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January 29, 2006
Have you seen Daryl Tyson?


Case Type: Endangered Runaway
DOB: Jan 18, 1990
Sex: Male
Missing Date: Dec 31, 2005
Race: Black
Age Now: 16
Height: 5′9″ (175 cm)
Missing City: PEORIA
Weight: 140 lbs (64 kg)
Missing State : IL
Hair Color: Black
Missing Country: United States
Eye Color: Brown
Case Number: NCMC1034916

Circumstances: Daryl may still be in the local area or he may have traveled to the Chicago, Illinois area. He may go by the alias first name Nicolas.

For more info, check here.

And if you are a blogger, especially in the area where Daryl went missing, please post on this. In the past, this has been one issue that all of us bloggers could join together on. Drop a link to this post or the original one. Please...

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January 28, 2006
Please Donate to ISOU! - Sticky Post

Blogging is an expensive proposition. There have been a number of things I have wanted to do with the blog that I just cant justify due to expense. For all of you who enjoy ISOU, or those of you who have perhaps escaped being robbed by one of the lottery scammers or Nigerian 419 scammers, this is a chance to give something back. If you are so inclined, drop a buck or two into the tip jar, it will be appreciated. I have also restarted my Blogads, so if you would like to advertise on the resurgent ISOU, please do so. Just click on the link on the right sidebar.

Business is going to be slow over the next couple of months, as I finish the project in Guatemala and retool in preparation for a new business model and possibly a new company. Things will be a bit "interesting," during that period so I am looking to cut expenses and focus on the business. ISOU is my baby and I love it. I love the great relationships I have formed and you the great readers who come here day after day. I hope that you will support me in this effort by either buying an ad, or contributing to the cause. Thank you and I look forward to continuing to build ISOU.

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December 01, 2005
I always liked this song....

But this video is so powerful it made me weep.

Hat Tip MiaCulpa

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November 02, 2005
A Good Cause

This is a cause I can join in on. Help out if you can. Regardless of how you feel about the war, helping it's veterans is a noble and should be a bipartisan cause.

I know LT SMASH is a sailor (arr, matey) but Mrs. SMASH is heading up the fundraising efforts on behalf of the Navy for a good cause; Project Valour IT. Head on over to The Indepundit and if you can spare a few pennies donate to their efforts (it helps all services, not just the US Navy).

My good friends over at The Mudville Gazette is heading up efforts for my US Air Force

so I'd really like you to donate money there. I'm a military guy and
gave $25.00 to the cause; I'm sure you can spare a ten spot or

Help out now!

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August 07, 2005
Another Missing Young Woman

Like Latoyia Figueroa, who remains missing, another young woman has went missing on the East Coast.

Her name is Mia Carter.


She is about 5' 7 and 117 lbs
She has long wavy black-brown hair usually up in a ponytail or bun. She was las seen on June 19 2005 in Glenarden Maryland

She has a light mole on the left side above her lip.
If you have ANY info about her please call Megan Battle at:301-773-3799

If you have a blog and read this, especially if you are on the East Coast, please give it some attention. It only takes a moment and could save a life.

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August 03, 2005
She should come to Costa Rica...

She could get a whole new set of teeth for a tenth of this:

From Kevin:
I've always been amazed at the power of the blogosphere to pitch in when a blogger is in dire financial distress. Nearly two year ago one of the first people to come to my aid when I was downsized weeks before Christmas was Venomous Kate. She's been a long-time friend, and is truly one of the good people of the blogosphere.

Earlier this week she was involved in a bicycle accident that left her in need of serious dental work (to the tune of over $8000), at a point when she'd already maxed out her dental coverage for the year.

Go help now...

Anyway, I always liked Kate, so if you can help, do so.

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August 02, 2005
The Outrageous Story of Linda Loaiza

I got this in an email today. These are the kind of stories we don't often hear about in the U.S.. It is surprising that this one has not gotten more attention, considering our Government's position on the Chavez regime in Venezuela:

Four years ago when Venezuelan police rescued 18-year-old Linda Loaiza from her kidnapper's apartment, she was bruised and cut inside and out and severely malnourished.  One nipple had been cut off, her earlobe destroyed, her lip cut off, her skull fractured, and her entire body was covered with cigarette burns.

Nearly three years later, the courts had still not set a trial date and Linda's case was in danger of being dismissed so she held a two-week hunger strike on the steps of the Supreme Court until finally a judge was assigned and a trial date set.  After all that the judge let the man who'd raped and tortured Linda (the son a very influential man who was president of one of Venezuela's major universities at the time) off scot-free, citing a "lack of evidence." 

Today, Linda is still waiting for justice to be served.  That’s why has launched an online campaign -- to make sure that the Venezuelan justice system does not continue to drag its feet on setting a trial date or let her attacker go free again.  

Click here to visit our online action center now.

This April, Linda and her supporters succeeded in getting the courts to reopen her case and request a retrial with the hope of convicting her attacker, Luis Carrera Almoina.  After several more anxious months Linda is still waiting for a trial date to be set.

We need your help to let the Venezuelan government know the world is watching.  Will you help us reach our goal of getting the court to set a trial date by the middle of August by sending at least 10,000 messages to the Venezuelan government in the next two weeks demanding a fair trial?

The incident occurred in Venezuela, but it is representative of the immense difficulty faced by women in many parts of the world when they seek justice in the face of violence and abuse.  Your support will mean a great deal to Linda and to women everywhere. 

