Wed - July 7, 2004

A "Serious" Question...

Is Dennis Miller funny?

Question should be, "Is Dennis Miller still funny?" Becuase at one time he was... Before deciding to give the sitting President a. "pass." What the fuck is a, "pass," for a comedian. Can you imagine John Belushi, Richard Pryor or Lennie Bruce giving a President a, "pass?" Especially a President as accomplished as this one is in fucking things up. No Dennis, you are not funny any more. What you are is a butt kissing opportunist who sold out for a seat on Airforce One. I don't know how many fans you lost since, "coming out," as a conservative, but count me among them.

And if you noticed I have been using the "F" word a lot lately. There is a reason, it is to remind you of the hypocrisy of an Administration that sicked the dogs on John Kerry for using the word in an interview with the world's premier rock and roll magazine, and then had it's, "elder statesman," disrespect the halls of the Senate with the same words. So in closing. Fuck you Dennis Miller.

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Ever Checked out the Daily Mirror?

It is a daily read for me. Check it out.

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Wed - June 30, 2004

Scott Peterson and American Justice

The guy is one of the biggest scumbags in history. He was obviously a Cad from day one, and god knows how many women he cheated on while his wife thought he was the perfect husband. Having said that… And Despite Nancy Grace of CNN’s Larry King Live, having already convicted the man, I don’t think Scott Peterson is guilty of anything more than being an asshole and philanderer.


What did he have to gain? This guy was obviously a serial cheater. Does anyone believe someone who is as big a player as Peterson would kill his wife and unborn kid for that Amber Frye? I don’t think so. Because as evidence has already indicated, he was not satisfied with her either.

I don’t know who killed Lacey Peterson. I feel for her family and I feel for her and her unborn child, but the prosecutors in this trial have been reaching from day one, and it does not look like it is anywhere near over.

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Tue - June 29, 2004

And Then there is Afghanistan....

The place where the war on terror was started, the forgotten place where policemen and local mayors are murdered for supporting the central government. Afghanistan, the place where the sitting President dare not venture outside the capital without a convoy of peacekeepers to protect him. Afghanistan, where Ossama Bin Laden manages his International Network and distributes monthly press releases. I read this Blog by Kate at Cut to the Chase, and was reminded of just what a disaster (especially for others), this WAR ON TERROR has been.

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Sun - June 27, 2004

Can Someone Explain to Me...

Why How much money Kerry's wife has, is important?
I thought the Republicans were the one's who always accussed the Democrats of Class Warfare? More HYPOCRISY? Naw, couldn't be? Could it?

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Tue - June 22, 2004

Things I am Grateful For

1. My three beautiful and healthy children
2. The fact that God lets me get up every day and do it one more time.
3. The sense of wonder I still have after 44 years at the beauty of the world.
4. The fact that the ugliness in the world does not grind me down.
5. The friends I have, who stand by me through thick and thin
6. The opportunities that come just when it looked like there were none left.
7. The joy of discovery.
8. Wonderful optimism
9. Love in all the forms it takes
10. The fact that I am free, that I work for me, and that even when it is tough, I know I will prevail through faith in God and the things he has endowed me with.
11. The fact that I can be outraged at Evil without hating.
12. The fact that I can love unconditionally.
13. That I don’t live in the United States right now.
14. That I am smart enough to know its not a Republican vs. Democrat thing, it’s a decency versus corruption thing.
15. That I have learned to be happy, even when I don’t have all I once had.
16. The fact that I can see that I have much more than I ever had.
17. My health, even when I don’t always feel well.
18. My courage, to do what’s right, instead of what is easy.
19. My capacity to learn, and to admit when I am wrong.
20. My capacity to grow, even in error.

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Mon - June 21, 2004

The Art of Compromise...

Glad to see Rogue got to see her movie. Since I bought a few shares of her Blog this weekend it is good to see that she wont be trying to Blog from jail (GRIN).

Nice piece on "The Art of Compromise", Rogue. Compromise is so important for ANY kind of relationship. I learn more about that every day. I had a meeting with a colleague last week where I promised him a healthy bit of change for helping with an upcoming event we are having. Despite the fact that he has repeatedly made commitments for meetings and to communicate better, I thought maybe that if I gave him a nice piece of the pie on the event, that he would make more of an effort. He left with promises to touch base that night, and I did not hear from him again until the next day, almost mid day. I got so angry, I just didn't want to talk any more. Likewise we discussed getting together this weekend, did not happen, and did not even get a phone call. So it seems the compromise was only on my part.

