades -- an al-Qaida-linked group
that claimed responsibility for the bombings which killed at least 64
people at Sharm el-Sheik in July and 34 people at two other Egyptian
resorts last October -- said in an Internet statement that its fighters
had fired the Katyushas, bolstering concerns that Islamic extremists
had opened a new front in the region." Indeed, the NYT reports
that: "The possible involvement of Iraqis and the military-style attack
have raised fears that militants linked to Iraq's insurgency may be
operating on Jordanian soil."}

I have to admit, I often wonder what some Conservatives out there are smoking, that they can't see the obvious. I am convinced that they do see it. If 2000 was a heady experience for Conservatives who had suffered through eight years of Bill Clinton, despite aggressive attempts to get rid of him at any cost, then 2004, after surviving numerous mini scandals and debunking Rathergate, must have been the greatest of highs.

That Republicans managed to take healthy majorities in both Houses, and seemed to dominate the U.S. political agenda, must have given Conservatives a sense of invulnerability. But the cracks have been showing in the armor for some time now, and it has taken "Rovian," measures to keep the fact of the Emperors Nakedness from the American Public. It must be painful in the extreme to see those cracks appearing, and know that not only did they make a monumental mistake, but that all they worked so hard for is based on a foundation of lies, deception and corruption.

Admittedly, the Downing Street Memos, in and of themselves might have been compelling to those who already suspected the truth, but they were not "smoking gun," enough to convince the majority of the faithful. This is especially true of those who invested so heavily in what they felt was a new Conservative Revolution. They have been rewarded by stark failures on the part of the Administration to propel that Revolution forward, and have instead seen it get bogged down in a morass of ineptitude. For a time, they were able to defend against this ineptitude by making the issue "Liberal Hate of Bush," rather than accepting the realities of consistent and repeated failure by the Administration to accomplish much of anything, except successfully defending itself against charge after charge. Now, with more and more Conservatives beginning to acknowledge the obvious, the spin begins to ring hollow, even for those who once believed it.

Even still, some refuse to acknowledge the obvious:

I honestly don't see anything "inappropriate" about it. Cindy accuses the President of "lying" about several of the reasons for war in Iraq, so maybe these television stations are worried about giving air time to somebody calling the President a liar when its clear to most of us with common sense that he didn't lie about Iraq. But that's just a guess.

Were it up to me, I'd have let the ad run. Most Americans don't agree with the idea that the President "lied" about the WMD's and know that Saddam had plenty of ties to al Qaeda, though not to the 9/11 attacks specifically. This is why Americans re-elected the President in the face of these accusations of lying. Putting Cindy Sheehan up to repeat these accusations again is only going to do more harm to her causes than it would to the cause of the President.

Rob's argument is deeply flawed... First off, recent polls indicate that as many as 51% of Americans feel the American Public was deceived about Iraq. With some polls nearing 60%. So the argument that "Most Americans believe that the President did not lie is intellectually and morally dishonest.

The Left has often made this spin easier, by failing to stay on message, and by failing to present a clear alternative. The Left has also been guilty of wimping out at key times. Those who have shown strength, have been attacked as members of the "Loony Left." Rove has been able to successfully exploit this time and time again by pointing out the inconsistency of the Left's message, while hammering away on the Administration's, even in those cases where it was obvious that the Administration message was a nefarious one. Rove and his Conservative Disciples have been Masters of hammering away on a message until it BECOMES truth, even when it is clear to any thinking person that the message lacks logic.

9/11 was a catharsis for America. Karl Rove and the Administration have shamelessly taken advantage of this to smear Liberals, out a CIA agent in an act of revenge, and execute a disastrous and unjustified war. This administration's legacy will be based on Post 9/11. With information coming to light almost daily on how badly they bungled the so called "War on Terror," and with little else to point to as accomplishments, Bush's legacy will likely suffer. More significantly, he may join Nixon as a President corrupted by his own sense of infallibility.

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August 03, 2005
Welcome Slate Readers!