Below I’ve pasted a sample blurb about the case and that you’re welcome to use if you’d like. There is also a full explanation of Linda's story available at that includes some photos (some graphic) of her story. 

All of this information, including our online action center, is also available in Spanish at

Please feel free to contact me at this address or the phone number below if you have any questions or need more information. 

Thank you for all your help,


Katelyn Sabochik Outreach Coordinator

Sample Blurb

Linda Loaiza's waking nightmare began 4 years ago when she was kidnapped by Luis Carrera Almoina.  Almoina held Linda, then 18, prisoner in his home in Venezuela where he raped and beat her repeatedly until she was rescued by police 4 months later.  Linda's case was then passed over by the Venezuelan judicial system 29 times and a total of 59 judges declined to prosecute on her behalf!  After waiting 3 years for a trial, the judge finally appointed to the case let Almoina go free! 

This spring, Linda managed to get her case reopened and after more anxious months she is still waiting for a trial date to be set. Join an online campaign at to demand that the Venezuelan justice system ensure a fair and timely trial, free from the corruption and irregularities that plagued the last one! 

Linda's experience is deeply disturbing - both for the violence she suffered and for the corruption and the injustice she has faced in her quest to put her attacker behind bars where he can't hurt her or others.  Click here to join the Justice for Linda campaign now!

Also available in Spanish at



For my blogging budies out there, please pass this one along!

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July 07, 2005
Freedom of the Press in Yemen

I have been involved with Jane and her fight for the Freedom of Yememi Journalist al-Khaiwani almost since the begining. Jane informs us today that his newspaper has been shut down and may be planning to assassinate him. She askes that we click on the link below to write emails to key people with the subject:

"In support of al-Khaiwanii and al-Shoura" or "in support of a Free Press in Yemen" or to really want to annoy them "regarding my cousin al-Khaiwanii" maybe "Waiting for the next issue of al-Shoura" and then send it.

click here

Jane has been out front on this issue for a long time. Do some good and support the effort.

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July 02, 2005
Another Good Cause

I just came across this on MVRWC. A sad story... I believe very strongly in supporting these kinds of efforts in the Blogsphere. So help out if you can.

I've spent a long time since last night trying to figure out a way to report this, but I can't seem to find a way to do it without it seeming weird, newsy, fakey.

My friend Carol, a.k.a. An American Housewife, (a fellow Bama blogger) emailed Tammy yesterday to tell her that her husband had just died. Those of you who read An American Housewife regularly know about her husband's illness, and how she had worried so much lately about it, but no one expected THIS.

There's a Paypal button at her site, if you would like to help her and her children out during this horrible time. Please. She's not asking I am. Obviously, money won't bring back her husband, but maybe we can give her one less thing to worry about.

Update: Apparently her hosting service is having issues and her site has been inaccessible for some time today.

Donations for Carol and her children

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June 27, 2005
Another Worthy Cause!

Like I said yesterday, I dont usually run complete post from other blogs, but this is another worthy cause.

Charlotte Observer/The State

For now, Isabel Jurado walks and runs, plays and laughs like most 3-year-old girls.

But only for now - because if she doesn't get medical help, her world likely will go silent, speechless and immobile in a matter of years.

A day after her third birthday on May 22, doctors first diagnosed Isabel with a rare, 1-in-70,000 disorder called Sanfilippo syndrome, or MPS III.

She needs a stem-cell transplant to block the advancing disease. Duke Medical Center's pediatric bone marrow division has performed more transplants for MPS children than any other hospital in the country.

The problem is the Duke division is not a network provider for the Jurados' insurance company, and the operation and treatment could cost more than $1 million.

So as Isabel's parents, Jimmy and Leslie, negotiate with their insurer, their friends and relatives - and strangers - are coming to the rescue, unwilling to wait for bureaucratic decisions.

A website (including a blog authored by Isabel's mom) has been set up at There is donation information here including Paypal (click on the handprint graphic near the bottom of that page.)

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June 26, 2005
A Good Cause

I usually dont post whole post from other blogs, but this is a worthy cause that all of us should be willing to help on. From Wizbang:

I've mentioned in passing the story of Manuel Gehring, the New Hampshire man who killed his two children, then hanged himself in his jail cell before his trial.

But for some reason I kept neglecting to mention what may be the most tragic element. Gehring shot the children in his minivan, then started driving across the country. Somewhere along Interstate 80 between Pennsylvania and Iowa, he pulled off the highway and buried his son and daughter. But their bodies have never been recovered.

Authorities are convinced that the Gehring was telling the truth before he killed himself. They report that all the details are accurate, and all the physical evidence (the purchasing of the shovel and other materials he says he used to bury them, the overwhelming evidence in the van that it was a murder scene, and so on) backs it up. Gehring himself retraced his path several times with law enforcement officials, but couldn't find the scene.

Terri Knight -- Gehring's ex-wife and mother of the missing children -- has been to the Midwest several times, and is planning yet another trip soon. She's hoping that this time she will find the bodies of her son and daughter, and bring them home for a proper burial.

The FBI has taken a most unusual step. They have posted transcripts and audio clips of Gehring's account on their web site here and here.

Please do the trackback dance and get this story noticed.

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May 08, 2005
Happy Mothers Day!

To all you mothers out there, enjoy this special day. For me, every day is mother's day. Your contributions to our lives are probably the most significant influence on who we become as people.

I was blessed to have a wonderful mother, and ironically her Birthday often fell on Mothers day. Its not the case this year, but I will be thinking about her nonetheless...

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