Compromise seems at times to be a lost art. Everyone seems to be all about, "what's in it for me." I for one get really frustrated over it at times. As I get older, my patience wears thinner and my tendency to argue is less. There are times when I just say screw it, and go with the flow just to avoid argument. Maybe I am becoming more Costa Rican (Costa Ricans hate arguing or conflict). This leads to more surrender than compromise and I find myself angry at times over it. Anyway, I have no idea what the point of this post is. Just needed to get some things off my chest. I think today is going to be a successful day, so I need to stop whining and get back to work.

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Sun - June 20, 2004

20 Things I have Recently Discovered

1. Old fashioned popcorn popped over an open flame beats Microwave every time.
2. You can never love your children too much, or let them know too often.
3. No matter what you say, or how much you say it, those on the political opposite will believe what they want to believe
4. Most people don't give a shit about anyone beyond their immediate circle of loved ones.
5. Most people cant see beyond their own prejudices, hates and preconceived notions.
6. Most people's idea of justice is WINNING.
7. People may mean well, but few truly honor their commitments
8. Some people just don't get why it would make you angry to have promises repeatedly broken, especially when they have excuses every time.
9. Despite fear, uncertainty and occasional doubt, I will continue doing what I think is right, even when it is easier and less scary to do otherwise.
10. You never FALL out of love, you just re-prioritize your emotions.
11. Most people DONT share your priorities.
12. Real friendship is something you can measure with 10 fingers rather than a rolodex.
13. Most people are filled with an unreasonable amount of self importance.
14. It is easier to find a reason NOT to like someone, than to like them.
15. The fastest way to win an argument is to learn the art of reason, and relentlessly stick to it, even in the face of insult.
16. There are Angels among us, and you find them in the most unlikely places.
17. Time while limited by the laws of physics, does seem to move faster as you get older.
18. There are some people from my past life that I will never see again, have no idea how their lives have progressed, and yet I will always love them.
19. The ugliest person can appear beautiful if you learn to look at who they really are.
20. I am going to die one day, and the thing I find most frightening is what will I leave for my children?

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Tue - June 15, 2004

Hamburger with Extra Buns!

Had lunch today in that notorious den of sin, the Hotel Del Rey. Best Hamburgers in town, and Oh my God the view!

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Some quick notes....

Argued with a friend today about the value of Yahoo over GMail. He is a long time Yahoo premium member. Unfortunately I gave him one of my precious invitations, now he doesnt want it idiot! (GRIN). Anyway... I just noticed that Yahoo is choking off their new service, I cant get into Messenger or Mail. LMAO!

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Fri - June 4, 2004

Finding Joy...

This afternoon I had the honor of sitting in a meeting that I helped organize, with three of the most dynamic technology companies in the world. About 6 weeks ago I met with some people from Intel to discuss setting up wireless networks in public schools here in Costa Rica. Intel's plant here in Costa Rica is one of the most successful Intel operations in the world. And they have given generously to the country, offering money, training and hardware to dozens of needy organizations. My idea was to offer the help of Grupo Utopia, and our expertise in wireless, to their education initiative, and I was thrilled to find them receptive to the idea.

Since that time, I used my relationship with Cisco, and Sonic Wall, two of the most prominent Silicon Valley Networking companies to arrange a meeting with all three companies to discuss how we can work together to advance the work that Intel started. The meeting was this afternoon, and it was fantastic. It is hard to work in Costa Rica sometimes. There are often barriers to success created by people's own greed and stifling corporate and national politics that sometimes create insurmountable barriers to success. (Smile), it sometimes takes incredible determination here to do good. But today I saw how it can be. The next smallest company in the room today was a $100,000,000 Dollar company, and yet here I was with little Grupo Utopia, helping to plan a project that will have an incredible impact on the school children of Costa Rica. Sometimes there are days when I just don't want to even get out of bed. There are times when, "Doing my thing," doesn't seem to be worth it. Especially when I am dealing with unreliable people, lies and downstrokes in business. Today was not one of those days. Today was a good day. Today was finding joy. Tomorrow will be better, because we are laying the foundation for that day, with days like today.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with great companies like Cisco, Intel and Sonic Wall. It is a humbling experience sitting in a conference room that is probably worth more than my house, with three companies that probably pay more in salaries for their custodial staffs, than Utopia makes in a year. But I felt at home, proud even because what we are trying to do is not about the size of the company, but the size of the heart, and I know mine is as big as anyone in the rooms.

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Mon - May 17, 2004

Does Anyone Besides me....

Think it is ludicrous that in 2004 we are still having debates about who can marry who? Especially with the world going to hell in a hand-basket around us. I mean someone has their priorities all fucked up? I have said it before, I will say it again, so I am real clear.... And I wont even qualify my statement with bullshit like, "as long as they don't hurt anyone else."