Looks like we made Slate's Online Magazine today, where I was quoted:

Many liberal bloggers are ignoring the issue. In Search of Utopia's self-described progressive/centrist Democrat David Anderson writes, "To be honest, it is hard to tell where the political opportunism ends and reality begins, and considering the clear cut common sense thing to do, it is not worth me 'researching'. Whatever the situation, pay the goddamned money and move on! ... The bozo who took it is already gone from Air America, and this 'scandal,' only dilutes the message Air America is trying to get out."

With all of the attention ISOU is getting lately, maybe some of our core issues will filter to the top! Here's hoping anyway.

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July 31, 2005
Some of my Ohio Coverage from 2004

Considering Today's Piece on Ohio, I thought I would dig up some of my old archived discussions on the subject. This piece from October 24, 2004, just before the election. More to come.

Stealing the Election 2004 Edition

Update IV: This is one of the fairest responses yet to my Rant... So much so that I want to highlight it as trully progressive thinking.

And thanks to Oliver Willis for giving this some attention.

Also a big thanks to Digby of Hullabalooo.

If Republicans think they can intimidate Black Voters in this year's election, they will soon find it is NOT going to fly. For my conservative friends who tried to pooh pooh dissenfranchisement of black voters in Florida in 2000, or spin it with claims that soldiers voting by absentee ballot were also dissenfranchised, whatever. It is NOT going to happen this time folks. This kind of bullshit will not stand.

Where the Hell is Malcom X or the Black Panther Party

when you need them. Someone needs to gaurantee that people will be able
to vote without being subjected to some stormtrooper who wants to
interogate you becuase they THINK you are going to vote Democratic.

The Bullshit is starting to stink up the whole country now. What is happening in Ohio is an outrage. But this time it wont be allowed to stand. A lot has happened in four years, and part of what happened is US, the troops in the trenches who will not allow this to be covered over.

I am going to make it my mission the next days up until the election to fight this bullshit at every turn, and to mobilize as many progressive bloggers as I can to the cause as well.

So I am throwing out a challenge to progressives everywhere, and to those on the right who care about our constitution, and not just their guy winning. It is time we cleaned up the dirt, and go back to being Americans again, people who pledge every day to defend the ideals of our republic.

Read On...

Pass the word on what is happening in Ohio and elsewhere, and trackback to this post. I will do likewise.

Others Blogging This subject




The Flybottle


Crossposted the The PBA Site.

Okay, so one of my conservative buddies gives me the old, "what for," in my comments section. I was going to answer him there, but I will do it here, so everyone can see it.

I am sorry Marty, but I dont really care what my conservative friends think about this one. I have read the comments from Philadelphia about the rationale for moving polling places at the last moment. I believe the Republican Party official said he was insisting on them being moved becuase he did not want to go into minority areas for fear of being stabbed in the back. Please Marty, I am just as sick of this shit as you are, but I am also tired of the hypocritical bullshit coming out of republicans and conservatives so save me the lecture.

Ohio is cesspool of dirty Republican Tricks. I guess you would explain this:


away as an annomoly as well, right? I like you and Chad, Rob and JT, Kevin, Johnny Walker Red, Boyd, Bo, consider you all friends, but why is it that you can run with the most hateful and slanderous bullshit about Kerry, and its okay. As soon as someone brings this kind of thing up, its lowering the discourse, I am going to call you on it... BULL SHIT.

Why is it, that none of you are concerned about the CIA report that hasnt been released. Or the lies on Iraq. If this country is harmed it will not be becuase some of us choose to question what is going on on BOTH sides in this filthy process we are calling an election. At least I have the decency to point out both sides. Point to me ONE post you have made where you seriously questioned the actions of your party and the administration, just one!

I am black man, one who's parents suffered to win the right to vote, and this is an EMMOTIONAL issue for me.

And when you talk about hypocrisy on NADER, PLEASE.... How many republicans would be writing checks for him and insisting he were on the ballot if they thought he would hurt Bush. No one is fucking stupid enough to even imagine that scenario. I noticed a couple of my conservative friends stopped linking to me a few weeks ago as things started to heat up on the election. I have never stopped linking to them if I find something interesting on their blog. So I really dont give a rats ass, it simply goes to prove you can dish it, but you cant take it. But you know what, you are right about the Nazi picture, it just gives people an excuse to blow off what I am saying. So I have changed it for a more appropriate one with a Link that will explain it.

