A "Serious" Question...

Is Dennis Miller funny?

Question should be, "Is Dennis Miller still funny?" Becuase at one time he was... Before deciding to give the sitting President a. "pass." What the fuck is a, "pass," for a comedian. Can you imagine John Belushi, Richard Pryor or Lennie Bruce giving a President a, "pass?" Especially a President as accomplished as this one is in fucking things up. No Dennis, you are not funny any more. What you are is a butt kissing opportunist who sold out for a seat on Airforce One. I don't know how many fans you lost since, "coming out," as a conservative, but count me among them.

And if you noticed I have been using the "F" word a lot lately. There is a reason, it is to remind you of the hypocrisy of an Administration that sicked the dogs on John Kerry for using the word in an interview with the world's premier rock and roll magazine, and then had it's, "elder statesman," disrespect the halls of the Senate with the same words. So in closing. Fuck you Dennis Miller.


Posted: Wed - July 7, 2004 at 09:06 PM       |