Fri - July 9, 2004

Great Article on the Justification for The War

From Last Day of My Life:

"It seems the Bush administration has finally remembered that there's a terrorist organization known as Al Qaeda. The reason is the election. They couldn't use all there resources before because the best way to get to Al Qaeda was to stop Saddam Hussein from giving weapons of mass destruction which aren't there so it's to keep keep Saddam from gassing the Kurds which the CIA said that it was actuually the Irans that did the deed but it's for democracy in Iraq since the Iraqi people are killing American soldiers so now it's because of conversations Saddam may of had with Al Qaeda."


I found the information on the gassing of the Kurds particularly interesting. Pay attention to the source of the report.

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Tue - July 6, 2004

Iraqis Begin Process of Taking Back their Country!

The Commissar has a GREAT story this morning on how an Iraqi group has more or less put out a contract on Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the Jordanian Terrorist responsible for a reign of terror in Iraq. Yahoo news has all the details. All I can say is about time. I am not a person who believes in violence. But in this particular case, it will give me great pleasure to see Mr. Guillotine lose HIS head on video.

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Mon - July 5, 2004

No Doubt, Things are Safer and Better In Iraq?

From Oliver:

Moreover, the investigative arm of the Republican-led Congress - the General Accounting Office - issued a 105-page report Tuesday concluding that Iraq's electricity grid, judicial system and security are much worse than before the war began 15 months ago, and saying that significant insurgent attacks skyrocketed from 411 in February to 1,169 in May.


"The situation is improving on a daily basis inside Iraq. People are freer, the security situation is getting better, the infrastructure is getting better, the schools are opening, the hospitals are being modernized."

George W. Bush
October, 2003

"I wonder what's worse? That these guys say these things or that some of them actually believe it?"
Oliver Willis

"The rank and file are usually much more primitive than we imagine. Propaganda must therefore always be essentially simple and repetitive. In the long run basic results in influencing public opinion will be achieved only by the man who is able to reduce problems to the simplest terms and who has the courage to keep forever repeating them in this simplified form, despite the objections of the intellectuals."
Josef Goebbels
Nazi Minister of Propaganda

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Hey Rush, I dont think they are old enough to Pledge

Some conservatives have been making hay about the Abu Gharib prison scandal, seeking to minimize what happened. Rush Limbaugh even went far enough to suggest what happened was no more significant than a college hazing. Well Rush, I am a Fraternity Man, and I don't believe there are any fraternities that allow children to pledge.

According to Drudge and This Article:

According to information from the International Red Cross more than 100 children are being held in Iraqi prisons, as well as in the infamous Abu Ghreib. As the TV magazine “Report” reports, maltreatment of children and youngsters by coalition troops appears to have occurred. Mainz - “Between January and May we have registered a total of 107 childred, during 19 visits at 6 different detention centers,” said the spokesman for the International Red Cross (IRC), Florian Westphal, in Geneva facing the SWR-Magazine “Report Mainz”. He referred to the fact, that the detention centers are controlled by Coalition Troops. The number of children held in custody could also be higher, said Westphal.

In addition The TV magazine reported tips and testimonies that US soldiers in Iraqi prisons are reportedly mistreating children and youth as well. Samuel Provance, an NCO stationed in the notorious Abu Ghreib prison said, Interrogation specialist had besieged a 16 year old girl in her cell. Military police only intervened when she was half undressed. Another time a 16 year old was showered with water, driven out into the cold weather and smeared with mud.

The child welfare organization of the United Nations (UNICEF) confirms the capture of Iraqi children by the foreign military, according to “Report” with reference to an internal memorandum of the organization. Literally, according to the up to now unpublished document from June 2004: Children, arrested in Basra and Kerbela for alleged activities directed against the Coalitions forces, were according to the memorandum, routinely transferred to interment facility Umm Kasr. The classification of these children as prisoners is alarming, there is the indefinite imprisonment without contact with their family, without expectations of due process or a trial.

The German branch of the Human Rights organization Amnesty International (AI) demanded an explanation of the allegations and a statement from the US government.


So my question is this, can anyone possibly come up with a reason as to why CHILDREN would be held at Abu Gharib?

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Sun - July 4, 2004

Where is the Reporting for the Other Dead?

