Fri - July 9, 2004

If you Have Never Read Nitecrawler, You Are Missing Out

Nitecrawler was one of the first Blogs I started reading on a regular basis, and it is a daily read through my RSS reader, one of the few Blogs that I have added. Don Fox is one of the coolest people I know, and if you have not read him, give it a look. If you are liberal you will NOT be disappointed. If you are a RIGHTY, you are guaranteed to be pissed off. The man is profound, intelligent and writes the way I wish I could.

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Well... I was gonna end the Babe Wars... I really Was!

Until one of my favorite Bloggers and an old friend. Sent me her picture, and since she is so cute and all... I just had to post her picture. Thanks Rogue.

And yeah, in my eyes, you are a babe. Maybe I need to create a new category. Babe Bloggers?

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Just Finished Reading a Couple of Conservative Blogs

I just finished reading a couple of conservative blogs, not the usual suspects that I enjoy like Wizbang and the Commissar. I try to avoid reading the others as they have an impact on me after a while. I find myself wanting to goosestep, ignore logic, and my head starts gravitating towards my ass. The popping sound you just heard was me pulling my head out of my ass after 30 minutes of that crap.

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Thu - July 8, 2004

Wassef Ali Hassoun victim or Scammer?

This just posted on Wizbang:

WASHINGTON (NBC) - Marine Cpl. Wassef Ali Hassoun, who went missing in Iraq more than two weeks ago, has turned up at the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon, the Pentagon and State Department said Thursday. He was said to be in good health and the State Department said he was talking with U.S. officials. "We were able to go get him," State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said, without elaborating. Earlier a Marine spokesman confirmed an NBC News report that the Navy is investigating whether Hassoun's disappearance might be part of a kidnapping hoax. "It would be fair to say they're not ruling that out,"said Maj. Nat Fahy, adding that the investigation by the Navy's Criminal Investigative Service is still being treated as missing person investigation.


Kevin and I were talking about this yesterday. In my gut, I feel that the young man is innocent. I hope that all the Blogs will show as much restraint as Kevin has, and let the Navy conclude its investigation.

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Wed - July 7, 2004

Some Things Piss Me off More than Others

The Conservatives attempts at attacking Langston Hughes is one of them. Thanks to Oliver for what he said. It needed to be said. Its easy for some whitebread conservative who has never had to deal with the things Langston Hughes dealt with, to be critical of his Communist leanings. But then they dont understand or wont acknowledge the context of his beliefs. In Langstons time, the Communist Party was one of the few organizations that joined African Americans in their struggle for freedom and equality. How many blacks fought in World War II, with the Utopian dream of coming how to a changed country, only to be lynched in Uniform. PLEASE... The difference between Oliver and I, is I would not give these overblown airbags who think their Blog makes them some sort of celebrity the respect of a response! I prefer to Let Langston himself respond.

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Looks Like Debra Lafave is Busted!

This from Wizbang:

UK based News Of the World has the scoop on Debra Beasley Lafave, her 14 year old lover, and this bombshell:

Officers then listened in as the boy made two staged phone calls to his teacher. In one he is said to have asked that as they'd had sex three times did he need to wear a condom. She is said to have replied: "That should be the least of your worries."

Sounds like they've got her dead to rights.


The post goes on to describe Lafave's legal strategy. Kevin, being the wily individual that he is, is probably sneaking this into the Blog Babewars. It of course will not work, as two can play at that game. (WINK). Debra is a babe, I will admit it.

Still the only thing I find really newsworthy about this is that she got caught. I really feel for her husband though. Any guy who gets cuckold by a 14 year old, must be considering jumping off a bridge. This Marriage has about as much chance of lasting as Brittney's latest.

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Interesting and Unfortunately Common Conservative Opinion on FL 2000

Virtual Pundit writes:

I was reading an entry on Ameican Pundit and I thought that once again you can tell a person's position by their interpretation of events. The 2000 Florida recount was brought up with the "proof" that Bush stole the election. Perhaps someone should set the record straight. The only thing that the recound data conclusively proves is that the system has deep flaws.
This we agree on, a system is deeply flawed that allows this.