You said, "What is also outrageous is the fact that the Kerry campaign and the DNC have planned all along to challenge the outcome of the election regardless of the outcome (unless of course they win every state.) Even if there is no sign of voter intimidation, they have as their stated objective to make the charge everywhere they think that they are not doing well. Of course, I wouldn't expect you to write about that. It's your blog, and that doesn't match your agenda."

My agenda is seeing a fair election, whoever wins. Democrats would be STUPID not to be prepared to contest the election based on things that are going on right now. Why do I have the feeling that all the conservative bruhah over it, is a preemptive strike to discredit such efforts should they be necessary? You have the audacity to question my fairness in my blog postings. I challenge you or anyone else to find a blog on either side who has attempted to be as fair and objective as mine. You noted the link to the conservative blog, How often do you see a conservative blog giving the other side via links, it is rare. So sorry Marty, save me the lectures.

I saw my people robbed of their constitutional right in Florida, something that infuriates me every time a conservative denies it. I also saw what happened in Philadelphia....It wont happen again, and if I have to join forces with the devil himself, (a reference to you and my other conservative friends constantly criticizing me for linking other liberal blogs who take a harder outlook on the issues) I will do so.

It IS time we woke up and realized we were all Americans, and part of that wake up call is to realize that no one candidate is worth subverting our constitution or throwing our American values out the window for!

Some Additional Reading

Pierre Omidyar (Founder of eBay) - Requires Registration

Aldon Hynes

Orient Lodge (PBA)

Greater Democracy

Gentle Breezes

American Samizdat

Why are we back in Iraq


Prometheus 6


Loaded Mouth


UPDATE- Via Jesus General who says....
Hopefully, one of the major papers will pick up on this ChronWatch column by Sam Wells where he makes the charge that "Kerry is lying to Negroes about being disenfranchised in Florida."

The Following is my favorite part of the Column:

Kerry is lying to Negroes about being disenfranchised in Florida. You may recall that it was Democrats in West Palm Beach and other Dem strongholds in Florida who tried to steal the election in 2000 by having people stuff several blank ballots in the voting machine at the same time and punching the Democrat Party slate--giving rise to ''hanging'' and ''pregnant'' chads (partially punched out ballots). If a single ballot is placed in a Vote-a-Matic machine, which is the proper and legal way to vote, it is virtually impossible to punch one's vote in such a way as to produce either a hanging or bulging chad; each punch is clean and complete, producing a perfectly punched-out hole. Knowing that they had stuffed the ballots in those heavily Democrat (and heavily Negro) areas, the Democrats demanded recounts in only those areas, hoping that if enough of the ballots with the hanging and pregnant chads were counted--instead of being discarded for being spoiled as they should have been--that their man Gore might win. At the same time, the Gore lawyers worked to disenfranchise native Floridian military personnel serving overseas from voting by absentee ballot on the assumption (probably correct) that most of them would be for Bush and not Gore

Negroes???? Why dont cha go all the way Sam Baby, and just say Niggers, or Niggras as you Southern Boys used to say. Oh I know he didnt... And you people question WHY I am pissed on this issue? A bit of advice, dont come incorrect at me on this one, becuase if you do, friend or FOE, you are subject to get your feelings hurt!

UPDATE III: And now McGehee, a conservative I know from Wizbang, thinks we are drinking Koolaide. You know what McGehee, all the pathetic little insults in the world are not going to matter in this case. Bring it on... This has me so angry, I can barely talk about it. You pooh pooh it all you want. But the we will not stop. I lived in the South in the Early 60's and I saw these kind of intimidation tactics. This is not 1960, and it will NOT STAND. So pass the fucking KoolAide.

Thanks to the Commissar for trying to lighten the mood. And for pointing out ballot irregularities. But Rooftop Report has a logical explanation. It seems that whatever comes up indicating Republican Dirty Tricks, the other side has an answer and points to something suppossedly even more sinister.

