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First love?

My first true love was a Mexican immigrant girl I met entirely by mistake. She called my house one day by mistake and I ended up talking with her for over an hour in broken Spanish, I think she set my tendency to fall in love with latino women for life. I lost her when she moved back to Mexico, but our last night together was (despite the fact that we never even made love, one of the most romantic of my life.

Most memorable date?

Actually there were several.
The first was when I blew $3000 on a date by taking a girl to New York City to see CATS on Broadway, (flying from LA). We stayed at Waldorf Hilton, had dinner at Tavern on the Green, and did a buggy ride through central park.
The second was when after pursuing a very sexy young woman for months, she finally told me that she would come to my house for dinner. We ended up drinking a couple of bottles of wine, and she made a bet with me that she could outlast me in the bedroom. Never having been a drinker, I lost the bet after having too much wine, and was not my usual self, but she was gracious in victory.

Most Scandalous Moment

Making love under the Christmas Tree with a girlfriend while my mother slept in a nearby room.
Making out in a secluded park near where I worked, every day for lunch for nearly six months.

Funniest Date

Going out with a girl in college who’s father was a hard core racist, and dining at the finest restaurant in Beverly Hills on HIS American Express Card.

Sexiest Date

Picking up a lady who I had always had a thing for, but had never acted on it, in a bar one night, and then finding out she was with her “girlfriend.”
Spending an incredible few days in Los Angeles with a lady I met and fell in Love with over the Internet, we started the weekend in the Garage at LAX, and it only got better from there.
Making love by Fireplace light all night one night with the first lady from this question, “this time alone.”
Longest Date
The days I spent with lady number two from the last question. Three days.

Worst Date

Another Internet one. Met a lady in Los Angeles who was so into herself, that I don’t think she had the capacity to love anyone else. She ate like a horse and spent the whole time talking about herself.
Spending the night with a girlfriend in one of the worst hotels in the world, when I could not find a room anywhere else. The place was hot, cramped and infested with roaches.

Greatest Love

Don’t want to incriminate myself by naming one.

Wildest Experience

Spending a weekend with a girlfriend and three of her very sexy friends in the same bed when they came to visit me at this isolated hotel I was staying at in Costa Rica. Fortunately I had a BIG bed.

Most Passionate Memory
Spending evenings in Malibu Canyon necking with a beautiful lady.

Most Embarrassing Date

See Incident Number 2 of most memorable date.


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