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October 27, 2004

What the rest of the world doesn't know

By Benjamin Solah, writer of Benjamin Solah's blog

Hi my name is Benjamin Solah. I'm from Sydney Australia and have been invited to share my perspective of politics, from not just Australia but internationally. Basically my view on everything is people shouldn't be treated differently based on their culture or race, or worse stereotyped because other people from the same culture has done something bad. I am also a pacifist, meaning I hate violence. I believe violence solves nothing. This is a bit hypocritical of me, as I write gory horror stories, that can be found at But that is fiction and I am outraged about the reality of this world and how cruel the people who run it can be. Ok, I'll stop ranting, but I would like to tell you all about an issue in Australia that the majority of the world does not know about, this is the mandatory detention of Asylum seekers.

Since 1992 Australia had an increasing hardline and inhumane stance to illegal immigration, all those who arrive illegally into Australia are madatorily locked into one of the detention centres that are scattared amongst the country, mostly in desert areas. The word detention centre is deceiving in that it is really like a prison, the conditions inside are very strict and the centre is surrounded by up to three layers of barbed wire or electric fence. These people don't deserve to be locked up, they are refugess who are unable to enter Australia legally, because the government's they are fleeing are percecuting them. They need protection, some have been tortured and locked up, they are so traumatised that being locked up further leads to severe physcological disorders, including depression.

Over my time writing here, if they don't kick me off for blabbing on, I'll give you guys an insight into the stories of detainees, how they got here and what happened once they are locked up.

For further information you can visit my website and click on the refugee page where there are links to many activist sites.

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