Fri - June 11, 2004

And So it Begins...

Once again, Conservative Hatchet Man Matt Drudge digs up ancient history on John Kerry to attack him. This time he shamelessly brings up a quote Kerry Made 16 years ago in the heat of the Presidential campaign against Reagan.

*** The Boston Globe Archives | July 21, 1988 | Walter V. Robinson ***

ATLANTA -- Michael Stanley Dukakis, a self-described "very, very long- shot" candidate just 16 months ago, last night became the Democratic nominee for president and his party's best hope to win the White House since 1976. Earlier, Sen. John F. Kerry took to the convention hall podium, telling the delegates that the "moral darkness" of President Reagan's presidency will soon end.

"A Republican president once reminded us, 'There is absolutely nothing to be said for a government of powerful men with the ideals of pawnbrokers,' " Kerry said.

"That president's name was Theodore Roosevelt. And today Theodore Roosevelt would be ashamed to be a Republican."

Said Kerry: "It is time we once again had a government of laws and not of lawbreakers."


You know what? Kerry has carried himself with the utmost respect for the late President this week. This cheap shot is far worse that what Kerry said at the time. Ronald Reagan was a man who believed in dignity in discourse. This is NOT dignity, using the late Presidents death as a cheap attempt to sway voters. Piss off Drudge!

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Wed - June 2, 2004

Don King????

So the GOP is reaching out to Black people through Don King? Get the fuck outta here. How delusional are these people? They actually think this ex-con scumbag who pimped, used and abused one of the greattest African American's who ever lived, Mohammed Ali...
Will somehow inspire Black people to vote republican?

G-Dub, I have a suggestion for you. If you can find these guys, they will be a lot cheaper. Read on to see who I mean! Fo Sho Boss!

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Tue - June 1, 2004

I have to Admit...

I havent been able to figure out Bush's appeal to Vets either. Interesting piece on Olivers Blog today.

One of the things driving the right up the walls is that quite a few veterans support Senator Kerry, an unusual position for a Democrat to be in. Kerry has been able to count on his "band of brothers" to come through for him in previous political scrapes, including his run for re-election to the senate and most recently ressurecting his campaign from the dead in Iowa.

For sure, Kerry's anti war stance following Vietnam has hurt him with a certain segment of the Veteran Voters. And the Republicans have artfully used some of their own Veterans in campaigns against Kerry, but as a whole, considering Bush's record on Veterans affairs, you would think most Vets would think twice about supporting him. Especially with recent news leaks about impending domestic spending cuts next year if Bush is reelected.

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Anatomy of a Smear Campaign

Via Wizbang:

Alexandra Polier traces the trail of how she got dragged into the headlines as the intern who was supposedly having and affair with John Kerry in New York Magazine. The story had all the makings of a Bill Clinton or Gary Hart style implosion for Kerry, except that it wasn't true.


The article in New York Magazine raises some interesting questions, especially about "Internet Speed," reporting. One of the most telling aspects of the article is the fact that one in public life can be accused of something with no base in reality, and instead of the accusers needing to prove the voracity of their claims, it the accused, the smeared that has to prove their innocence. It is some scary reading.

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Thu - May 27, 2004

Kerry and McCain Would Stomp The Grits Outta Bush

Or so says CBS....

Personally I would love to see Kerry go out on a limb and run on a mixed ticket. Such a ticket would make history and I believe unify the country in ways we can't even imagine. I tell you what... McCain is one of the most honorable politicians on the planet. Hell I would vote for him for President.

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Wed - May 26, 2004

Some Scary Shit

CNN is doing an interview with a couple of Republicans and couple of Democrats. I am sitting here listening to a woman justify her support of Bush on Religious grounds. She believes Christianity ought to be part of our government. Now that is some scary shit.

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Tue - May 25, 2004

Talk About Republicans Being Dumb, Arrogant or Both

Read This from Atrios...

Now I betcha they didnt think anyone would find out that they were outsourcing their fundraising calls...
I mean... Eh, I can hear it now.

Hello Mr. Lunchbucket... This is Sandeep in India calling. I am calling on behalf of the President to encourage you to give to his reelection campaign! I know Mr. Lunchbucket, but it is important that you give now and give generously.... I understand you work in a call center Mr. Lunchbucket. Well the President is trying to conserve the well paying call center jobs, by sending the shitty ones like calling you at dinner time to beg for money, to India. But we all know Mr. Lunchbucket that these are tough times, so please give now, you may not be in a position to give in September or October....


Spread the word folks... The mainstream media has not yet picked this up!

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Thu - May 20, 2004

"Let America Be America Again"

John Kerry has settled on a campaign theme, and I like it.