I was reading this page tonight and started thinking.... 865, the number of dead soldiers in Iraq since this war started. Most of them went to their deaths without any fanfare. They certainly did not get this, breathless reporting in the Blogsphere reporting every rumor of their death. No what they got was an anonymous flight home in the belly of a transport plane, in a flag draped box. If they were lucky, maybe they got a mention in the hometown paper. While many of my colleagues in the blogsphere have made a name for themselves reporting every grisly detail of the beheadings, it is rare to see even acknowledgment that daily OTHER Americans are dying in this war. In some cases, this is clearly political. While the spectacular and grisly deaths of unarmed people help to perpetuate the rabid hatred and "will to fight the barbarian," the death of an ordinary soldier or marine who is doing their job is far less glamorous and instead sheds light on the utter stupidity of this conflict. The very idea that the sacrifice of these brave men and women go unacknowledged is an insult, and hypocrisy by those who have supported this war the most fervently.
So I lay down a challenge, especially to my conservative friends, how about at least once a week honoring one of the other dead, the forgotten dead. Instead of focussing on the beheading of the week?
How about it?

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Sat - July 3, 2004

Grateful Iraqi Politician Sets the Value on American Life

Read this, and tell me why over 800 of our children, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters have died in Iraq?

A spokesman for Iyad Allawi went as far as to suggest attacks on U.S. troops over the past year were legitimate acts of resistance — a sign of the new government's desire to distance itself from the 14-month U.S.-led occupation of Iraq.

"If he (a guerrilla) was in opposition against the Americans, that will be justified because it was an occupation force," the spokesman, Georges Sada, said Saturday. "We will give them freedom."

Choking the brutal 14-month insurgency is the No. 1 priority of Allawi's government, and the prime minister is expected to make a number of security-related policy announcements in coming days. Besides the amnesty plan, those include the resurrection of Iraq's death penalty and an emergency law that sets curfews in Iraq's trouble spots, Sada said.


So let me get this right.... The Saudis are offering 30 days for Terrorist to turn themselves in, say a prayer and they will likely not be punished for killing Saudis, Americans and other Meanwhile, our Iraqi ALLIES, are saying that anyone who killed an American during the OCCUPATION, is a freedom fighter, and all will be forgiven in return for them not killing any of the Iraqi government, the same government the OCCUPATION put in place. Wonder how the families of our dead GI's feel about this one. Strange, I don't hear any of my conservative friends talking about this one. You would think they would be outraged?

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Thu - July 1, 2004

Premature Crowing Syndrome?

Remember what I said to you a while back about the Putin statement smelling funny? Well take a look at this. I noted back then that the White House seemed to be playing a game of "plausible deniability." Not to say that the conservative Blogging community and media did not jump all over Putin's comments that Russia had shared intelligence linking Saddam to Al Qaeda. I think Nick got it right on in this one, something does not smell right. In my old age I have learned not to "Crow," too early about anything. I wont in this case either. The Jury is still out on how this will turn out.

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Can You say Profiteering?

From Oliver:
New Halliburton waste alleged
Marie deYoung, a former Army chaplain who worked for Halliburton, was so upset by attacks on the company she e-mailed the CEO in December with a strategy on how to fight the "political slurs." But today, after five months inside Halliburton's operation in Kuwait, deYoung has radically changed her opinion. "It's just a gravy train," she said.

Read the Rest of the Story, it makes interesting reading. And Conservatives wonder why we beat the drum on Halliburton so much? In any other time, this would be called profiteering. Why isn't it now?

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And So the Drama Begins

Saddam had his first day in Court today, and after watching him with the Judge, one can understand how this man ruled for so long. This is a powerful man. He may be the devil incarnate, but I don't think he is going to be intimidated by the process. Based on what I saw, I would say that some world leaders are probably shitting their pants, because other than putting a muzzle on him, I would say we are soon going to find out where lots of bodies are buried.

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A War Based on Lies... You Judge it! (Click "Read More" to See The Document)

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Wed - June 30, 2004

But the Schools Are Open

Read This....

And then give me the party line about how much better off Iraqis are today, as opposed to before the war.

Courtesy of Oliver and Atrios....

Thought.... "You know I respect partisan politics as much as the next guy. I supported Clinton even when he was acting like a scumbag over the Lewinski thing. But as my dear departed Mama used to say, How do people even stretch their lips to utter the bullshit they do about Iraq. That country is so fucked up it is beyond reason, and we keep hearing about schools. Well the schools aint nothing to brag about either I have been told. With substandard painting, air-conditioning that does not work, (EVEN when they have power), and half completed plumbing. From now on, anyone who brings that up to me is going to get a virtual bitch slap!"

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Was U.S. Soldier Keith M. Maupin Executed?

