Some More "Real Women"

This is BloggerX, a friend of mine from the Blogsphere.

She sent me her picture the other day after I posted the picture of Dori. Now I wish like hell the picture was bigger, cause I think she is cute as hell! Unfortunately for you hounds out there, she is also happily married. Now I may not win the Blog Babewar, but I sure as hell win for having the coolest female readers, becuase no one has gotten an attitude about the Babewar being sexist or any of that nonsense, in fact, the comments I have gotten have been cool and in the spirit of lightening things up and having some fun. I would like to add that it has been fun, and that if there are any female bloggers or readers of this blog who would like to be posted, please send a picture, only rules are, no nudes, nothing raunchy. You can send a head shot like Blogger X or anything you want to send. The key facture in selecting a picture is, Can I show it to Apollonia? (wink). Thanks to BloggerX and all the other ladies who have been totally cool about this and supportive of my blog. I have for the most part kept it tasteful and tried to keep it in the spirit of fun. Unlike some people I know. Hehe!


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