The world is fucked up. Many of us are struggling with our Republican Approved Ozzie and Fucking Harriet relationships. If two people are in love and want to get married. Let THEM! I was watching CNN today and saw some of the couples, and to be honest I envy them. I remember when I had that look. That look of love and excitement, happiness. More power to them. Bush today called the need for a constitutional amendment banning Gay Marriage URGENT. Hey George, you know what is urgent? Urgent is getting us the hell out of Iraq. Urgent is getting the millions of unemployed people a job. Urgent is firing Rumsfeld....

Urgent is the need for November to hurry up and get here, so we can plant boot square in your ass and reclaim the white house from your Jihad against the American people. THAT Mr. President is what is urgent!

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Tue - May 11, 2004

You Know...

There is a part of me that wants to be cold and indifferent to the guy who got his head sawed off today in Iraq. But I cant... The picture of him sitting there as those assholes read what was basically his death warrant, just haunts me. The guy probably knew he was in deep shit, but I don't think he knew he was about to get it at that moment. I feel for him, and I feel for his family. And I am angry that we are even there in the first place...

We should not be in Iraq...


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To the People Who Object to Naming A Street After Martin Luther King....

I would like to say, "shame on you. How can you be so insensitive. How can you argue against naming a street for such a great man, etc."

But I wont...

Instead I will say FUCK YOU.

All the excuses in the world don't change the fact that almost 40 years after the man died, some of you still cant get over what he accomplished. So you know what, if I were him I would not want my name on a street where people like you live. In fact, I would rather have my face chiseled into Stone Mountain, at level with the Horse's ass.

And while I am on a Rant based on CNN stories... Did you get the one about the Southern High School that is having THREE Proms, A Black one, a White one and a Latino one. Nice huh... You getting all this Joe Taylor .... See I am sure that the Black and Latino Students who were asked, "what don't you get about this is a White prom?" Would be real impressed with your thesis about race in America. I just loved little Cornelia or whatever the hell her name was, from the White Prom Comitee's response to questions about the segregated Prom. "This is the way it always has been...." Yep and they used to hang black men from trees too honey, you wanna bring that back?

Man, the last couple of days have just pissed me to NO Fucking end.

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Sun - May 2, 2004

My 1000th Post!

I thought for about a week about what I would say in this post. I decided I would try to post my favorite 10 Post from the last 999. Difficult decision, but here goes:

The Fuck You Awards
Shame on You Collin Powell
People Who's Asses I would Like to Kick Today
Janet and The Super Bowl
Phaedrus Wisdom Via Kos (Bush the Flip Flopper)
Oh Yeah Almost Forgot
Is Michael Jackson a Black Man?

There are many others that could have made the list, but these are the ones that stand out. Let me know what your favorite is.

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Sat - May 1, 2004

You Can make a Difference

I was watching CNN today when they talked about this young man and his mission. You can make a difference. If we all took the example of this person and just tried to do ONE thing in our lives that would make a difference in making the world a better place, can you imagine what we could accomplish?

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Mon - April 26, 2004

Angie Just Saw the New Pictures on Tribes....

All I can say is DAYUM!
Lady if you were any sexier they would have to pass laws to prevent traffic accidents!
Todd, you are my Hero!

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Sun - April 25, 2004


Is it just me, or don't you find it more than hypocritical the Conservatives attacks on Kerry for his post Vietnam peace activism, especially considering the fact that Jr. Still hasnt released all of his records. Congressman DeLay claims minorities kept him out of vietnam, Limbaugh had too bad a case of hemroids or some shit like that. Cheney and Rove also managed to avoid going to Vietnam. So go figure why they would be stupid enough to question Kerry's military record. Now tis strategy has already backfired on them when Kerry released all his records. Now they're trying to paint him as either a.) Hanoi Jane, or b.) a self proclaimed war criminal.

A bit of advice....

Give it up boys, you only draw attention to your own cowardice by trying to paint Kerry as anything less than the hero he was.

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Sun - April 4, 2004

Quote I like

"All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act out their dream with open eyes, to make it possible."

T.E. Lawrence
Lawrence of Arabia

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Why is it some people can never admit it when they are wrong? I have always heard that men were more that way than women, but my experience has been that women are more dogmatic about it than men. Especially in dealing with men they are in a relationship with, or have had one with. I have to admit that there was a time I was that way. But I believe I have come a long way in my personal development in the last few years.

Personally I think it is a question of self confidence.

I just don't give a shit anymore about being right all the time. However I will admit, that when I think I am right, I will more likely these days seek supporting documentation of my arguments, than base it on emotion alone.

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