And now another conservative blogger has weighed in on the recent court decision to deny provissional ballots. He says....
When you register to vote, you receive a voter registration card, or some other piece of information that tells you where your polling precinct is. Why do they do that? Could it be so you know where in the hell to go to place your vote on election day? Could your polling precinct actually be a location relatively close to where you live, so as to make sure you have a convenient place to go on election day? Yep, that would be about right, except you see there as some scumbags on your side doing this. Sort of defeats the whole purpose doesnt it?

Update IV: And now Paul from Wizbang has weighed in, determining that Democrats are really trying to steal Ohio. Surprise, Surprise Gomer Pyle.

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July 17, 2005
Welcome Salon dot Com Readers!

I just found out ISOU has made Salon dot Com! Welcome to Salon readers. I hope you will stick around and make ISOU a daily visit! Thanks to Tas for writing the dynamite piece that got noticed.

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May 10, 2005
ISOU Classic Greatest Hits - A Special Open Letter

I am continuing to add to the ISOU Classic Section via Google's cache. This was one of my favorite pieces:

Open Letter to the Whales of the Lefty Blogsphere

In reading comments to my post yesterday about Big Left Wing
Blogs linking to and supporting smaller Blogs, I have received some
interesting comments. First let me say how grateful I am to TCF for linking to this post, and helping to broaden the discussion. TCF is one of my favorite blogs.

His strong, challenging voice, is one I respect and admire. I would nothave found him except through another blog that is off most people'sradar, the Legendary Nitecrawler, who's blog now seems to be inactive.

Michael of Comments from Left Field, points to the Daily Kos linking policy,

doubt tell, I am extremely stingy on links. As a marketing tactic,
that's not very smart -- link exchanges are a great way to promote
one's site. It's also not the best way to be a good blogosphere citizen -- I should be helping promote new up-and-coming blogs and playing nice with the established ones as well.
However, everything I do on this site I do for the benefit of my
readers. I've always thought that a short blogroll was of more use to
visitors than an endless list of random names, and for better or worse, that's the rule by which I now live.

While I have set the number of links on my blogroll in stone, its
contents are constantly evolving. I generally include sites I visit at least several times a week, a list that changes over time. So I often add and delete sites accordingly.
So how does a site get listed? Be noticed. Make a stir. Don't
regurgitate the contents of a news story, but provide perspective or
additional insight.

Be clever, funny, original. Get away from the default templates. Get away from Blogspot. Create your own identity. Your own domain. Have attitude. Be self-confident. Participate in the
comment boards at dKos or MyDD or Atrios or any number of other sites
(a great way to demonstrate your writing acumen). Participate in group weblogs like Stand Down or the Political State Report. Don't be
obnoxious or feel entitled to a link. Given my site's readership, have a heavy focus on elections and the political process. And while I appreciate any traffic you send my way, I don't care whether you link to me or not. Or how much traffic you send. Like I said already, I don't use my blogroll as a marketing tool.

Michael believes
Kos's approach is reasonable, and it is in the sense that a Blogroll is a personal thing, and should reflect what we are reading or at least what we believe worthy of reading. Where I differ from Kos is that I don't believe that because a person can not afford their own domain, or don't have the finances or technical ability to maintain one, that they are not worth reading.

But Blogrolling is NOT the point of this. It is supporting a sense of community, and encouraging smaller bloggers to exercise their voice.

Instapundit has helped launch many smaller blogs, simply by acknowledging their work. Many of those blogs who have benefited from an Instalanche, never make it onto Reynolds Blogroll, but he at least acknowledges
their work and their voice. Some of these blogs never see any long term benefit from an Instalanche, while others are discovered by an entire new audience. Where Kos is right is, it IS all about the writing.

I am no KOS, my biggest traffic day was probably 50 thousand visits
in a day, but I have a consistent readership in the thousands a day,
and I have always made it a point to promote bloggers who I enjoy. I
continue to believe that the way to strengthen our voice is to work
together. Appropriating the work of a smaller blogger, without attribution, is not the way to strengthen our voice or to encourage unity.

There is one other thing I agree with Kos on, I don't give a rats
ass if someone links to me. Ah there was a time when I did. But I
stopped caring about that a long time ago. My goals in achieving
notoriety in the blogsphere were achieved a long time ago. I now
content myself with writing what I want to write, when I want to write, and helping to promote other like minded, and sometimes NOT so like minded,blogs that I respect. I don't use linking as a Marketing tool either.