The four options to choose the president were: Bush winning and us not knowing how close it really was in the absence of a recount; Bush winning after Gore got the recount he asked for; Bush winning after Gore got the recount that the Florida Supreme Court ordered; or Gore winning but looking like a whiner because he had to ask for extra rounds of recounts. The recount strategy that Gore asked for would have had him losing by 225 votes. The recount ordered by the Florida Supreme Court had Gore losing by more than 400 votes. A full recount in the entire state - which Gore did not ask for - would have made Gore the winner by between 42 and 171 votes and looking like a crybaby for asking for extra recounts until he won.

So let me get this straight. Gore looks like a crybaby for demanding justice?

So the only thing that really went right in the 2000 elections is that the american people did not revolt just because they did not happen to like the election results. What would be better is if everyone would quit whining and accept the fact that we are where we are. Let's just fix the system and let the losers try to win next time and let the winners try not to lose again.


Eh... Huh?
Okay lets recap....
Gore lost.
Gore Might Have won if he had insisted on seeing a statewide recount.
Gore was a REAL Man for not demanding a statewide recount...

Somewhere in there the fact that the Supreme Court ignored a return to Jim Crow and s-elected a President, is lost.
Go figure...

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Yeah, it IS the Economy

I have been having an interesting debate with some of the conservatives at Wizbang over a piece Kevin wrote yesterday. I admire Kevin for his even handedness, but some of his readers need to get out of the Spin Cycle. Check out comments to see what I mean. In the Interim, P6 and Phaedrus give us some interesting perspective on the subject of the economy.


I am not an economist, don't even pretend to understand all the complexities of economics. And I also don't blame bush 100% for the economic mess we are in. But conservatives seem to want to have it both ways. On the one hand Bush is not responsible for the recession, on the other he is responsible for the so called recovery. It blows my mind how some people can spin, on both sides. Having said that, I argue, and some of the data would seem to support my argument... That Bush would be wise NOT to run on the economy. Because to those without jobs and those who have seen their real earning potential shrink during his watch, his claims of a super economic rebound will ring hollow.

Here is an interesting Statistic for you... Unemployment among African American men is 10.1 Percent.

None of the statistics take into account so called Discouraged Workers.
This article discusses the issue in some detail, and the number of these workers is potentially significant enough to have an impact on the election. To those people, and to those who have seen their salaries cut and opportunites dry up, claims of a great economy are going to ring hollow indeed.

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Tue - July 6, 2004

The Commissar Joins The War

I noted this post on Politburo Diktat... Seems the Commissar is trying to sneak into the Babe War. Heads up Kevin and Rick. Considering Kevin's mantra about keeping it newsworthy. I just thought I would mention that Halle Berry is Now single.

Halle is one of the most beautiful African American women on the Planet, and one of the sexiest girls ever to grace a James Bond movie. You doubt me? Read On...

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Mon - July 5, 2004

Now I Realize... Kevin Is Seeking The High Road

with this post. Attempting to sneak a Babe in on us, and under the radar. Studying SEAL Tactics and whatnot seems to have paid off for the Master Wizbanger, but it wont work Kevin. I know you are seeking to justify your "babe-attude with newworthiness... Alas, I will determine what is newsworthy in that place called Utopia, BUT.... I have been itching to write a review of of the movie Frida, starring Salma Hayek. I am sure you guys dont know who Salma is, so I am forced to publish these pictures.

Read On for the Review!

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Corp. Wassef Ali Hassoun - The Story Continues

July 5th

Wizbang is reporting an Al Jazeera story, which is also being reported on CNN, that Ali Hassoun has been "sent to a safe place."

