Fri - July 9, 2004

End to the Babe Wars.

Time to end the Babe Wars, frankly it has gotten boring to me. There are much more substantial issues to talk about. So I am going to finish my contributions to the War the way I started it, with one of the most beautiful ladies I know. Amanda of Voodo Promotions. I am hoping that Amanda, Todd and Angela, the three owners of VP will be coming back to Costa Rica latter this year.

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Aye Salma!

I just watched Salma Hayek in Freda again and there is a scene in the movie where she does the Tango with another woman, and I swear it has to be the sexiest thing I have ever seen on film. This is One incredibly beautiful woman.

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Thu - July 8, 2004

Some More "Real Women"

This is BloggerX, a friend of mine from the Blogsphere.

She sent me her picture the other day after I posted the picture of Dori. Now I wish like hell the picture was bigger, cause I think she is cute as hell! Unfortunately for you hounds out there, she is also happily married. Now I may not win the Blog Babewar, but I sure as hell win for having the coolest female readers, becuase no one has gotten an attitude about the Babewar being sexist or any of that nonsense, in fact, the comments I have gotten have been cool and in the spirit of lightening things up and having some fun. I would like to add that it has been fun, and that if there are any female bloggers or readers of this blog who would like to be posted, please send a picture, only rules are, no nudes, nothing raunchy. You can send a head shot like Blogger X or anything you want to send. The key facture in selecting a picture is, Can I show it to Apollonia? (wink). Thanks to BloggerX and all the other ladies who have been totally cool about this and supportive of my blog. I have for the most part kept it tasteful and tried to keep it in the spirit of fun. Unlike some people I know. Hehe!

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Let's Just Get This Out of the Way Right Now

Today's Blog Babe Wars Picture

Is she newsworthy? I don't know. But let me put it to you like this... If someone this fine walked down the street here in Costa Rica, there would be traffic jams for hours and probably a few accidents.

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Thu - May 27, 2004

Oh My... Amanda!

Amanda has to be one of the most beautiful ladies ever to grace Costa Rica. Met her a few months ago when she visited with my friends Todd and Angie. She, Todd and Angie will be moving to Costa Rica latter this year. Another reason to come to Costa Rica boys!

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Tue - April 27, 2004

It is Not Often that I Admit Envy...

But I got to give it to my man Todd. When he, his wife Angie and Amanda visited a month ago, I was awed by Angie and Amanda's beauty. Well last night I was teasing Angie about her new pictures on, and she told me I could post one here.
All I can say is, Todd, you are an incredibly lucky man to have such a beautiful and talented lady to share life's journey with.

And Angie, you are as sweet, intelligent and kind as you are beautiful. I am honored to have all three of you as friends, and am looking forward to partying with you guys when you come back to CR.



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Mon - April 26, 2004

Now This Lady is Sexy!

I met Amanda a few weeks ago when she visited Costa Rica with two friends I met on Tribe.Net. Amanda, Angie and Todd spent a week in Costa Rica, most of that time at Tambor Beach. After seeing the rest of Amanda's pictures on Tribe, I kindda wish I had went to the beach myself.

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Sun - April 25, 2004

The New Guy...

Today I watched this juvenile high school movie called, The New Guy, for about the umpteenth time. And I will admit it is all because of this girl. I have been in love with Eliza Dushku since I first saw her in another exploitive teen movie called, Bring it On, about three years ago.

At the time, I could not decide who was finer, her or Gabrielle Union.... Who played Isis in Bring it On.

But to be honest, any movie that features High School or College Football action, Eddie Griffin and a bunch of Funky music, will always get me. As it is, it was a nice way to chill out on a Sunday afternoon. I fired up the grill, and made a couple of steaks and chicken and relaxed by watching the movie with my kids. And After checking out a few pictures of Gabrielle, I am not sure who is sexier. I think it is time to look for that Bring it On, DVD.