While I will often return a recipiricol link, many of the blogs I have linked to, I did so because they were cool.

Update: Tas makes a very good point!

Update II: Since I don't read Atrios on a Daily basis, I had not
noticed he had responded to the issue with Media Matters using Ron's work without
attribution. He addresses it here. The part that was most striking to me was this:

"I ran this blog a long time before I made a cent off of it.
I never expected to make a cent off of it. I hoped to have an impact but I've always been more than happy for people to steal my stuff. In
the past I've happily encouraged writers/reporters/editors to take
stuff without crediting me. There's still no better way to deligitimize a story in the mainstream press than to credit it to "some guy on the internet you've never heard of." Practically every time that happens it becomes a story about bloggers, rather than a story about the story - whatever it is. It's the collective small impacts I perceive this blog - and Left Blogistan generally - that I'm happy about, not for the most part the "scalps" or the "big stories bloggers unearth." My tendency is almost always to pull back on a story once it's "out there" rather than to jump all over it and try to make it my own. The satisfaction is in seeing the impact, not in getting credit."

Now that may well be true for Duncan, but as he acknowledges in the
same post, he has a successful blog that is making him money. Is his
own feeling about someone stealing his work supposed to justify what happened with Ron? Excuse the hell out of me, but I don't get it. Apparently neither did Tas...

"So is there an argument to be made for credit? Yes, because
when you credit somebody who does the initial work, you are also giving them support -- you are opening the door for them to continue working on a story that they are familiar with. And while Atrios frames the argument as us whining about not receiving credit, and suggesting that we reevaluate why we became bloggers in the first place, it's my contention that this is an oversimplification of the issues. There are more things on the table besides simple linking and credit. I, and imagine most other bloggers, would love to see the MSM rip off our work if it pumped the story out there to the masses. Sure, I'd feel slighted, but I'd get over it. But the issue here is credit and support within the blogosphere, and using that to our benefit so stories don't die. This, of course, feeds into the larger issue of my belief that the left's a-listers are serving as an echo chamber of only those a-listers where other opinions aren't allowed, which gets into the larger issue of who they link to and why some bloggers are left out
in the cold. The blogosphere isn't, nor will it ever be, perfect. But this fact shouldn't be used as an excuse for ignoring it's problems."

Duncan seems to think that "the little people," are amusing:

"Continuing from yesterday's amusing email, there seems to be some amount of general disgruntlement throughout parts of the blogosphere about people receiving appropriate credit and recognition, some green-eyed monster sniping at the "big bloggers," some kvetching about the Koufax awards (the most transparent and open awards process in the universe - it's an excuse for community, people, not the Pulitzers), along with the usual mutterings that your Pet Issue isn't the #1 topic in the blogosphere, etc..."

And gives us this stellar advice:

"While fully acknowledging that nothing and no one is beyond
criticism, that people have perfectly valid complaints about things,
that with great power comes great responsibility, and that the world is not the perfect meritocracy we all imagine it to be, at some point I have to say - get the fuck over yourselves and ask yourselves why you're doing this."

Have you ever stopped to consider that the reason we are "doing this," is because we believe in doing what's right? Or that "getting over ourselves," should be advice that you should first extend to yourself before you criticize someone else. I know Ronnie B. I have seen the blood, sweat and tears he puts into his blog. I have read his LONG pieces demonstrating his willingness to dig and research. While I probably would have never sent that email. I damned sure know where he is coming from. And I have been one of the people who has sent you an email asking you to support a post. Like the one on the missing young black woman from South Carolina. It was not a "Pet Issue," it was asking a colleague to help with a serious matter, that could have meant life or death for a young woman. You ignored it, interestingly enough, every Conservative Blog who I asked to post about it, DID! SO, as did many others, including Oliver Willis.
It was at that moment that you became irrelevant to me. You can have
your tens of thousands of readers, and your paycheck. I blog to make a difference, NOT to make a buck.