It's time we got back to being America. It's time we got back to the values that were respected worldwide. I have always been fascinated by the term Rogue State. When I think of those terms, I think of a country that that goes its own way to the detriment of its neighbors. I think of a state that could care less about the world community. When I think of Rogue State.... I currently think of America.
Our International Stature is in total disarray. Our economy is in a shambles. Our National Debt is growing at a rate that was inconceivable under Clinton. More than ever in our history, or National Honor and prestige is under attack, and America does not stand for any of the values that it has always stood for.
Yes, it is time to return America to what it was, what it always has been. And if Kerry can add some real ideas to this slogan, there is hope...

Read On...

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Tue - May 18, 2004

A Couple of Quick Thoughts on the Election

From Nitecrawler:

I keep reading that somehow Kerry isn't doing enough to go after Bush, that after the bad month Bush has had, Kerry should be going in for the kill and pulling out way ahead. Well, no. Think of it this way. Bush is the incumbent. He's spent millions to try and defame John Kerry and the Democrats, and after all the money and all the Republican smears, Bush is losing ground. Kerry should just speak to his issues calmly and forcefully, and stay above the fray, and let Bush and his pals keep on self destructing. They're doing a damn good job of that.

This is going to be one of those rare occasions where I disagree with Don... Well somewhat.

Read On...

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Wed - May 5, 2004

Another perspective on Kerry and Vietnam

Yesterday I wrote about the So Called "Swiftboat Veterans for Truth," and their ridiculous attack on Kerry. Tonight I found this, through Oliver Willis. My recommendation, send emails to Wolf Blitzer on CNN who broke this so called story, and demand that he do "The Rest of the Story."

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Well Another Drudge Topic Bites the dust

Looks like Drudge and the rest of the right wing attack dogs wont be able to hint around at Kerry being the male Jane Fonda anymore! Looks like those FBI files Drudge has been hinting at being so damaging to Kerry, were just the opposite.

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Thu - April 29, 2004

Kerry Draws Fire Over Lack of Minorities...

WASHINGTON - A lack of minority representation at the upper levels of John Kerry (news - web sites)'s presidential campaign threatens to weaken enthusiasm among black and Hispanic voters, two core constituencies, some Democrats and advocacy groups say.

As long as its not Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson, I am all for it.

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Mon - April 26, 2004

You Go Boi!

"This comes from a president who can't even show or prove that he showed up for duty in the National Guard, And I'm not going to stand for it."

John Kerry
On Good Morning America

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Open Letter to Karen Hughes, cc: President Bush

Dear Karen:

Have seen your attack dog routine the last couple of days. I was impressed by your, "concern," for Senator Kerry's actions in 1971. I was also glad to see that Senator Kerry responded forcefully this morning about your Boss's lack of service. You know we have a phrase in Spanish that describes how I feel about your comments, its, "Sin Verguenza," or, "without shame." It is actually pretty damned shameless the way you guys have went after this issue. I mean here you have a man who chose to serve, who ASKED for Vietnam, while by all accounts, your Boy and all his cronies appeared to hide from service. If I did not know better, I would say you got, "a pair" Karen, cause it takes a lot of nerve for you to use Vietnam considering your boys cowardice during the same period.

I would be pretty pissed about all this if I did not think it was so damned funny and pathetic. So lets take your worst case scenario. Kerry threw his medals over the fence, and then talked about atrocities before a Congressional Committee. Lets look at those two actions shall we.

The Medals
On the medals issue, it is pretty cut and dry. Here you got a kid coming back from 'Nam, who felt bad about what he saw and did. He did what any real american would be expected to do. He protested what he saw as an unjust war. As someone who had been there, and served with honor, he not only had the right to, he had the first hand experience that many of the protestors at the time lacked, to justify his actions and his feelings. If he tossed medals over a wall or flushed them, that was his prerogative. You see flushing a "good conduct medal," the only one your boss could have earned but likely didn't since his conduct was anything but "good," just would not have had the same impact.

The Testimony
You ain't seen nothing yet Karen. It is relatively common for veterans to come back from war and have regrets about what they did. By definition, whether they achieved the level of atrocity or not is really a question of International Law, and the mind of the combatant. You ever watch the HBO series Band of Brothers, Karen? You should. You should also talk to some veterans and ask them how they feel about their service. Ask them if they feel that in the heat of battle they may have committed an atrocity or two. Most, if they are honest with themselves and you will question some of what they did in the heat of battle. I have a Brother who was in 'Nam, and you should talk to him sometimes. But then again I don't expect you to understand this, since neither you, nor your boss or his VP served.