The Usual Talking Pages have weighed in with Opinions (Trackbacks to Wizbang):

Boots and Sabers-Marine Hostage
My Pet Jawa-Wassef Ali Hassoun Still Dead
Brain Shavings-Wassef Ali Hassoun dead or not?
Outside the Beltwa-Report: Hassoun Alive
Our Life-Cpl. Wassef Ali Hassoun is in "a place of safety"

I said it before and I will say it again. I think we should just leave this alone until there is a conclusion. Only this time I am going to be a bit more forcefull about what I have to say, especially since those whom I am pointing out in this post are big boys, and have no problems letting loose when something outrages them.


I am not a veteran. Have never served one day in the military. I have been honored to have as friends some truly brave souls who have. Three of my Best friends were Marines in Desert Storm, one of my Lodge Brothers was a Recon Marine in Vietnam, and my own Older Brother was Air Cav in Nam. When they give me an opinion about Iraq or Afghanistan, I tend to listen and respect their points of view, as WARRIORS. I also respect it when I read something from Black Five.

But it really pisses me off when I read some of the armchair quarterbacks in the Blogsphere who as much as call this young man a traitor when they have not as much as picked up a bb gun! Where the fuck do you get off. I believe Black Five would probably agree with me on this. This guy was a Marine, and whatever happened to him since this whole thing began, he was a fighter. He more than likely killed some people for his country. One thing is certain, whatever the fuck he has done now, he has still done 100% more for the country than the average candy assed blogger who is sitting on their ass in the comfort of their home offering an opinion that frankly don’t mean squat in the general sense of things.

This guy MAY be a deserter. He may have been lured away by love or what he thought was love. He may have just grown tired of killing or people trying to kill him, whatever his reasons, NONE of us is in a position to judge him, and I think it is pretty fucked up that people are sitting around doing so.

Me… I have said for days we should leave this alone. Let the thing run its course, and the military do their job. Instead everybody wants to be MATT FUCKING DRUDGE, well sorry folks but you ain’t MFD! In fact the majority of you have been WRONG several times already on this, so give it a rest! I have a sneaking suspicion that part of this is about the kid being Muslim, so automatically he is somehow suspect. WELL FUCK YOU VERY Much, he was Muslim when he went to Iraq, and Muslim every time he pulled the trigger, but he was also a Marine, so for now, why don’t all of you who are so quick to judge him give him the same benefit of the doubt you would give any other AMERICAN…

What amazes me is how mercenary my fellow Bloggers can be. Some jump all over this shit because they want the hits, they don’t give a shit how it may impact the family, friends or even fellow Marines. I want to hear how this kids squad mates felt about him. Was he dependable. Did he have their back in a firefight, was he an honorable man. Something I haven’t heard anything about. One thing is for sure, I am not going to comment about the young man until his status is clear, and that means the Untied States Marine Corp tells us. Until then, all this speculation is MOSTLY just that… Speculation, by a bunch of people who many not have ever served a day in their life. Get mad at me if you want, I could care less, but you should be ashamed, if you aren’t, then perhaps your success at Blogging has convinced you that you are FAR more than you really are. In my mind ANY Marine who serves or has served this country is a HERO, until proven otherwise. YOU??? You are a blogger. Get over it!

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Finaly Got arround to Reading the Time Magazine Blog story

Interesting and unimaginative who they chose to profile. While there is no question about the credentials of the Ubber Blogs they chose to profile. I can think of a dozen that probably would have made more interesting stories. Must be true that a majority of people hit the blogs from work, I have only gotten 500 hits today, slow for a Monday.

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Looks Like I will finaly be able to see F-9/11

I had heard this from a friend this morning, now confirmed by Netpolitik, you can Download F-9/11 over P2P Networks, I am doing so even as I write this. As a side note, Michael Moore also started a blog. Lets show hims some Bloggie Love!