You had a chance to address Ron's concern and instead you treated
him like someone insignificant. But that is not the issue here. As long as the big lefty blogs continue to look at themselves as ABOVE the rest of the lefty blogsphere, you will consider to be treated by the Right as a bunch of whinny pansy boys, and we will continue to lose elections.

There is a scene in the movie Patton, where General Patton
is overlooking a battle with Rommel's Tank Corps. As his army routs the Germans, Patton screams, "I read your book, you magnificent bastard." You give some fairly good advice at the end of your excuse for stealing Ron's work. Now allow me to give you some. Read the Right's book, because all the whining in the world does not win battles or elections. Jeff Gannon is NOT Dan Rather... And George Bush is sitting in the White House. Maybe if we had done a little better coordinating our strategy during the November election, the results would be different, but then if that happened we wouldn't have four more years to whine would we, and you might just be out of business...

I personally don't give a rats ass if you ever link me or not. What I do care about is moving a progressive agenda, something we should be more focused on than our over inflated egos... ya think?

UPDATE III: Ron Brynaert responds in the first thread:

"Atrios kind of stuck up for me in the comments but as a
bigger blogger (and a former guest blogger at atrios...who ended up
linking to me a few times) said at a loaded mouth thread...he should
have put that in his post. But I do want to be clear that I wasn't accusing Atrios for not giving me credit. My beef, that day, was with Media Matters (and I was hoping Atrios would be able to help with that...I never meant to suggest that he was partly to blame for the omission) and with another couple blogs that did rip me off (but that's been more than patched up, resolved and forgiven...shit happens sometimes in the blogosphere...the truth is that I'd rather be ripped off by the left than to be ignored once I calm down from the shock of the theft) I wrote that letter to Atrios partly because of me and partly because I wanted the bigger bloggers to understand that there is a problem with the way things are. That we aren't as strong as the right because our big weapons are circle ----ers (i'm trying to be kinder and gentler this evening) and eli---ts. I wanted Atrios to post my letter...that's why i wrote it so over
the top...and I think he did it partly because he agreed to some degree with what I wrote...or at least that it deserved to be discussed...but I sure took a beating on his comments thread and e-mail made serious points that were ignored but it was definitely composed as partly satirical...but still...people are talking about it...making graphs that's awesome. As I wrote in that email and as I've written on my blog, Atrios is
one of my favorite bloggers...though I don't always agree with him.
Us left-leaning bloggers are a stubborn lot...we just hate being
told what to blog about...even if we know that it's something that we
should blog about. Sooner or later, the Atrioses and Koses are going to get the big picture. In order to really get our shit together we haveto make more of an effort to recognize all of the incredible voicesthat are out there. And those links are damn important. (hell...mygoogle ranking went down when I added the PBA blogroll to my blog...but
I don't care...) I've added a ton of links to my blog since the e-mail and I'm going to keep on doing so...nothing makes my blogging day more than stumbling upon yet another unknown blogger who had something incredible to say but hardly anyone is listening."

I thought it important to move Ron's comment front and center, since
his, ahem...Martyrdom on the alter of Atrios' ego was a big part of
this discussion for me. But the story of Media Matters appropriation of Ron's work and Atrios defense of it are symptomatic of a broader
problem that these series of post hoped to address. While there is
something to be said for the diversity of the Left sphere, there is no question that our lack of cohesion hurts us in creating buzz on issues we care about. From a strategic viewpoint, we get our ass kicked time and time again when it comes to focused attacks on the issues. Sitting back making self congratulatory comments and speaking of the "Conservative Echo Chamber," with disdain may make some of us feel better, but they won.... My son asked me the other day what I would do if I had an unlimited amount of money. My answer became very clear to me when composing this series....
Buy every damned Lefty Blogger a copy of Sun Tzu's, The Art of War. It is obvious some of us need to read it.

UPDATE III: Thanks Tas
for linking to this post. My trackbacks are not working right now so I
am never sure when someone TB's. I appreciate the support. If anyone
else has TB'd to these post, let me know and I will give you a TB so
you get the link.

I almost feel like putting up one of those damned posters on my Blog
like Oliver has for Britt Hume, "Still no Support for the Little Guys, Day XX" or whatever. Fact is, I don't really give a shit any more.

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