Thu - July 8, 2004

My Babies are gone For a Week!

I dont know how I am going to be able to survive being without this one for a week!

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Wed - June 30, 2004

The Only Way This One will go to Sleep

Is if Daddy puts her to sleep. In this case, Daddy lost the battle and ended up sleeping first.

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Sun - June 20, 2004

Fathers Day...

We went out as an extended family today, mama, daddy, grandma and the kids... As I sat and watched my kids play I was struck with this overwhelming emotion. Love, pride, happiness. it happens every day with me... Every-time Apollonia gives me one of those big toothless 6 month old grins, or laughs with pure, careless joy, I am reminded of the blessing it is to be a father. I never imagined in my pre-fatherhood days, what this would feel like.

So much has passed. The death of one of my previous children due to premature birth, the nicks and scrapes Jean, Elsie and Apollonia have suffered in reaching 12 years, six years and six months... How I suffered with each little hurt they suffered. The joy I feel when they are happy. It is incredible how one grows after fathering children. Perhaps that is why I can NEVER understand those who shirk the responsibilities of fatherhood. I have a close friend who has not seen his children in years. Recently he was hit with a bill for years of back child support. While I am doing everything I can to help him, I cant imagine how he could have let it get to this point. He has a new set of kids with his current lady, and to see him with those children you would think he was the perfect dad. And yet he has two others who have grown up without his emotional or financial support. For him, love for the kids seems to be tied into love for the mother. Since he hates his ex-wife, he has lost touch with his kids.

There was a time when I HATED my wife, when we were going through a period where a s simple phone call became all out war, and yet I never forgot my kids, never forgot my responsibility to love and support them. There have been times when life was a struggle. There have been times when I did not eat for days, so that my children could. My kids never knew this. Perhaps one day they will, but whether they do or not, they will always know that I love them and that THEY are first in my heart and my priorities. This was my OFFICIAL day, but in reality, every day is father's day for me. Every day that I get to love them and they me.

To all the papas out there, take a moment to realize how lucky you are....

Happy Fathers Day!

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Sun - May 30, 2004

My Wife and Daughters are Back

And the first thing that happens is my six month old gives me a big grin that would melt the coldest heart. I am indeed a lucky man.

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Sat - May 29, 2004

Well I guess the Idea of A Father and Son Day was just too Idealistic

My son abandoned me this morning to hang out in Heredia and now he is gone to a friends house. So I guess he did no share my excitement about getting to spend a day with pops.

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Well My First Night Out on the Town in Months is Over...

And I was home before midnight, my life has certainly gotten boring. Hehe. Now I have the rest of the weekend to spend some quality time with my son.

This is my good looking 12 Year Old Jean, and he is spending the weekend alone with Dad. Since it is rainy season, we probably wont be going out tomorrow, but I plan to just hang out with him and rap. We need some Father and son time, and he decided to stay with me this weekend while his mom and the kids go to our little farm up North on the Nicaraguan border.

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Tue - May 18, 2004

Things That Really Piss Me Off

So when I get up this morning my wife has already left, with the baby. Not surprising since she can not watch TV or do anything at home with the power off, but this is the second time in two weeks she has done it and not told me where she was going or left a note. Now lets look at some hypotheticals here. Lets say something happens with one of the kids at school, an emergency... I have no way of contacting her and letting her know. Likewise if something happens to her in the street, I will not know, since I don't even know where she is. Sometimes being married is a pain in the ass.

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Mon - May 17, 2004

Apollonia The Speed Demon

As you can see from this picture snapped with my Camera Phone, Ms. Apollonia has a new vehicle. It is the latest in Sports Coupe walkers, and while her first tenative attempts at "driving," were limited to horizontal motion, she has now mastered forward motion, and she is a reckless driver if there ever were one.

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Fri - May 7, 2004

Weekly Photo of Apollonia

A Very Happy Apollonia

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Sun - May 2, 2004

An Open Letter to the Star of the Family

To my Famous Nephew Anthony Anderson:

A couple of years and a lot of movies ago I visited you in your humble apartment in Burbank. That was before the co-staring rolls in successful movies and the TV show. I remember you telling me how you always looked up to me and admired me. I remember how proud I was of you then, and how proud I am of you now.