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Thu - April 22, 2004

I think this woman is very Sexy

I did not catch the Apprentice. Never watch network TV here. But I caught Omarosa and the rest of the Apprentice Team last night on Larry King, and I think this woman is HOT. Intelligent, well spoken, ruthless in business. If she were a man she probably would have won.

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Tue - April 20, 2004


I remember a time long ago when a 20 Year Old Kid got to sit in on a recording session of Legendary Fleetwood Mac, and how when he got a chance to meet the woman he considered to be the sexiest in the world... words failed him.

Tonight just days away from 24 years past... I remembered that lady, and how she made me feel. I also thought about a phone call I got this afternoon, and how it reminds me of this song. So enjoy, it is my mood for the night. Stevie, wherever you are, you made a difference in my life, and though words failed me 24 years ago, I can tell you now that as much as it was possible to love a Goddess, I loved you. Yours was the voice that taught me to love, and taught me about love. It was also the voice that taught me about the pain that love brings. Thank you...

The Chain
Listen to the wind blow
Watch the sun rise

Run in the shadows
Damn your love
Damn your lies

And if you don't love me now
You will never love me again
I can still hear you saying
You would never break the chain.

Listen to the wind blow
Down comes the night

Run in the shadows
Damn your love
Damn your lies

Break the silence
Damn the dark
Damn the light

And if you don't love me now
You will never love me again
I can still hear you saying
You would never break the chain.

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Okay, This is Not Sexy...

It is pretty embarrassing, but it is Funny. Can you say Bikini wax? LOL!

Miss Venezuela......oops.mpeg

Ms. Venezuela Beauty Pagaent Wardrobe Malfunction

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What is sexy to me?

I was talking with a good friend yesterday about my post back and forth with Oliver Willis over what and who is sexy. Damned interesting conversation.

I have been working on "When it Rains," my novel lately, and it has bought back some great memories. While When it Rains has been fictionalized to "protect the guilty," some of the people are very real, even if the names have been changed. There was one person I dated a while back that personified sexy for me. In fact, if there were a picture accompanying the word sexy in the dictionary, it should be her.

The thing that makes a womanSexy for me is first and foremost, INTELLIGENCE. Why don't I find Britney Spears sexy? Because she is an airhead. Now being beautiful does not hurt. I find the models on the Tia Zelmira web page to be very beautiful. One of the things I love about Costa Rican women is that education is so important here. I have met many Costa Rican models, including some of the ones featured on Tia Zelmira, and found them to be intelligent, well read and cultured.

The second thing that makes a woman Sexy for me is a sense of humor, the ability to laugh at oneself and to not take things so seriously. This is another thing I enjoy about Costa Rican women. Costa Rican's are happy people, and no matter their socio-economic status or how their beauty is viewed by others, Tica's are just beautiful, happy people. I remember one night dining with a friend of mine, and a group of his friends, there were two ladies there who could qualify as Super Models, but they were just everyday people, laughing and joking with the boys.

The third thing is a sense of adventure and an open mind. The ability and desire to explore new things, whether sexually or something as simple as being open to new cultural experiences.

Last thing is being able to be competitive, without being emasculating. Why is it that so many women feel that they have to compete with a man on every level. At the risk of sounding somewhat sexist, to me the sexiest woman in the world is one who feels her power, is confident and strong, without needing to feel that she has to PROVE her equality. I met an engineer not too long ago who was stunningly beautiful. She was also incredibly intelligent, educated and proficient. She impressed me with her wit, her eloquence and her unchallenged knowledge of her field, as well as her ability to converse for hours on current events, politics, etc.

If not for the fact that I am making a serious attempt at working on my revitalized marriage, I would have been quite smitten. Now I have never seen her in an Armani Gown or Swimsuit, but to me, she personified sexy for me.

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Sexy Stuff....

I am always getting pictures, jokes and what not from friends here that are sexy in nature. So I decided to create a separate Blog category for things I consider sexy. The category wont just be pictures but commentary, etc.

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