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January 27, 2006
My Crew

I haven't done any family pictorials lately, so I thought it time to share some pics of the kids... My they are growing fast!

Best Friend.jpg

Apollonia with my "other kid," Romeo the puppy. Romeo thinks he is one of the kids, and is so happy when I come back from a road trip that he has almost knocked me down a couple of times. I saved him from deplorable conditions at a local pound, and I don't think he has ever forgotten that fact.

The Princesses.jpg

My two girls in a rare moment when they are not fighting. Elsie was so long the baby in the family, that I think she sometimes resents the attention Apollonia gets. I try real hard to make her feel special, but Apollonia is a handfull at times, and it is hard to get Elsie to understand that the Baby sometimes needs us a bit more than she does.

Team Anderson.jpg

Many have asked me why I dont post more pictures of Jean Carlos, my son. The truth is that even though Jean is a very handsome kid, he doesn't like to take pictures. Here he is with the girls, watching tv in the bedroom.

And below the fold, a special picture for Rogue, who is Apollonia's biggest fan!

A rare moment of peace, my little diablito sleeps!


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January 08, 2006
Good to see an Anderson Made Wikipedia

I see Anthony made Wikipedia.


What sucks is that with all my nephew has acomplished in his career, the dominant thread in the Wikipedia article, refers to two bullshit claims against him. My nephew is one of the most dedicated family men I know, despite being surrounded by sexy Hollywood Starlet types all the time. I have talked with him about what happened in Tennessee, and it, like the other claim, was nothing more than opportunism.

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November 18, 2005
Home Tomorrow!

I will be home tomorrow. I am looking forward to my own bed, home cooking and kissing my kids... And oh yeah, my lovely wife too!


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October 25, 2005
More Baptism Pictures

These are some additional pictures from Saturday's baptism. For those of you who are bored, just skip to the half naked girl pictures below, or read my political treaties or something, these are for Rogue and Boyd and my Family back in the states, and Jack and anyone else who appreciates one of those powerful moments of being a parent!



The Padre annoits Appolonia's head with oil.


She may be mine, but she is precious nonetheless...


Some kind of blessing, what do I know, I'm not Catholic! hehe...


The actual baptism part...


The Godmother, Flor, lights the candle...


And this one is my favorite. It just says it all for me...

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October 24, 2005
Apollonia does breakfast!

I had a long day today, early morning meeting at my new bank, some errands to run, and then a rush home to finish some documents for the Guatemala project. I decided to take Apollonia along for the ride...


We went to Tapia, a local restaurant in San Jose, known for typical Costa Rican food. We sat out on the patio and Apollonia enjoyed a little Watermelon and Pineapple, while dad enjoyed eggs and pancakes.


I think you can tell from these pictures, that she enjoyed herself! Apparently so did the gentleman behind us who was eating a HUGE hamburger. He he....

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October 23, 2005
Apollonia's Baptism

Hello all! Your missing in action Blogger here dropping in to say hello and let you know I am still alive.
I have been busy this week working on an RFP response for the new call center I am building. On top of that we were planning for the Baptism of my Youngest daughter, Apollonia. For the Appolonia fans, the following are some pictures from the Baptism.

Apollonia's Baptism-2.jpg

I have to say, and as Boyd would say I have no objectivity about this, but I am sure Rogue will agree.... She was beautiful!

Apollonia's Baptism-9.jpg

She slept through most of the ritual, right up until the time the priest poured the water over her head.

Apollonia's Baptism-11.jpg

She was a brave litte trooper, not crying even when the water woke her up. She just grabbed my arm and looked at me like, "Dad, what's going on here."

I am not Catholic, but I am raising my kids as Catholic out of respect to their mother and the culture here, while explaining to them the differences. Jean Carlos has already made a decision to become an evangelical Christian. I figure when the time is right, Elsie and Apollonia will make up their own minds...

And the following is my favorite picture from the set...