Amanda Doerty of Hot Abercrombie Chick fame, seems to think so, while some of us are taking a more cautious approach. The Military is also taking a cautious approach about Specialist Maupin. I just saw a press conference on CNN, where the military proclaimed that they are still looking for the soldier. I find it a bit weird that since the other victims were all beheaded, that Spc. Maupin would be shot. It is also a bit strange that they did not show his face or any other identifying characteristics.
A Broader issue for me is that I dont think it is responsible for Bloggers to proclaim the death of someone before the news is definite.

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Tue - June 29, 2004

Interesting Debate... Iraqi Public Opinion

There is an interesting debate going on.... HERE and HERE, over Iraqi public attention following the turnover of sovereignty. Wizbang points out A Small Victory's post featuring commentary from Iraqi Bloggers, while Oliver suspects complicity on the part of administration officials of setting up Pro-American Iraqi Blogs.

For me, it is so irrelevant. One of the things I have noticed since I started Blogging, we tend to take ourselves and blogging way too damned seriously. I am NOT a reporter for the NY Times or Wall Street Journal. I will NOT likely win a Pulitzer prize for my reporting (if you want to call it that), and I probably wont even win a Bloggie. Hell, if it weren't for a few big Blogs, like Wizbang, Oliver, Bilmon and a couple others who have taken note of ISOU, I would probably not even be on the Blogsphere map. As it is, I am just a frustrated political activist living too damned far from the front lines. Now as for the Iraqi Blogs... the point of this post is WHO gives a rats ass! Iraqi Blogs no more represent a plurality of Iraqi thought, than ours represent the majority American point of view. The response to this NON issue is representative of the fact that there is no unity of opinion here or there. Iraq is a flash-point, people like myself, Oliver and Pandagon, obviously feel that this war was a misguided one. I actually would go further and say its a disaster, but that is not the point of this post. Kevin and other conservatives like my good friend The Commissar, feel otherwise. The key point here is a.) How do the majority of Iraqis feel about the turnover, and the future of Iraq, and b.) How will they work with us to return stability to the country.

Lets face it, the rest is just propaganda for the sake of political argument, and one upmanship on the part of bloggers thousands of miles from the nearest beheading or car bomb.


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Turkish Hostages Released While Marine Future Uncertain

Wassef Ali Hassoun's future continues to be uncertain, but the news of the release of three Turkish Hostages today may bode well for the Marine captive. As Kevin at Wizbang said today,

"This does provide hope to the family of kidnapped Marine Cpl. Wassef Ali Hassoun who is Muslim as well."

We can only hope.

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"The Iraqi People are Better off Without Saddam"

Says who?

From Salon Magazine:

"The Iraqi people have their country back," President Bush declared in Istanbul, Turkey, where he is attending a NATO summit. "We have kept our word." Ordinary Iraqi citizens and others critical of the U.S. occupation, however, suggest that the violence-riddled country Bush has handed back to Iraqis is in far worse condition than it was before the war. As one Baghdad literature student told a reporter over the weekend, "The security situation seems to be getting worse day by day. Our lives are much worse than in the time of Saddam."

I for one am very concerned about the expediency of the turn over to Iraqi sovereignty. The President seems to be rapidly distancing himself from the mess he created in Iraq, and once again making claims that don't hold water. The idea of painting the very limited support that NATO has committed to as some sort of breakthrough is disingenuous at best and misleading at worst. Iraq is a mess, teetering on Civil War, and anyone who argues that the average Iraqi is better off today than they were before the war, is either unrealistically optimistic, or has been smoking something.

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Mon - June 28, 2004

Again... Where is the CIA?

Back Country Conservative Asks a Reasonable Question. Why is it that when one of our GIs is killed, whether in combat or in this situation, it is ignored in the blogsphere?

UPDATE: While I found this quote on BCC:

"Now after being off the radar for 3 months Pfc. Maupin is back on it for only one reason, the news organization that always somehow ends up with snuff videos is broadcasting one reportedly to be that of a U.S. GI. This evening when I opened up my news reader I expected a slew of posts about Pfc. Maupin, but there was only one. Hostages are beheaded and everyone is all over it like flies on shit. A U.S. GI is shot in the head while being held hostage and all I’m hearing in the blogosphere is the chirping of crickets. If I ever had any doubts as to why terrorists have chosen decapitation as their preferred method of death, they’ve been erased."

The quote is actually from Scott Nolte @ Right Moment. Sorry for the confusion Scott.

I have another question.... After months, even years if you count the original beheading in Pakistan, of Al Jazeera getting tapes from Ossama Bin Laden and the murdering assholes in Iraq. Why doesn't the CIA have an asset inside the network?