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Happy Anniversary Bikini

The Bikini turned 58 today, and men all over the world are thanking Designer Luis Reard. Thankfully, Costa Ricans have been big proponents of the art form, destroying any hope that Kevin or Rick have of winning the Blog Babe wars. Even now, faithful supporters of ISOU are also sending me dozens of pictures to include in ISOU's arsenal, unfortunately many of these pictures are a bit too explicit to include on the Blog. While I may be guilty of a preemptive strike in starting this war. And while I am sure that my own version of Shock and Awe, are wearing down the enemy. I will not violate the "Bikini Conventions" by going nude.

So without further ado.... "Fire in the hole!"

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Sun - July 4, 2004

I'm Giving Her All I Got Captain!

The latest shots from Kevin and Rick knocked our Warp Drives off for a few minutes, but we have repaired the damaged, modulated the frequency of our shields and are firing back. In the Spirit of Patriotism. I present the person who should have won Governor of California!
May I present Her Honor, Mary Carey!

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So... Wassef Ali Hassoun apparently Not Dead!

As I have said a number of times over the last couple of weeks, the blogsphere has been big time playing into the hands of the scumbag terrorist, by acting as their defacto PR Agencies. BCC within hours of the original news article appearing on Fox, had 11 Blogs with stories and 15 trackbacks. Today, the terrorist groups claiming responsibility for kidnapping the Marine Corporal, was denying that he had been killed. Wizbang was one of the first Blogs to report the statement of the terrorist, while some seem to be ignoring this latest development. I stated last night that we needed to be careful about spreading these rumors. Is the suffering of the families of the victims of these crimes really worth us all trying to play Matt Drudge and see who gets the first scoop?

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Just Becuase I am feeling All Patriotic and Whatnot!

God Bless America! LOL!

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Get in Where Ya Fit In Has Interesting Take on "N Word"

Since the new Bill Cosby Lecture, the discussion on the challenges of Black People in America has been finding more voice. Oliver Willis wrote an excellent commentary on Cosby's latest speech last week. Today I found this well written piece, on Get in Where Ya Fit in. After reading other takes on Cosby's original comments a few months back, I can see both sides of the debate. I have already expressed my views on this, so I will keep it short. There is NO occasion where I feel comfortable using the word Nigger, in any of its derivatives. While I think Cosby could have a lot more impact if he toned down his comments, or put them in a positive light, I agree in principle that it is time to focus on educating and rearing our children. My kids do not listen to music I don't personally approve of. And I take personal responsibility for their development. This needs to be the message we are conveying.
I think most rappers are idiots, who perpetuate myths and stereotypes that are far more harmful than good. The arguments about culturalism are just as idiotic to me. The only place the Bling Bling culture truly exist is among drug dealers and rappers, and I would rather my child aspire to be a professional street cleaner, than either of those options.

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My Sunday Reading....

Time for the Sunday Trip around the Sphere! To be fair, and since I read dozens of Blogs, I have decided to base my trip on the five most recently updated blogs at the time of the post.

Amanda Doerty: Amanda is reporting on the alleged Beheading of Marine, Wassef Ali Hassoun.

Wizbang: Wizbang confirms what I stated last night, that we need to be careful about posting about terror murders in Iraq, when they have not been confirmed. YEAH I was right.

Atrios: Athenae post for Atrios, on the Meaning of the Fourth of July and the Declaration of Independence.

Oliver: Oliver post John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address. What a contrast with today’s politics.

Feministe: Lauren is talking about her son’s musical talents and speculating on his future as a rock star.

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Sat - July 3, 2004

Tia Zelmira's Greatest Hits!

Now you all know that Tia Zelmira is my favorite Costa Rican Homegrown site. I was discussing Tia Zelmira last night with a friend and we were talking about how representative Tia Zelmira is of the women of Costa Rica. Well despite my joking comment yesterday about being in a babe war with Oliver and Kevin at Wizbang. It was a joke. First off, I am far from being a sexist, secondly, there is no way, this.... could compare with this:

The Beautiful Adriana Campos

Read On For More

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