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The mission of Grupo Utopia, S.A. is to provide practical, reliable and timely products and services in the wireless software development and technical consulting industries within Latin America and the United States.





Our Corporate Mission

What makes a great corporation in the 21st Century? Is it about profits and balance sheets as some would have you believe? We don't think so. We believe that the successful company is not just one that generates profits for its shareholders, but one that creates real value to the community it serves. I have been fortunate enough to have been involved in some of the truly great events of the last 20 years in developing technology and creating service organizations. What I learned over those 20 years is that it is rare to find a company that looks much beyond corporate profits and market share.

When I returned to Costa Rica two years ago to start Grupo Utopia, I determined that GU would not be just another one of those companies. As someone who is respected in Costa Rica for my work and for helping to start the current Tech Boom, I knew that there would be people who would at least listen to my ideas, and I was determined to create a company that could truly make a difference in my adopted country. The biggest difference would come in accelerating the growth of High Technology in Costa Rica , and in doing so, increasing opportunity for all. I have been lucky enough to have created and cultivated relationships with people who share that goal. I have also had the opportunity to write for some of the regions most important publications, and to have the companies work featured prominently in the local and regional press. While there have been challenges to fulfilling that vision, I know that with each success we have, we are closer to having the influence to make that vision a reality.

In the last six months we have seen many doors open to us, and our successful seminar series has enabled us to begin an education process that will lead to the fulfillment of that vision. Through working with large companies like Intel®, PalmOne®, Cisco® and Ericsson® and through relationships with some of Costa Rica 's most visionary leaders, we are slowly but surely opening doors and minds to the power of Technology to transform not only the economy, but the lives of common people.

We foresee a future where all Costa Rican's will have access to inexpensive, high bandwidth internet access, and all the benefits of information that such a connection will bring. We also see a future where technology will increase the productivity of the ordinary worker, and create new jobs and new opportunities. Some of this will generate revenue and opportunity for Utopia, but the ultimate goal is to simply create opportunity for everyone. Our vision of a wireless, information enabled society is one that has broad appeal in Costa Rica and Latin America . Through continuing to develop strategic relationships, and promoting our vision through education and high profile projects, we believe we have an opportunity to be a successful company, while also being a good corporate citizen.

David Scott Anderson

President and CEO

Grupo Utopia International, S.A.


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