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Maybe the CIA Should Be Recruiting at J-School

Wizbang linked to my blog about the Time Magazine article on the insurgency in Iraq. I checked out this piece from Outside the Beltway, which led me to this one.

One of the interesting things that came out of the whole discussion and which I admit I never thought of is, "If a reporter from Time Magazine," can get this close to these guys, WHY CANT the CIA? I mean think about it.... Some dude from Time Magazine kicks it with the "Jihadist homeys," for God knows how long. Drinks their sweet tea, eats gyros or what the fuck ever those murdering assholes eat, probably playes dominoes with the sick bastards, and gets out not only with his head, but probably with a Pulitzer nomination. The Conservatives are falling all over themselves trying to figure out a way to deflect the REALLY BAD and Scarry News that things are completely FUBAR in Iraq, so what do some of them do? Call this poor schmoe a traitor and blame the insurgency on Clinton... The shit would be sad if it were not so damned funny.
Things that make you go hmmmm. I guess, like everything else in that other world, it's all Clinton's fault. I would respect some of the people I disagree with a LOT more if they were like Kevin from Wizbang , and could occasionally admit that conservative does not equal infallible.

Update and Clarification:

I received this from Cori Duaber (Ranting Profs),

I believe that you've misunderstood me. I was quite careful to say, not once, but twice, that I did not think what Mr. Ware did was treasonous. In fact I noted that I was not even sure that it could be described as unethical. I'm obviously hardly a fan of what he did, but I chose my words with great care for a reason.
Cori Dauber (rantingprofs)

and he is correct. He did not call the Time Reporter a traitor. And I did not mean to imply that he did. What I should have said is that there is a certain level of disgust among Conservatives that a reporter "embedded," with the terrorist to write this story. My personal opinion is part of this is because the story is another example of how messed up things are in Iraq. But I do not want to put words in anyone's mouth and I appreciate Cori taking the time to correct me.

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Five Questions for President Bush

1. Will additional troops be sent to Iraq, and if so, how many?
2. How much money do you estimate this war will cost America in the end?
3. How will U.S. Forces deal with the insurgency in Iraq?
4. How is Iraq better off today than under Saddam, considering the current situation and developments.
5. How does the U.S. plan on dealing with the broader issue of worldwide terrorism, considering the failures in Iraq

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Is This the Face of the New Iraq?

From Time Magazine:

While the U.S. hopes that the fighting and dying in Iraq will begin to dissipate after the hand-off of power to an interim Iraqi government this week, militants like these sheltered outside Fallujah are just as determined to wreak more carnage. The ruthlessness of the insurgents was evident across Iraq last week, as guerrillas launched a wave of attacks that were stunning in their scale and coordination. In a single day, insurgents attacked in six cities, blowing up police stations, seizing government buildings, ambushing U.S. forces and killing more than 100 people, including three American soldiers. Though U.S. commanders continue to say they can contain the insurgency, Iyad Allawi, the incoming Iraqi Prime Minister, said he may impose martial law once he takes office, a move that would at least temporarily suspend many of the liberties the U.S. ostensibly intended to bring to Iraq. "We were expecting such an escalation, and we will witness more in the next few weeks," Allawi said. "We will deal with it, and we will crush it."

From Wizbang today:

As recognized in U.N. Security Council resolution 1546, the Coalition Provisional Authority will cease to exist on June 28th, at which point the occupation will end and the Iraqi interim government will assume and exercise full sovereign authority on behalf of the Iraqi people. I welcome Iraq's steps to take its rightful place of equality and honor among the free nations of the world.

L. Paul Bremer, ex-administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority

Now what does all this mean?


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Sun - June 27, 2004

The Hostage/Murder Crises Continues

Now they have a Marine...
And they might have bit off more than they can chew this time. If this guy gets any chance at all, he is going to send some of them to hell before they kill him. Here's hoping he gets the chance. They are also holding some Turks, which one can make a reasonable assumption are fellow Muslims, and a Pakistani, who definitely is. I hope that the kidnapping of fellow Muslims will demonstrate to those Muslims who are on the fence on this issue, that these people are murderers, not patriots and martyrs. But then again that is unlikely since in the last few weeks FAR more Muslims have died at the hands of these animals than foreigners.
Lots of Coverage in The Sphere:



Right Moment

Our Life

Ramblings Journal

Back Country Conservative

Cut to the Chase


No doubt there will be more by tomorrow. I say it is time to send a Delta Force type team into the areas where the terrorist are known to operate, and show them a little terror.

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