You see Karen, I see things a bit differently. I see a young man who in 1971 who was dealing with his conscience. I see a young man who unlike your boss, did not spend his time chatting up Southern Belles in Alabama officers clubs. I see a young man who had been there in the heat of battle. A man who had heard the screams of fallen comrades and smelled the bitter smell of blood and cordite. Many veterans over the years have experienced some regret over actions in the heat of battle, no matter how noble to cause. And we know now in hindsight that Vietnam was far from noble... dont we Karen. Just like we know that your Boss's war is far from noble. I wonder how many veterans of this war will come back feeling the same as Kerry did in 1971? With thousands of Iraqi casualties, including innumerable children, I don't doubt that they will.

What do you think Karen... Think some of the Bomber Pilots might be feeling a little queasy about now, especially since they know that the reason they dropped the bombs was all a lie?
I think you need to sit down and rethink the strategy Karen. With kids coming home in Body Bags on a regular basis these days in OUR unjust war, perhaps Senator Kerry's Leadership in 1971 will begin to appear a bit more courageous than you think.

Just my thoughts on the subject....

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Thu - April 22, 2004


This, with this...

Real Soldier!

Action Figure in the Making

The Difference is Clear, one man served and paid the price for service. The other avoided service. One man knows and understands the sacrifices of war. The other plays with the lives of others. The Bushies like to Paint John Kerry as someone who flip flops and is indecisive. Read his war record. A man who charges headlong into the face of danger, who takes command and responsibility for his actions IS a leader.

You think the Republicans will try to use Kerry's war record against him again? Naw... I DON'T THINK SO... 'Nuff Said...

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Wed - April 21, 2004

Kerry's War Record...

Will be interesting tomorrow to see what the Bushies have to say now that Kerry has posted all his Military records to his web site.
Now that his bonifides as a genuine war hero are up, I hope that someone goes back now and insist that Bush explain some things about his record.

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Sun - April 18, 2004

The Nature of the Debate...

Read this....

This unfortunately is the nature of the national debate for the Presidency.

Yeah, its pretty nasty. Its also pretty juvenile. But this is the nature of the debate today, and we are all guilty of it. The voice of reason is often ignored, or worse shouted down. When the debate reaches the level of personal attacks, the real issues can and often do get lost. Rational people stop reading/listening and the decisions are made on the fringe. I am afraid, very afraid, that come November, the election will be decided by the candidate who can mobilize the most of their fanatical base.

The unfortunate thing is that this election is NOT likely to be decided by the issues, or the TRUTH. Washington has always been about spin. It is more-so now than ever before. The fact is that NONE of us, no matter how partisan we may be, can REALLY know 100% where we are on the issues. We can only attempt to analyze the spin, and try to glean the truth from bullshit. For me, logic tells me that Bush is a failure. The economy is in a shambles, we are digging ourselves as a nation, deeper and deeper into debt, and have a foreign policy that makes no sense at all. I don't like Bush. I think he is arrogant. I don't think he is very intelligent, and more than anything I think his lack of intelligence and arrogance are leading the country in the wrong direction. But I have come to realize that the real debate will not be fought over Mr. Bush's intelligence or his arrogance or whether or not Karl Rove is a bad guy, but over his record.

Logical arguments can be made that Bush has taken this country down the wrong path. Logical arguments can be made against the War in Iraq, about our lack of preparation for 9/11, about the number of people who have lost jobs during this administration, about the rising deficit, about our relationship with the International Community. This list is a long one, and I hope that the debate will not be about who was or was not a war hero, who is or is not a patriot, cause truth be told, most of us could care less.

I want my country back, and I tired of watching the debate sink to the level of personalities, including on my part. I have a sinking feeling that in the world we now live in, GW is better prepared to win that kind of war....

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Fri - March 26, 2004

From Atrios....

"ROBERT NOVAK, CNN "CROSSFIRE": "Our running poll in the Evans- Novak political report now shows that if the election were held today, Kerry would win big over Bush, 306 electoral votes to 232. And that's because since the last time we looked at it, we see two states that, if the election were held today, Florida and Ohio would go to Kerry, that we previously had for Bush.
Now, remember, this is a snapshot, not a prediction. And it's very close in Ohio. But it's also true, Judy, that if President Bush does not win both those states, Florida and Ohio, it's hard to see how he can be reelected."

Glory, Glory Hallelujah!

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Tue - March 23, 2004

If I were Writing Kerry's Next Speech!

