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September 13, 2004

Bill Maher (The Smartest Man in America)

Excerpt From Tonight's Larry King Live

MAHER: You know, the Republicans are so much better at running a campaign. The Republicans get it. Is what you do is take the other guy's best issue and you destroy him on it.

KING: Clinton did that.

MAHER: Clinton did that. But they did it too. What was John Kerry's best issue, Vietnam, war hero. They took that. They took -- Somehow, The other guy, George Bush, whose flashbacks are of blackouts. You know, this guy -- you know, maybe it doesn't matter what he was doing during Vietnam, OK, he was in rehab. But somehow they turned black into white. They took Kerry's best issue and made it a liability. The -- to put it the other way, what was George Bush's best issue, 9/11. OK, I tried to hand the Democrats an issue there because...

KING: How do you make 9/11 blackout?

MAHER: In Michael Moore's film he shows the seven minutes where he just sat there when the country was under attack. We talked about this extensively the last time I was here. OK, even after the movie came out, nobody's really talking about it. Then I talked about it on your show. I talked about it on my show for two weeks in a row. And Michael Moore said, you know, you've really elevated this. You've made this an issue. There as editorials I had in papers. John Kerry commented about it. But then, they dropped the ball. This is a huge issue. This could have been their swiftboat stuff. But I've asked -- the question I asked Republicans if George Bush did the right thing, and of course, they always have to work backwards from whatever he did. Now we've got to figure out why it was the right thing. Sitting there like a bump on the log for seven minutes, that was the right thing. In fact, if he sat there for 20 minutes we would have found bin Laden. But They Couldn't answer that. They can't answer that. And then when they say George Bush did the right thing, you say to them, so if in other words, if you were president and somebody told you the country was under attack, you would sit there for seven minutes? This could have been their swiftboat, but, as usual, the Republicans into the ether.


All I have to Say is Kerry should hire this guy, he gets it.

Posted by David A at September 13, 2004 11:03 PM

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I watch Maher. The 7 minute thing is stupid.

There's not a lot he can do until more intelligence comes in. I wouldn't be bitching if Clinton or Kerry (lord forbid he wins by some freak of nature) sat there for 10 or 15 minutes while intelligence was collected and an actual informed decision could be made rather than flying off on some tangent with no information to go on.

Focusing on the 7 minute thing is garbage. They should be focusing on the enforcement of the southern border as a weakness of Bushes claimed "tough on terror stance" or on outsourcing and how bush hasn't done anything about it.

The smartest thing they could do is get 1000 people who lost decent jobs in different parts of the country and now have crappier jobs and interview them and make commercials out of them, and make sure they're all Republicans with a record of actually voting.

Find some destitute people whose unemployment has run out and that's why they aren't on the books as part of the unemployment rate.

Now don't get me wrong I want Bush to win, I do think things are turning around. There are just a bunch of issues that I don't agree with him on.

The other thing Kerry could do is to actually put forth a PLAN. All I've heard is broad strokes like "I'm going to fix the healthcare system" or "I'm gonna be tough on terror", well that's all bullshit even I could say. Without a plan and being able to see how you plan on implementing it people see through your bullshit (as you can tell by the recent polls that have held up and not bounced back down).

Posted by: Digger [TypeKey Profile Page] at September 15, 2004 02:05 AM

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