Apollonia's Baptism-14.jpg

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September 03, 2005
Tomorrow is our Anniversary


It's been nine years since Lourdes Maribell Calderon Castillo accepted this very imperfect, sometimes impertinent, always crazy creature as her Husband. And while I have not always shown it, I am grateful that she has stuck it out with me, despite those imperfections.

The wild looking guy in the background is Juan Carlos Quiros, one of the best friends, partners and business associates I could ask for, and one of the people who has been instrumental in helping to keep us together, despite our hard heads.

So Mrs. Anderson, this is Thanks, before the whole world I offer it, because without you, I would not be half the man I am, or 1/10th of the Father or Husband. Muchisimo Gracias, y Te Amo Mucho.

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August 23, 2005
Maybe I am weird...

From Ezra:

As for all this talk over guys getting freaked out by the delivery room view of their partner's suddenly giant, bloody vagina, I don't quite see the problem. If you're the sort of guy who thinks this'll haunt you forevermore, either stick near your wife's head so you can be with her without peering up her or stay out of the delivery room.

Maybe I am weird, but for me, the experience of being there with my wife when she gave birth, was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Was it messy, yeah it was. Was it scary, yeah that too.. But it was beautiful in a way that defies description for me. We lost our first child, and I was there for that one too. She was a beautiful baby girl, and I remember crying and then going out and getting high with a friend of mine. Mind numbing, I don't ever want to come back high. My wife was seven months along when her placenta ruptured. The doctors tried, but could not save the baby. When she got pregnant the second time, I was so protective I probably drove her nuts.

The night before she gave birth, I drove 50 miles to San Francisco Airport to wait for her mother who was arriving from Costa Rica. (We lived in San Jose, California at the time). Due to some mixup, her mother actually flew into Los Angeles, nearly 400 miles away. I found this out after spending three hours waiting in the airport. I called friends in Los Angeles and had her mother picked up, and a flight to San Jose booked for the next morning. By the time I got home it was nearly 4:00am. My wife went into labor at 5:30.

Surprisingly, operating on almost no sleep, I managed to keep a cool head and get her to the hospital. A few hours later, her mother arrived from LA just as she was in the last throes of giving birth. It was one of the most compelling experiences in my life, and far from disgusting me, it made me love my wife even more. All I could think of was the pain she was going through, (that part was easy since she was cursing me in Spanish for being so big, and giving her a baby that was huge, hehe). I kept thinking about how brave she was in losing the first baby... How she endured her pain, and the emotional pain of that loss with grace and dignity. And I watched with pride as she worked to deliver our baby.

I held her hand. I encouraged her. I accepted her insults. I coaxed her, and I prayed. And when little Elsie emerged, I cried. Cried like a baby... and I loved... Loved them both. For me, birth is still a miracle, an amazing, beautiful, incredible miracle. I don't even remember any of the clinical stuff. What I remember is my joy, my relief and my sense of sharing something very, very special.

I think the guys who get hung up on the "nasty," aspects of child birth are missing the real significance of it. The beautiful sacrafice in pain and suffering, that there lady is making, to create something they will both share for the rest of their lives...

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June 21, 2005
Party Time!

Looks like my nephew Anthony may be coming to visit me later this year. Just got an email from him and he is wrapping up filming his latest movie, and then will take some time off...


Question is, can Costa Rica handle TWO Anderson's at once? Hehe...

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May 10, 2005
The Trials of Being a Daddy

Never let it be said that I only post sexy pictures on ISOU.

Dead Tired

Not a very flattering picture, but who says The Great Utopian does not know how to make fun of himself. (Wink) You try working a 20 hour day and then tending to two attention loving little girls.

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May 09, 2005
Happy Birthday Mama....
Elsie Anderson
May 9th, 1918 - Feb 1993

You taught me well, and I remember those lessons daily.
I know that you are at the right hand of the Lord you served so well your entire life, and I am grateful that you still find time to watch over us, and give me guidance from time to time....

Your Loving Son,


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