Fellow Americans:

Lotta hay has been made about my personal fortune lately. Lotta nasty comments about my voting record. Mssrs. Bush, Cheney and Rove, the unholy Trinity I like to call them, have been using the millions of dollars they have raised to paint me as a pretty silly fella, not to mention a vain one. Well, I thought it was about time to answer some of their comments. Mr. Bush claims I have changed my opinion on a number of issues that are important to you. Well I have on some things. You see I was raised to believe that the man who sat in the White House was an honest man. One who did not lie and deceive the American People. As such, I have made some votes based on that belief, that frankly, I would take back if I could. Mr. Bush likes to claim I would be soft on Defense, because I did not vote for some of his Business Associates weapon systems. You see I know a few things about Weapons systems… Lets just say I have had hands on experience with them where it counts. I know what happens when you send a 19 year old kid out to fight with a gun that jams up, one that jammed in testing by the manufacturer and one that sure as shit jammed in the field. Only in the field there weren’t a bunch of fat cat arms dealers and generals sitting in the stands, there were the Bad Guys who were using guns that did not jam, ya see. So when the time came to vote on the lattest dumbass piece of shit pet project from “Weapons are Us,” I said no, if in my educated and experienced military opinion the system did not make sense.

Yes I said SHIT. I know that Bush has also tried to paint me as a vulgar man. His hit squads have pointed out every little curse word I have used. Well I have a few for him today. FUCK you George W. Bush. Fuck your squinty eyed little gnome of a henchman Karl Rove. Fuck your arrogant, college drop out VP, Fuck your prissy little Betty Crocker of a National Security Advisor, who thinks she is a white woman circa 1955. Fuck Collin Powell who was once a great soldier and who now would make a better man servant in your WHITE House than Secretary of State, and fuck that gang of thugs in the Republican House and Senate. Now some of you may take my language wrong, but tell me when you get mad if you say Gosh Golly Wow! Or do you stand up and say, “What the Fuck!”

Now that I have gotten that SHIT off my chest…

Lets talk about the Economy, shall we. The President keeps talking about how things are getting better. Can you quantify that for us George? Oh I’m sorry, big word…. What I mean is can you explain to us how it is getting better for all the Americans who are out of work. And can you explain how the people who have gotten discouraged after a year and aren’t even looking for work anymore DON’T count in your unemployment statistics. While you are at it, can you explain HOW the HELL (Oops another bad word), outsourcing our middle class jobs is GOOD for America.

The President keeps talking about how I want to wipe out his tax cuts. Yeah George, I do. But what I really want is to make sure all your fat cat golfing buddies have to pay their fair share, something that I know must come as a shock to you, since you haven’t done your fair share since Babs gave birth to you. And speaking of that, I know you don’t want to talk about your Military record, but Boney to Boney… Tell me, it was drugs wasn’t it. I mean even you, who have redefined stupidity, would not have been so stupid as to blow it as a guardsman, unless you were intoxicated. So give it up Bro, just between me and you. You were high off your ASS, and got into the shit. Daddy pulled your buns out of the fire and made sure everyone in your command made nice, nice right?

Mr. President, you are a liar, and a hypocrite. Your running around in flight suits and Army Jackets playing GI George, and using our Armed forces like some big assed sandbox war game, when you did not have the balls to go fight is offensive to me. Your strutting and arrogance in the face of the sacrifice of so many is offensive to me. Your lies and half truths are offensive to me. And your singlehanded destruction of over 200 years of democracy is offensive to me. In fact George, YOU are offensive to me! I have asked you to debate once a month until election day, so far there has been no answer, as I expected there would be NONE. The fact is George, you aren’t very smart. You may be one of the last people in the world to realize that, but you aren’t. In fact you are dumb as shit, and without a script I doubt if you could say hello. So I don’t expect the debates… But I want to ask you something Mr. President… Have you NO shame?

Thank You, Goodnight, and I forgot, Rumsfield, Fuck you too!

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Thu - March 4, 2004

Update - Campaign Ads

NEW YORK (AP) - President Bush's re-election campaign on Thursday defended commercials using images from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, including wreckage of the World Trade Center, as appropriate for an election about public policy and the war on terror. Some families of the victims of the attacks are angry with Bush for airing the spots, which they called in poor taste and for the president's political gain.

"It's a slap in the face of the murders of 3,000 people," Monica Gabrielle, whose husband died in the twin towers, told the New York Daily News for its Thursday editions. "It is unconscionable."

Two of the spots show the destruction at the World Trade Center and include an American flag flying amid the debris. They also feature images of firefighters working through the wreckage.

"It's as sick as people who stole things out of the place," said Firefighter Tommy Fee of Queens Rescue Squad 270. "The image of firefighters at ground zero should not be used for this stuff, for politics."

"I would be less offended if he showed a picture of himself in front of the Statue of Liberty," said Tom Roger, whose daughter perished on American Airlines Flight 11. "But to show the horror of 9/11 in the background, that's just some advertising agency's attempt to grab people by the throat."

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