While the semi-autobiographical bullshit about "All About the Anderson's," irritates me at times, as does the bullshit in your Bio. I am still proud of you. But I got a word for you homey. The ride down can be just as fast as the ride up. I realize your Real Daddy, the one who drove trucks and a street-sweeper for the city of Los Angeles was and is an asshole, but there are some people who share your name who have always wished you well and been a supporter of yours.

Read On....

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Apollonia and Her "Brothers"

Well we went into the bedroom tonight and found this scene.

Seems our two kittens Smokey and Big Head really love being close to the baby. I did some research on the internet and found out that the stories of cats being dangerous to babies is mostly an exaggeration, but to play it safe (bacteria and all), we wont let them sleep with her. (Smile).

Read On...

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Tue - April 20, 2004

Had a Great Time Tonight...

Watching a DVD of "Return of The King," with my son. Observation... The movie was too damned long, and the ending was about 30 minutes longer than it had to be.

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My Other Children

I guess I am a Cat Person more than a Dog Person, and I always seem to have a house full of them.

Princess and Her Brood

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Thu - April 15, 2004

Looking for Advice on a Baby Issue

Apollonia is not sleeping well. She sleeps very little at night, and takes a few short (I mean very short), naps during the day. As a result she can be irritable, and her mom is not getting much sleep at all, which is leading her to be quite irritable. Even scarier I have seen her lose her temper with the baby a number of times recently, and I am concerned that with the lack of sleep and stress, that she may hurt the child one day when I am not here.
Does anyone have any tips on safe and natural ways to help the baby to sleep. We have tried the bath before bedtime thing, and a number of the usual techniqes, but nothing seems to work. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Sat - April 10, 2004

My Babies will be Back Tomorrow!

I have missed them more than I imagined. But I know they had a great time this week. Elsie and Jean are both great riders, and I know they enjoyed riding at the farm and just enjoying nature. Where there were is usually much hotter than the capital, so knowing how hot it has been here this week, I am sure it was suffocating up there. I have been parboiled this week. But I enjoyed the solitude.

I talked with Maribell yesterday, and it seems Apollonia has missed her daddy. I have so missed my little Monster, I don't even have the words to describe it. I am going out tonight, but I think I will get the rest of my work done in the morning so when they get home late tomorrow afternoon I can dedicate the entire evening to them.

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Thu - April 8, 2004

Okay, I admit it....

Solitude is NOT all its cracked up to be! I miss my baby!

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Sun - March 28, 2004

My Girls...

I love my Palm Zire 71. It's small enough that I can carry it with me all the time, and I get the funniest candid shots with it. Apollonia is a natural for the camera, and every now and then I get one like this one where she appears to be having an in depth conversation with her sister.

Apollonia Explains a Few Things to Her Big Sister Elsie!

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Thu - March 25, 2004

I Live for Her...

Don has inspired me tonight. Just thinking about the important things in life.... And you know what, when I think of this one and my two others, none of the political bullshit seems to matter. Also I heard some people don't like to visit a blog with music and shit that slows the page loads. Most of the people who I have heard it from are, "ladies that lunch," and otherwise sit on their ass most of the day, so don't like it, skip it. I really don't think it is going to matter a lot whether you visit ISOU or not. Mwwwwwah! That was the sound of a big kiss sent your way, just in case you didn't get it.

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Wed - March 17, 2004

Arms Disease

There is a phrase in Spanish that literaly translates into "Arm's Disease," and it refers to a Baby who is always crying if she is not in her Mothers arms. Apollonia has been stricken with that disease for sometime now, and ad to that "I miss Daddy Disease." We found out something yesterday that is very interesting. Apollonia will stop crying if she hears my Voice. So now when she is crying or upset, my wife just calls me and as you can see above. It works.

Read On for a BEFORE Picture.

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Sun - February 15, 2004

For Fans of Apollonia's Macintosh Series!

You can see the Entire Series Here .

Not bad for a Two Month old. (Wink). Its in the Blood.

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